10 Best Amazon Original Series | Original Series on Amazon 2020

Are you looking for Original Series on Amazon 2020 then in this article you will see the best Amazon Original Series that need bing watching.

Are you looking for Original Series on Amazon 2020 then in this article you will see the best Amazon Original Series that need bing watching. We’ve sifted through the massive Amazon Prime catalog and plucked out the best original shows you should add to your binge list right away some of these have already established themselves as modern classics while others are the hidden gems you’ve been searching for here are our favorites.

1- The Man in the High Castle (2015-2019)

The Man in the High Castle asks the question what if the Axis powers had won World War 2 and divided a conquered United States between them. Best Amazon Original Series. Half for Germany and half for Japan it’s based on the classic novel by Philip k dick and investigates what the world would look like several decades after the initial shock has worn off and life has settled into a routine and what if some of the rebellious minds of that world began to suspect that this is not how it’s supposed to be.

2- Catastrophe (2015-2019)

Catastrophe still feels like a hidden secret among American viewers starring Rob Delaney and Sharon Horrigan as a couple whose one-night stand turns into pregnancy and eventually marriage and family. Original Series on Amazon. The show is often painfully awkward and remarkably sweet within the same episode it also features the guest star of all guest stars the late great Carrie Fisher playing Rob’s mother Mia.

3- Sneaky Pete (2015-2019)

Giovanni Ribisi stars as a convict who takes on the identity of his former cellmate in order to ditch his old life and avoid some very bad people. Chief among them is a nasty gangster with a penchant for grudges played by Bryan Cranston. Wow what a performance sneaky Pete is both a fan favorite and a critical darling and you shouldn’t miss it.

4- Electric Dreams (2017-2018)

Amazon gets its own black mirror in this sci-fi anthology author Philip k dick was always good at predicting the ideologies and power struggles that a technological future would bring dicks sci-fi short stories from the 1950s provide the source material for electric dreams in this 10 episode series predictions from 60 years ago are eerily prescient.

5- The Tick (2017-2019)

The beloved cult classic the tick has already birthed a cartoon and a short-lived Fox sitcom but this new iteration from Amazon feels very different the goofball antics of earlier versions are still on display but the tics mix of childlike enthusiasm and good-natured dim-witted miss are front and center this version of the story is shaded by the titular characters past traumas and the ongoing neuroses. Best Amazon Original Series. They’ve spawned it’s the most mature and nuanced riff of the tick that we’ve seen yet even though it’s still silly and fun as hell.

6- Britannia (2018)

while clearly inspired by Game of Thrones Britannia still feels very much like its own beast a beast filled with treachery terrifying druids and a whole mess of hallucinogens Britannia plants. Its freak flag early on within the first few minutes you’ll see Mackenzie Crook appear as the most unsettling druid you’d ever care to meet and watch a man dive off a cliff and into a nightmare fueled by psychotropic plants.

7- The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (2017)

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is your typical 1960s New York City housewife that is until her husband a junior executive and amateur comedian is exposed for stealing jokes and cheating on her while Miriam’s life is falling apart it’s also set on a new path. Original Series on Amazon. When she gets up on the comedy stage herself and discovers something marvelous she’s the real comedian in the family.

8- The Last Post (2017)

set during the mid-1960s the last post follows a life in and around a unit of Royal Military Police operating in the port city of Aden now part of the nation of Yemen. It’s a few Mad Men mixed with a few army wives and the results are excellent there are love war and infidelity in a jaw-dropping setting and a slice of history many may not be familiar with.

9- Mozart in the jungle (2014-2018)

Mozart in the jungle is not your average TV show it’s set behind the scenes of a major Symphony and tracks the push-pull and politics of what makes an orchestra tick specifically the relationship between a young oboist and a passionate conductor.

10 The Last Post (2014-2019)

Transparent was the first show that established Amazon as a serious original content developer in streaming Jeffrey Tambor plays Maura a transgender woman who’s late in life transition catches. Her family by surprise as Maura embraces her true self her family struggles with the new reality and their own turbulent lives I have something to tell you.

Those are our picks for the best Amazon original series to stream right now but if we missed one of your favorites. 10 Best Amazon Original Series | Original Series on Amazon 2020. Please let us know in the comments down below. If you’re still not sure what to binge tonight check out our other article guides linked here for our favorite movies series classic shows and documentaries.

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