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6 Underground (2019) Movie Review | Full Summary


This is the Review of Ryan Reynolds New Movie “6 Underground”. The plot of this film is looking very good but Most of the people’s don,t like this film, because Cast are doing not good work as well as Producing and directing, it is also not good. I hope you will like it, after reading this article.

Michael Bay was filming a movie called 6 underground. There what are the odds I can’t escape it he followed me there? It’s really cool outside our Airbnb there was a car chase going on it was cool to see that in the movie. It’s about in the 8 minutes 45-second mark in the movie just if you’re wondering so I got to talking about this one when it comes out I’m attached now so now it’s out here we go 6 underground so 6 underground is a Michael Bay film straight to Netflix.

You can fall away you can’t follow suit in the first hour of this movie just it’s just stuff happening but even then it’s just like people are still kooky weird versions of themselves like Ryan Reynolds is Ryan Reynolds but everyone else just kind of like this is one scene where they’re like alright.

We’re using laughing gas and everyone’s laughing and one guy’s like oh I lost part of my mask he so now I’m laughing so they have to deal with that now I always feel like Michael Bay makes these changes on set you know where he was like. I’m just gonna have an action sequence but what if someone actually got hit with the laughing gas who was actually a part of the team.

It’s like sam Witwicky ”s mom and Transformers Revenge of the Fallen which I’ve only seen once in theaters. This is a scene I remember mostly she ate the pot brownie it’s like Michael Bay filmed that scene with Sam Witwicky SMAW man he was like one day I’m gonna have someone act like that in another movie only they’re gonna have a gun.

6 Underground

It’s about six people who have a particular set of skills all of them are presumed dead though obviously. They’re alive they’re doing this underground their ghosts led by Ryan Reynolds who’s a super-rich guy. I’ve got them all together and yes this is totally Avengers meets Knight Rider now that I’m explaining it and now they’re gonna do a regime change take out this tyrant replace him with his brother.

Yes, it is Avengers meets Knight Rider meets a man in the iron mask Michael Bay and in the first half for this movie. I was like okay this is actually a text that I texted I think it’s pretty accurate myself and a rotten tomato is always looking for the phrase to put on Rotten Tomatoes for my review of the movie so tomatoes.

if you’re watching can we make my quote 600 ground is like doing a line of coke while simultaneously doing a cake stand of Red Bull? I think that’s just accurate I think I’m putting to rest whether or not my articles are made for children. I don’t think the website’s ever has asked me that again but if kids are watching hugs not drugs don’t do that’s terrible.

The first half is so just you’re like oh action scene action sequence upon action sequence is it disjointed. Yes, is it stylistic actually the thing I enjoyed about it is the fact that it’s just the deaths what can I say stylistic cinematic death well that’s just fun and whether it’s a car smashing into something on its side-splitting the half a car smashing into something.

Ryan Reynolds 6 Underground

There’s like now a dead body on that something or someone flying out of a car and then getting sucked under the tire. I’m just saying Michael Bay was just like alright. I have a budget I have an R rating I have no one looking over my shoulder. I’m all for directors being able to give their vision Michael Bay is just one of those guys that I’ve seen where I’m like you probably should have some coin look let’s make something cohesive the first 20 minutes of this movie.

Action sequence why they’re running they just are there. They are because Bay that’s Bay not Bay and after that, you get the flashbacks of the people to see how they joined the crew and at one point Ryan Reynolds was like alright. Now you’re all caught up also one more flashback sequence. I was like I thought we were caught up in the second half of the movie.

You know after the first hour that’s when the movies like alright we’re focusing up and we’re actually here to do the job the a-team slash nightriders slash Avengers are here to do the man in the iron mask thing not really a man in the iron mask. I mean they’re not identical that doesn’t matter so the second half of the movie is actually a lot more enjoyable because it’s actually a storyline happen with storyline nothing but it’s cohesive it’s actually one thing leads to the next leads the next.

It’s gonna be an action sequence because why not the movies messy all the high-octane chase sequences near the beginning is fun but in that kind of way, I feel like there could just be a string of other articles called car chases no story and just a montage of chase sequences. You’ll just kind of get the same feeling and then cool military stuff no story alright that’s the other part of the first half of this movie as a whole these movies just detached and just feels like people through remnants of a plotline on a wall

They just connected strings and they’re like wow doesn’t all make sense fact most of it doesn’t but what does what’s film it there was some really stylistic stuff that was happening near the end of this movie involving a magnet. I can’t deny that there was also a horrendous amount of shaky-cam in the second half.

There you are and imperfectly balanced clusterfuck how the whole thing should be you’ve heard the phrase all style no substitutes. I don’t even know how good the style is because in terms of style it’s not that stylish. I think a style I think of something sleek and polished you know boned James Bolton.

This is like this boards bro James PAH I don’t know style over substance is the phrase but I will say six underground would probably be a better time if I were drunk yeah give me that case there was the Red Bull alright so six underground have you seen it what did you think about it whatever you thought comment below let me know.

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