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A Christmas Princess (2020) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

A Christmas Princess (2020) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

A Christmas Princess cast: Shein Mompremier, Travis Burns, Erin Gray. A Christmas Princess Release Date: 13 December 2020 (UpTv). A Christmas Princess Director: Fred Olen Ray. A Christmas Princess is looking full of Comedy, Romance. Now I,m going to tells you all about A Christmas Princess (2020).

A Christmas Princess is an American Comedy-Romance Movie (2020). Shein Mompremier, Travis Burns, Erin Gray are the main cast of A Christmas Princess (2020). When Jessica, a striving New York gourmet expert, is approached to cook for a sovereign’s illustrious function, will it be a formula for regal sentiment? Watch the UPtv debut film occasion ‘A Christmas Princess’ Sunday at 7 PM ET 13 December 2020!

Christmas Matchmakers and A Christmas Princess yes this is the means by which you went through your free day in the week. Both overly messy, very recoil however precisely what you required today. A Christmas princess and stopped it to peruse the front of the ‘Edgemont Standard’ and it’s ‘The World’s Best Seller Newspaper’ so Edgemont is much more significant.

A Christmas Princess Plot:

Jessica is a striving gourmet specialist living in an in vogue New York ward. Sovereign Jack, who’s in the city for his family’s yearly Christmas good cause supper, ends up needing a very late culinary expert for an imperial occasion when he meets Jessica.

A Christmas Princess Wiki:

Movie: A Christmas Princess (2020)
Network: UpTv
Director: Fred Olen Ray
Writers: Fred Olen Ray, Peter Sullivan
Main Stars: Shein Mompremier, Travis Burns, Erin Gray
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 13 December 2020 (UpTv)
Runtime: 90 minutes
Also Known As: A Christmas Princess, A Christmas Princess (2020), A Christmas Princess UpTv

A Christmas Princess Cast:

Shein Mompremier As Jessica Byrnes
Travis Burns As Prince Jack
Erin Gray As Queen Alice
Andrew Lauer As Rupert
Robert Pierce As King Connor
Galyn Görg As Linda
Stuart O’Keeffe As Gideon
Cameron Jebo As Ernie
Emma Lane As Lady Eliza
Kathryn Schneider As Hailee
Anthony M. Bertram As Gary
William Brown As Butler
Michael Filipink As Shopper
Peter Johnson As Newspaper Clerk
Jeff Lasky As doorman
Richard Lounello As Sargent Bill Carter
Nikki Lowe As Susie
Beckett Santopietro As Tommy
Marco Scapillato As Mr. Elliot
Paul Spitale As Williams
Deborah Tucker As Mrs. Carter

Quick to see Travis Burns in a Christmas sentiment? Also, as a Prince? You’re in karma Aussies since you can discover A Christmas Princess on UpTv! Every one of these motion pictures have Americans with royals yet none look like Meghan! Meghan’s the ONLY ONE who really wedded a Prince! A Black American (like Meghan Markle) winds up with a REAL Prince!

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