A Small Light TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

A Small Light TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

A Small Light cast: Ashley Brooke, Billie Boullet, Andy Nyman. A Small Light Release Date: 1 May 2023 (Nat Geo). A Small Light Episodes: 8. A Small Light is looking full of Biography, Drama, History, War. National Geographic revealed the trailer for the miniseries’ upcoming eight episodes. The miniseries aims to create an emotional connection with the tale of Miep Gies.

A Small Light is an American Biography-Drama TV Series (2023). Ashley Brooke, Billie Boullet, Andy Nyman are the main cast of A Small Light TV Series (2023). A Small Light shakes off the staleness of time and makes Miep’s story seem real, making viewers consider what they would do in Miep’s place and what they would have done in the present. A Small Light release on Nat Geo 1 May 2023.

The first glimpse shows Miep as well as Jan Gies, the Frank family as well as their family, the van Pels family, and Fritz Pfeffer in an episode from the show in which they gather in celebration of this Jewish Holiday of Lights while staying in the secret Annex. Over the next two years, Miep, her husband Jan (Joe Cole) as well as other heroes of the everyday looked after the eight souls buried in the secret Annex.

A Small Light Plot:

The film follows the incredible tale of Miep Gies, a Dutch woman who put her life on the line to shield the family of Anne Frank from Nazis for two decades during World War II.

A Small Light Detail:

TV Series: A Small Light (2023)
Network: Nat Geo
Main Stars: Ashley Brooke, Billie Boullet, Andy Nyman
Genres: Biography, Drama, History, War
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 1 May 2023 (Nat Geo)
Season: 1
Episodes: 8
Filming locations: Prague, Czech Republic
Also known As: Una pequeña luz. Protegiendo a Ana Frank, A Small Light, A Small Light Season 1, A Small Light (2023)

A Small Light Cast:

Ashley Brooke As Margot Frank
Billie Boullet As Anne Frank
Andy Nyman As Hermann Van Pels
Noah Taylor As Doctor Pfeffer
Rudi Goodman As Peter Van Pels
Laurie Kynaston As Casmir Niewenburg
Liza Sadovy As Mrs. Stoppelman
Hanna van Vliet As Frieda Belinfante
Sebastian Armesto As Max Stoppleman
Michelle Parker As Bet van Beeren
Preston Nyman As Kuno Van Der Horst
Cosima Shaw As Genofeva Nieuwenburg
Jim High As Bram Becker
Katharyn Mayo As Cafe Patron
Sean Hart As Willem Arondeus
Daniel Donskoy As Karl Silberbauer
Sarah T. Cohen As Maya Schwarz
Dylan Edwards As Isaac Schwarz
Sinead Phelps As Anka
Brian Caspe As Laurens Niewenburg
Laura Baranik As Katrien
Alex Montyro As Vigo
Audrey Kattan As Liddy Cohen
Lisa Karlström As Charlotte Kaletta
Tyrone Huntley As Singer
Daniel van Duyn As German soldier
Evelyne Tollman As Red Cross Worker
Bel Powley As Miep
Liev Schreiber As Otto Frank
Joe Cole As Jan
Victor McGuire As Grootendorst
Sarah Winter As Liesje
Paul Thornley As Scheublein
Rosie Fellner As Therese
Jessica Boone As Esther
Max Bennett As Koning
Ben Esler As Father Dirksen
Joe Weintraub As Derek
Noah Leggott As Young Cas Nieuwenburg
James Beaumont As Lyman
Agi Tietjen As Young Miep
Sam Barlien As Male Student in Woods
Thomas Flynn As Stoepker
Daniela Hirsh As Female crowd member
Robbert Bleij As Green Policeman at Opekta
Simon Mestdagh As Young Jacob
Veronika Bellová As Karolina Santrouschitz
Jenn Kirk As Frannie
Charleen Elea As Young Woman
Judith Georgi As Vera
Nick Alexander Pasveer As Peter NSB GUY
Alex Figueiredo As CAS Date
Iwan Davies As Borst
Sytske van der Ster As Laura Kugler
Lauren Mercier As Halle
Anna Joan As Sophie
Abigail Rice As Dora
Hannah Bristow As Betje
Anna Tolputt As Janni Brandes-Brilleslijper
Jan Jakubal As Willem’s friend

The author Miep stumbled across Anne’s diary, and then preserved it in order that she as well as Otto could communicate it to the people around them later. The title of the show originates from a quote Gies told her friends in the final days of her career. The writers and executive producers include Joan Rater and Tony Phelan. The story is set in a fractured as well as toxic, humanity is living in a huge silo containing hundreds of floors deep beneath.

Gies is willing to take on the responsibility of housing the Franks as well as the four additional Dutch Jews in a secret Annex for two years offering them food and hope in the darkest time in human history. The girl who traveled through history by keeping a diary, in which she wrote in detail the two years the time her family was in the shadows.

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