A Spy Among Friends TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

A Spy Among Friends TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

A Spy Among Friends cast: Guy Pearce, Damian Lewis, Anna Maxwell Martin. A Spy Among Friends Release Date: 12 March 2023 (MGM+). A Spy Among Friends Episodes: 6. A Spy Among Friends is looking full of Drama, Thriller. A Spy Among Friends is the title of this brand new limited series created jointly with BritBox along with Spectrum Originals. One year after the launch of a brand new spy series.

A Spy Among Friends is a Drama-Thriller TV Series (2023). Guy Pearce, Damian Lewis, Anna Maxwell Martin are the main cast of A Spy Among Friends TV Series (2023). When Philby is branded the most notorious Soviet double agent in the history of the world and a series of incidents unfolds that not only cause their relationship to be destroyed and tied, but also deliver an enormous hit for British as well as American Intelligence operations. A Spy Among Friends release on MGM+ on 12 March 2023.

Created and produced by ITV Studios in collaboration with Sony Pictures Television, A Spy Among Friends is a starring role for Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor Damian Lewis. It is the basis for the best-selling novel written by Ben Macintyre, the six-episode show tells the tale of Nicholas Elliott and Kim Philby two British spy operatives and long-time friendships. Philby has been the most well-known British rebel as well as a Soviet double agent in the history of the world.

A Spy Among Friends Plot:

The story is based on a New York Times best-selling book written by Ben Macintyre.

A Spy Among Friends Detail:

TV Series: A Spy Among Friends (2023)
Network: MGM+
Main Stars: Guy Pearce, Damian Lewis, Anna Maxwell Martin
Genres: Drama, Thriller
Countries: United Kingdom, United States
Language: English
Release Date: 12 March 2023 (MGM+)
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Filming locations: Bucharest, Romania
Also known As: Шпигун серед друзів, A Spy Among Friends, A Spy Among Friends (2023), A Spy Among Friends Season 1

A Spy Among Friends Cast:

Guy Pearce As Kim Philby
Damian Lewis As Nicholas Elliott
Anna Maxwell Martin As Lily Thomas
Adrian Edmondson As Sir Roger Hollis
Stephen Kunken As James Jesus Angleton
Monika Gossmann As Galina
Nicholas Rowe As Sir Anthony Blunt
Lucy Russell As Jane Sissmore
Lucy Akhurst As Elizabeth Elliott
Puiu Mircea Lascus As Russian Drunk
Jennifer Marsala As Iris
Alexander Terentyev As Orchis
Anastasia Hille As Flora Solomon
Karel Roden As Col. Sergei Brontov
Gershwyn Eustache Jnr As Dr. Robert Thomas
Gilly Gilchrist As MI5 Plumber
Alex Price As Watcher
Steven Elder As Tim Milne
Daniel Lapaine As Donald Maclean
Jacob James Beswick As Giovanni
Mark Flitton As Joe
Rick Warden As Arthur Martin
Colin Mace As Commissionaire
Jed Aukin As American Reporter
Anna Andresen As Aileen Philby
David Coomber As Embassy Duty Officer
Jay Simpson As M16 Cabbie
Thomas Arnold As Guy Burgess
Lucinda Raikes As Miss Harbinson
Nicholas Pritchard As Dick ‘C’ White
Morgane Ferru As Litzi Friedman
Denis Khoroshko As Vladimir
Kate Fahy As Dora Philby
Jolyon Coy As Desmond Bristow (Boris)
George Taylor As Vicar
Reza Diako As Henri
Alice Barclay As Miss Colefax
Tugba Tirpan As Sofia
Sam Thorpe-Spinks As Russian Soldier
Ali Deac As Stasi Oberleutnant
Oliver Norman As Grieving Soldier
Simon Connolly As Attorney
Janeks Babidorics As Sailor
Orlando Wells As Michael Straight
Justine Mitchell As Eleanor Philby
Mark Tandy As Dick Beeston
Natasha Cottriall As Singer
Tom Radisch As Erich Vermehren
Zannah Hodson As Lennie Copeland
Natalia Cojocari As Katya
Sophie Dix As Moira Copeland
Lars van Riesen As Herman
Philip Andrew As Dieter
Charles Hagerty As Miles Copeland
Martin McDougall As Richard Helms
Oscar Batterham As Waiter Sam
Todd Boyce As DI John McCone
Edward Baker-Duly As Ian Fleming
Yasemin Özdemir As Erva
Alex Skarbek As KGB General
Axel Moustache As Otto
Aaron Vodovoz As KGB Suit
Miriam Rizea As Otto’s Wife
Greg Kolpakchi As KGB Colonel
Radoslaw Kaim As Volkov
Cristina Catalina As Müller
Aneta Piotrowska As Zoya
John Paul Wagner As Special Agent Nash
Richard Shanks As White’s Club Steward
Roger Barclay As John Profumo
Miquel Brown As Angleton’s Housekeeper
Elvira Rimbu As Russian Bureaucrat
Neil Grainger As Eric Morecambe
Harry McEntire As Ernie Wise
Duncan MacInnes As Dick
Ion Grosu As Russian Policeman
Philip Dunning As Sid
Alexandru Rusu As Team Leader

The show, which is just beginning the production process in London and will be aired in Romania. For the lead actors, we have the well-known Damian Lewis and Guy Pearce. Alexander Cary, who worked in several seasons of the show “Homeland,” is the creator the director of this adaptation which chronicles the aftermath of the departure of a British KGB security officer. Subscribers also have access to BritBox which showcases the largest collection of streaming UK shows from BBC.

London, 1963. Nicholas Elliott, a top British intelligence agent, is assigned the difficult task of keeping surveillance on his coworker and friend Kim Philby after it becomes clear that he’s been employed by the KGB for over 20 years. Elliott has to go to Beirut to track him down and get an admission. The show adapts the novel of Ben Macintyre.

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