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A Sugar & Spice Holiday (2020) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

A Sugar & Spice Holiday (2020) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer
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A Sugar & Spice Holiday cast: Jacky Lai, Tony Giroux, Tzi Ma. A Sugar & Spice Holiday Director: Jennifer Liao. A Sugar & Spice Holiday Release Date: 13 December 2020 (Lifetime). A Sugar & Spice Holiday is looking full of Comedy, Drama, Romance. Now I,m going to tells you all about A Sugar & Spice Holiday (2020).

A Sugar & Spice Holiday is an American Comedy-Romance Movie (2020). Jacky Lai, Tony Giroux, Tzi Ma are the main cast of A Sugar & Spice Holiday (2020). Lifetime’s A Sugar and Spice Holiday will head this Sunday, 13 December 2020. An Asian American Xmas film! A Sugar And Spice Holiday debuts on Sunday, December thirteenth at 8/7c on lifetime.

Here’s a Christmas-y schedule of Leah grinning to light up your month and get you in the occasion disposition. A SUGAR and SPICE HOLIDAY doesn’t highlight a provocative Colonel Sanders, however, it stars these dollfaces (Jacky Lai and Tony Giroux)! Netflix’s ‘Jingle Jangle’ (is exceptionally adorable) and Lifetime’s ‘A Sugar and Spice Holiday.’ (which turns out in December).

A Sugar & Spice Holiday Plot:

A rising youthful modeler, Suzy, re-visitations of her old neighborhood in Maine for Christmas and ends up contending in the nearby gingerbread heat off close by an old secondary school schoolmate, Billy, while additionally attempting to win a major advancement at work.

A Sugar & Spice Holiday Wiki:

Movie: A Sugar & Spice Holiday (2020)
Network: Lifetime
Director: Jennifer Liao
Writer: Eirene Donohue
Main Stars: Jacky Lai, Tony Giroux, Tzi Ma
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 13 December 2020 (Lifetime)
Also Known As: A Sugar & Spice Holiday, A Sugar & Spice Holiday Lifetime, A Sugar & Spice Holiday (2020)

A Sugar & Spice Holiday Cast:

Jacky Lai As Suzy Yung
Tony Giroux As Billy Martin
Tzi Ma As Pete Yung
Lillian Lim As Mimi Yung
Cardi Wong As Wayne Yung
Cindy Piper As Nema Yung
Naomi Tan As Young Suzy
Grace Sunar As Bowyn
Micah Chen As Simon
Aadila Dosani As Caitlin
Eli Gabay As Stavros
Jenny Mitchell As Katie
Brittney Wilson As Alisa
Blair Penner As Marshall
Jill Morrison As Sarah Selkie
Sasha Hayden As Merry Dupont
Marc-Anthony Massiah As Nick Dupont
Melanie Rose Wilson As Annie
Leonard Tenisci As Brian Maguire
Nancy Amelia Bell As Mary Maguire
Jamall Johnson As Officer Jerondo
Lesley Mirza As Maple Lane Captain
Ingo M. Holst As Grumpy Man
Maxwell Jando As Maguire Grandkid
Scarlett Jando As Maguire Grandkid

It’s all-occasion pastries. Wrapped up preparing my piece on Lifetime’s wonderful Asian occasion sentiment, A Sugar and Spice Holiday, which debuts Sunday. Goes live tomorrow (with an uncommon treat)! Composed and coordinated by Asian American/Canadian ladies Jennifer Liao and Eirene Donohue! A Sugar and Spice Holiday. Lifetime’s Christmas film on a Chinese-American family is here!

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