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Agatha Christies Hjerson Aka Agatha Christie’s Hjerson TV Series (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Episodes, Trailer

Agatha Christies Hjerson Aka Agatha Christie's Hjerson TV Series (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Episodes, Trailer

Agatha Christie’s Hjerson cast: Johan Rheborg, Hanna Alström, Maria Lundqvist. Agatha Christie’s Hjerson Release Date: 1 December 2022 (Topic). Agatha Christie’s Hjerson Episodes: 8. Agatha Christie’s Hjerson is looking full of Crime, Drama, Mystery. Since December 1 filming has been underway at Aland on the enthralling crime drama Agatha Christie’s Sven Jerson supported by Nordisk Film & TV Fond.

Agatha Christies Hjerson Aka Agatha Christie’s Hjerson is a Swedish Drama-Mystery TV Series (2022). Johan Rheborg, Hanna Alström, Maria Lundqvist are the main cast of Agatha Christies Hjerson Aka Agatha Christie’s Hjerson TV Series (2022). The Agatha Christie’s Brain. Swedish puzzle detective in 2021. An actor who is famous is killed with real bullets in the recording of Aland and then dies. Hjerson’s trailer Hjerson will bring to life the character of the title Sven Hjerson, played by Johan Rheborg (HBO Max’s Kamikaze).

Johan Rheborg plays the criminal detective Sven Hjerson in the new mystery detective series that is loosely inspired by the mysterious tales of the detective queen Agatha Christie. He’s an introvert, someone who can be easily snubbed and has become withdrawn, according to his character. The show is made up of eight episodes that revolve around four mystery murders with a general arc that runs across the entire series.

Agatha Christie’s Hjerson Plot:

We follow the former police detective Sven Hjerson who has been involved in the investigation of the most challenging cases ever. Since a couple of years Sven has been able to step away from the spotlight and is a quiet person. An active life that is filled with daily routines, vegan food and a passion for vinyl collection and a genuinely passionate obsession with gossip.

Agatha Christie’s Hjerson Detail:

TV Series: Agatha Christies Hjerson Aka Agatha Christie’s Hjerson (2022)
Network: Topic
Creator: Patrik Gyllström
Main Stars: Johan Rheborg, Hanna Alström, Maria Lundqvist
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Countries: Sweden, Germany, Finland, United Kingdom
Language: Swedish
Release Date: 1 December 2022 (Topic)
Season: 1
Episodes: 8
Runtime: 44 minutes
Filming locations: Åland, Finland
Also known As: Agatha Christies Hjerson, Agatha Christies Hjerson Topic, Agatha Christies Hjerson Show, Agatha Christie’s Hjerson (2022)

Agatha Christie’s Hjerson Cast:

Johan Rheborg As Sven Hjerson
Hanna Alström As Klara Sandberg
Maria Lundqvist As Majvor
David Fukamachi Regnfors As Niklas
Björn Andrésen As Oscar
Peter Kanerva As Frank
Maja Söderström As Olivia
David Lenneman As Peder
Jimmy Lindström As CG
Saga Samuelsson As Sara
Alida Morberg As Aida
Jonas Malmsjö As Axel
Jonna Järnefelt As Harriet
Evelyn Mok As Pernilla
Joel Spira As Producenten Lukas
Maia Hansson Bergqvist As Alice Åkerman
Peter Eggers As Harald Åkerman
Sanna Sundqvist As Regissör Inez
Pia Halvorsen As Viktoria
Siham Shurafa As Rita
Jeff Lindström As Fredrik
Viktor Nyström Sköld As Svante
Christian Hillborg As Magnus
Malin Barr As Verionica
Bashkim Neziraj As Prästen Juha
Leona Axelsen As Alexandra
Hampus Hallberg As Ljudteknikern Adam
Erik Lundin As Mustachmannen
Claes Hartelius As Ålänningen
Lukas Larsson As Hugo
Matts Stenlund As Båtägaren
Ester Sjögren As Prodass Lotta
Anders Sahlman As Mäklare
Arman Cho As Sasse
Jennifer Amaka Pettersson As Kamerass Carolina
Marga Pettersson As Rektorn
Minna Treutiger As Katarina
Maria Grudemo El Hayek As Josefin inspelningsledare
Andrea Björkholm As Laboratorichef
Fredric Odenborg As Elektriker Kalle
Eric Rusch As Visselblåsaren
Fikret Cesmeli As Hjersons frisör
Vilgot Paulsen As Polisman 1
Johan Mörn As Polisman 2
Sam Larsson Herrgård As Unge Hjerson
Roshi Hoss As Pamela
Gustav Bennegård As Patrik
Joacim Svensson As Säkerhetskille
Jonatan Bökman As Unga Oscar
Anna Sise As Zana
Natanael Wall Sanktnovius As Tor
Sofia Ekholm As Viola
Susanne Clemborn As Scripta
Livia Millhagen As Ronda
Matilda Ragnerstam As Rondas assistent
Filip Wolfe Sjunnesson As Filip Bergman
Niklas Engdahl As Matti
Bengt Braskered As Franco
Lisette T. Pagler As Ivana Mosesson
Samuel Astor As Kallskänkan
Karin Knutsson As Filips mamma
Klaus Ebert As Boris
Amanda Lindblom As Hotellpersonal
John Nordling As Psykolog
Carlos Romero As Scenografass Tom
Malin Saine As Konferencier
Joel Franzén As Hovmästare
Johan Hallström As Erik Leclerg
Erik Dahlin As Konferensdeltagare
Jonathan Sand As Attributören
Sasan Bagheri As Zamir
Andreas Gauffin As Ambulanssjukvårdare
Sebastian Morad Adegren As Billy servitören
Anna Hultgren As Polis

The former police officer Sven Hjerson has solved some of Sweden’s most challenging criminal cases however, over the last few years he’s been removed himself and lives in the shadows. This is the first time that a TV show inspired by Agatha’s tales concerning Sven Hjerson has been produced. In the new series, Sven Hjerson is a modern engaging, fun, and fascinating puzzle creator with a sparkle in his eyes.

A contemporary Agatha Christie spinoff about Sven Hjerson who was a famous criminal profiler who has decided to step back from the limelight along with Klara Sandberg, who’s a shite TV producer who is looking to restart her career by launching an authentic crime series that stars Sven Hjerson. Collider is now able to inform you exclusive details about Topic, the streaming service Topic has announced that we’ll soon be watching Agatha Christie’s Hjerson, a series that focuses on one of the less well-known detectives developed by the renowned author.

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