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All American Season 6 Episode 1 | Cast, Release Date | And Everything You Need to Know

All American is an American Drama-Sport TV Series (2018–Present). All American Season 6 Episode 8 cast: Daniel Ezra, Michael Evans Behling, Samantha Logan. All American Season 6 Episode 8 Release date: May 20, 2024 (The CW). All American Season 6 Total Episodes: 13.

All American Season 6 Episode 8 Plot:

Laura presents Olivia, Jordan and Spencer with a unique present from Billy to help them tackle problems they’re all facing. In another episode, Layla makes a discovery during a therapy session and Coop is preparing Patience to take the next step in their fight against Miko.

What is the All American About:

The show truly has everything: various universes crashing into a few engaging plot lines, a capable gathering of entertainers and a fascinating cast of characters. You truly start to feel like you are there observing all the dramatization unfurl.

The scholars work effectively of weaving together complex issues without appearing as though they are making a decent attempt, for example, bigotry, neediness and an absence of chance, packs/posse savagery, secondary school and secondary school football culture, exploring puberty, financial status, enormous cash culture, companions, family, love, connections, moving/change, medications and liquor.

This show has truly given me trust that there is an out thing there in this world that we are bound for, regardless of the amount we hurt those that we love , our dearest companions and above all. The Baker family status and that’s just the beginning. Besides on whether Spencer will re-visitation of his old neighborhood and play for his father.

All American Season 6 Episode 8 Detail:

Episode Name: Kids See Ghosts
Network: The CW
Director: Jes Macallan
Writer: April Blair, Jameal Turner, Chynna Ladage
Main Stars: Daniel Ezra, Michael Evans Behling, Samantha Logan
Genres: Drama, Sport
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: May 20, 2024 (The CW)
Season: 5
Total Episodes: 13
Episode Number: 8
Also known As: All American Season 6 Ep 8, All American (2024)

All American Season 6 Episode 8 Trailer:

All American Season 6 Episode 8 Cast:

Daniel Ezra As Spencer James
Bre-Z As Tamia ‘Coop’ Cooper
Greta Onieogou As Layla Keating
Samantha Logan As Olivia Baker
Michael Evans Behling As Jordan Baker
Cody Christian As Asher Adams
Karimah Westbrook As Grace James
Jalyn Hall As Dillon
Chelsea Tavares As Patience
Kareem J. Grimes As Preach (as Kareem Grimes)
Christian James As Wade
Miya Horcher As Jaymee
Simeon Othello Daise As Jabari Long (as Simeon Daise)
Chibuikem Uche As Ashley
Jamel King As Terence (Mac) McClelland
Brian Borello As Ryan
Tre Hale As Kai
Melissa Jane Rodriguez As Charissa
Ray Tezanos As Reporter
Gene Kang As Report

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