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All the Moons (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Budget, Box office, Trailer

All the Moons (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Budget, Box office, Trailer

All the Moons cast: Elena Uriz, Miriam del Prado, Justi Larrinaga. All the Moons Release Date: 10 February 2022 (Shudder). All the Moons Director: Igor Legarreta. All the Moons is looking full of Drama, Fantasy. Now I’m going to tell you all about All the Moons (2022). Perfectly created, it positions among the best of vampire film,” it was expressed.

All the Moons is a Spanish Drama-Fantasy movie (2022). Elena Uriz, Miriam del Prado, Justi Larrinaga are the main cast of All the Moons (2022). The world debut of Ilargi Guztiak. Todas las lunas, the most recent contribution by Igor Legarreta, will have the pleasure of starting off this varying media long-distance race that introduces fantastical themes. Ilargi guztiak. Todas las lunas is also known as All the Moons debut on Shudder 10 February 2022.

During the pains of the last Carlist war, a young lady is protected from a shelter by a secretive lady who lives somewhere down in the woods. Seriously injured, and feeling that she is nearly passing, the young lady will think she sees a holy messenger who has come searching for her to take her to Heaven. It won’t be some time before she finds, at the beginning of the new day, that this unusual being has given her everlasting life in return for your organization.

All the Moons Plot:

In late nineteenth century, a young lady hurt by a bomb toward the finish of the third Carlist war is saved by a her lady the timeless life.

All the Moons Detail:

Movie: All the Moons (2022)
Network: Shudder
Director: Igor Legarreta
Writers: Igor Legarreta, Jon Sagalá
Main Stars: Elena Uriz, Miriam del Prado, Justi Larrinaga
Genres: Drama, Fantasy
Countries: Spain, France
Language: Basque
Release Date: 10 February 2022 (Shudder)
Budget: €3,500,000 (EST)
Gross worldwide: $3,938
Runtime: 1 hour 42 minutes
Also known As: Ilargi guztiak. Todas las lunas, All the Moons, All the Moons Shudder, All the Moons (2022)

All the Moons Cast:

Elena Uriz As Madre Superiora
Miriam del Prado As Monja
Justi Larrinaga As Monja
Maite Sáez de Vicuña As Monja
Ane Biain As Monja
Haizea Carneros As Amaia
Udane Elosegi As Niña huérfana
Andere Garabieta As Niña huérfana
Iraia Serrano As Niña huérfana
June Larrañaga As Niña huérfana
Siena Erenchun As Niña huérfana
Itziar Ituño As Madre
Jean-Michel Sereau As Hombre delgado
Erik Probanza As Aldeano
Daniel Peña Gomara As Aldeano
David Maldonado Leal As Soldado
Josean Bengoetxea As Candido
Olatz Beobide As Vecino del pueblo
Maite Bastos As Vecina del pueblo
Zorion Eguileor As Don Sebastián
Lier Quesada As Miguel niño
Itziar Sánchez As Vecina del pueblo
Alaitz Eguren As Vecina del pueblo
Gotzon Huitzi As Vecino del pueblo
Javier Barandiaran As Vecino del pueblo
Xan Errotabehere As Vecino del pueblo
Vincent Etchegaray As Vecino del pueblo
José María Muñoz López As Pastor
Iñigo de la Iglesia As Miguel adulto

Three European creations got it done also, beginning with the Spanish-French Ilargi Guztiak. Todas las lunas, shot in the Basque language, by Igor Legarreta. “The chief breathtakingly utilizes the precepts of vampire legend as the reason for a private epic managing the themes of life and demise, love and depression, dedication and prejudice.

The film is delivered by Arcadia Motion Pictures, Kowalski Films, Pris&Batty Films, and Ilargia Films in co-creation with Noodles Production (France). It has the support of RTVE and EiTB and subsidizing from the ICAA, the Basque Government, and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. Filmax will deal with the dissemination in Spain and worldwide deals. Its debut is planned for 2021.

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