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Amityville Karen (2021) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Amityville Karen (2021) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Amityville Karen cast: James Duval, Lauren Francesca, Dawna Lee Heising. Amityville Karen Release Date: 1 January 2021 (USA). Amityville Karen Director: Shawn C. Phillips. Amityville Karen is looking full of Horror. Now I’m going to tell you all about Amityville Karen (2021).

Amityville Karen is an American Horror movie (2021). James Duval, Lauren Francesca, Dawna Lee Heising are the main cast of Amityville Karen (2021). This will be a FUN Watch! Satisfied to be a Producer on this Horror Journey ‘Amityville Karen’ Starring: James Duval and Lauren Francesca. Coordinated by Shawn C Phillips Produced by Mem Ferda and Ron Bonk. Amityville Karen’s debut on 1 January 2022.

Be keeping watch one year from now for a restricted version Blu-beam followed by the wide release Dvd of the film. Amityville light, dollhouse, reflect, shark (indeed, Amityville Shark was a thing), clock, jokester yet prepare for a killer Amityville Karen. All after creation work is practically finished. Pay special attention to a restricted release Blue-beam followed by the wide release DVD in 2022.

Amityville Karen Plot:

An irate and named “Karen” turns deadly when she becomes moved by a malicious soul.

Amityville Karen Detail:

Movie: Amityville Karen (2021)
Director: Shawn C. Phillips
Writer: Julie Anne Prescott
Main Stars: James Duval, Lauren Francesca, Dawna Lee Heising
Genre: Horror
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 1 January 2021 (USA)
Budget: $230,000 (EST)
Also Known As: Amityville Karen, Amityville Karen Movie, Amityville Karen (2021)

Amityville Karen Cast:

James Duval
Lauren Francesca As Karen
Dawna Lee Heising As Chloe
Shawn C. Phillips As Alex
Niko El Santo Zavero As Mike Walters
Dustin Clingan As Pool Boy
Mike Ferguson As The Captain
Jennifer Nangle
Bill Victor Arucan As Newscaster
Caleb Thomas
Lily Kaye Sheets As Vlogger
Clint Beaver As Vlogger
Michael Novelli As Vlogger
Paul Bradford As Vlogger
Lilith Stabs
Kyle Clarington As Hank
Traycee King As Blogger
Tom Harold Batchelder As Harold
Brandon Krum As Warren
G. Larry Butler As Claude
John Meacham As Vlogger
Ashleeann Cittell As Helen
Marc Pearce As Ivan
Kellen DeRuy
Steven Haar As Feldman Haim
Dave Shecter As Newscaster
Issa Kabeer As Newscaster
Carl Solomon
Sephdok Ramone As Barry
Dean Houlihan As Vlogger
Steven Kiseleski As Newscaster
D.J. Patton
Thomas Gunter
Kenneth Ramone As Vlogger
Auzi Capri As Moe
Rudy Ledbetter As Newscaster
Bron Theron As Chauncey
John J. Kerecz As Newscaster
Mark Schaefer As Maurice
Craig Sapenoff
Sam Vanivray As Newscaster
Bryant Smith As Doug
Marle Schaefer As Tony
Lilian Mortis
Ted Sterner As Mr. Wentworth
Aric Garcia As Orville
David Sheridon As Vlogger
Thomas Antalek As Vlogger
Leah Schaefer As Tina
Justin Terry-Smith As Vlogger
Ryan Stockstad As Bjorn
Derek K. Long As Dallas
James Goi Jr. As Vlogger
Andrew Gordon As Vlogger
Zach Wolpoff As Newscaster
Jonathan A. Streetzel As Newscaster
Dedrick Hilton As Derick Hilton Hoodoo lounge Inc Vlogger
Mortis the Devil’s Reject As Party Guest

It would be hard to track down a superior cast in a 70s awfulness. Oliver Reed, Karen Black, Bette Davis, Burgess Meredith, to give some examples. Amityville meets The Shining. Frightening section into the spooky place subgenre. Entertainer, joke artist, model, and force to be reckoned with Lauren Francesca dropped by the unit to discuss the benefit of dealing with yourselves as well as other people in this week’s unique Slasher episode.

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