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Anne TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Anne TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Anne cast: Maxine Peake, Bobby Schofield, Rob Jarvis. Anne Release Date: 22 August 2022 (Acorn TV). Anne Episodes: 4. Anne is looking full of Drama. Filmed in the city of Liverpool, Anne is directed by BAFTA-winning director Bruce Goodison and produced by World Productions, whose previous successes comprise The Pembrokeshire Murders, Exercise of Duty and Vigil.

Anne is a UK Drama TV Series (2022). Maxine Peake, Bobby Schofield, Rob Jarvis are the main cast of Anne TV Series (2022). English footballers who are only a few years old and also those curious about its past will surely recall some of the more devastating incidents of the beautiful game played in Great Britain: the Hillsborough tragedy. “Justicia” (Anne’s first title) is a drama based on the tragic tragedy. Anne will premiere her debut show on Acorn TV 22 August 2022.

Kevin Sampson, the creator of “Justicia” and a huge Liverpool fan, was in Hillsborough on a crucial day. In 2012, when he was writing his publication “Hillsborough Voices” he told Anne Williams herself (who was to die shortly thereafter being diagnosed with cancer) that he was planning to create a film about her struggles. Maxine Peake (Silk Three Girls) portrays Anne and Stephen Walters (Blue Boy, Shetland) portrays Steve Williams, her husband. Steve Williams.



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Anne Plot:

The account of Anne Williams’s battle for the reality of her child’s demise.

Anne Detail:

TV Series: Anne (2022)
Network: Acorn TV
Main Stars: Maxine Peake, Bobby Schofield, Rob Jarvis
Genre: Drama
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Release Date: 22 August 2022 (Acorn TV)
Season: 1
Episodes: 4
Also known As: Justicia, Anne, Anne Season 1, Anne (2022)

Anne Cast:

Maxine Peake As Anne Williams
Bobby Schofield As Michael Williams
Rob Jarvis As John Glover
Stephen Walters As Steve Williams
David Charles-Cully As Family Member
Clare Calbraith As Sheila Colman
Polly Kemp As Ann Adlington
Raymond Waring As Steve Hart
Lily Shepherd As Sara Williams
Jayne Worsnop-Hesford As Self
Ellie May Davies As Sara Williams
Polly Highton As Teresa Glover
David Walmsley As Derek Bruder
Campbell Wallace As Kevin Williams
John Mcgrellis As Colin
Matthew McNulty As Andy Burnham
Grant Crookes As Family Member
Jobie McPartland As Family Member
Raymond Clough As Football Fan
Matthew Roberts As Andy Duncan
Chris Coghill As Farmer
David Lonsdale As Senior Officer
Daniel Boyarsky As Police Constable
Elliot Levey As Sir Murray Stuart-Smith
Adelle Leonce As Paula
Martin Walsh As Barry Devonside
Gracie Kelly As Debra Martin
Tom Goodman-Hill As Jack Straw
Stephen Campbell Moore As Edward Fitzgerald QC
Nigel Boyle As Reporter (Medico-Legal)
Simon Wilson As PC Glave
Lenny Wood As Peter Carney
Richard Durden As Lord Justice McCowan
Reginald Edwards As Sun Reporter
Roger May As David Alford
Steve Weaver As LFC Steward
Robert Lonsdale As Christian Spooner
Roger Morlidge As Bob Jones
Natalie Grady As Radio City Presenter
Anthony Calf As Bishop James Jones
Ashley Emerson As Sergeant John Killoch
Roger Ringrose As Dr. David Slater
Nicholas Asbury As Dr. James Burns
Paul McGann As Sir Malcom Thornton
Mark Dexter As Inspector Matthew Sawers
Lisa Daintry As Hairdresser
Richard Hansell As Mr. McGrath
Tina Louise Owens As Ruth – B & B Owner
Ian Puleston-Davies As Professor Phil Scraton
Krissi Bohn As Truth Day Reporter
Debra Redcliffe As Hillsborough Justice Campaigner
James Bayes As Moggy
Andrea Kovacs As Mayoress
John Alan Roberts As Hillsborough Family Member
Damien Speed As Hillsborough Family Member
Mark Arends As Father Short
David Vickers As Anfield Mourner
Joshua Tomkins As Hillsborough Family Member
Juliet Roar As Hillsborough Family Member
Jonathan Cheetham As Supporter
Zara Abraham As Bar Staff
Jaymz Wild As Football supporter
Karl Hughes As George

Justicia (Anne) is a drama miniseries produced in the UK and produced by Bruce Goodison ( The Cure, Born to Kill ) and written by Kevin Sampson ( Powder, Awaydays ). The story was inspired by actual events that took place in 1989 in the Hillsborough stadium during a match in 1989 between Liverpool as well as Nottingham Forest where 97 fans were killed in a snow avalanche. The show, in particular, depicts the struggles of Anne Williams who was her mother to one of the dead young people.

With Maxine Peake. ITV’s forthcoming drama Ana will be a story about Anne Williams an individual who spent her entire time seeking out the truth behind the loss of her son, as well as the deaths of the other 97 Liverpool FC fans. The 97 were victims of the Hillsborough disaster, which is one of the most famous tragedies in Britain. True to the events, ITV Ana was shot in Liverpool in the city which is where Williams is celebrated as an iconic local hero and the tragic impact of the incident is still felt.

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