B.O. [aka Reporting for Duty] TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

B.O. [aka Reporting for Duty] TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know
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B.O. [aka Reporting for Duty] is a Brazilian Comedy-Crime TV Series (2023). Reporting for Duty cast: Leandro Hassum, Luciana Paes, Jefferson Schroeder. Reporting for Duty Release Date: 6 September 2023 (Netflix). Reporting for Duty Episodes. The event takes place at an officer’s station situated in the Tijuca neighborhood located in Rio de Janeiro, where the new chief, who is sloppy and inexperienced, has just been appointed.

Leandro Hassum, Luciana Paes, Jefferson Schroeder are the main cast of Reporting for Duty (2023). After being caught by accident, an elusive bandit connected to the mafia that operates slot machines, Suzano, born and raised in the fictional Campo Manso, in the interior of Rio de Janeiro, is moved to the midst of the storm that is sweeping through the capital city of Rio. B.O. (also known as Reporting for Duty] release on Netflix on 6 September 2023.

The film in question stars Leandro Hassum, who is as well as directing a few episodes and writing the script. The confusion of the new delegate led to the downfall of the eighteenth DP from Rio de Janeiro, in the Tijuca neighborhood. None of his peers are always on the move and are convinced that he will remain long in the Tijuca neighborhood.

Reporting for Duty Plot:

The clumsy Suzano is made the chief of staff after he is transferred from the rural areas.

Reporting for Duty Detail:

TV Series: B.O. [aka Reporting for Duty] (2023)
Network: Netflix
Main Stars: Leandro Hassum, Luciana Paes, Jefferson Schroeder
Genres: Comedy, Crime
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Release Date: 6 September 2023 (Netflix)
Season: 1
Episodes: (To be Confirm)
Filming locations: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Also known As: Gotowy do służby, B.O., Reporting for Duty

Reporting for Duty Cast:

Leandro Hassum As Suzano
Luciana Paes As Mantovani
Jefferson Schroeder As Estevão
Babu Carreira As Inaê Guerra
Digão Ribeiro As Rabecão
Taumaturgo Ferreira As Alcebiades Pardal
Cauê Campos As Kauã Wi-fi
Pedro Wagner
Louise Cardoso
Bruno Cabrerizo
Aline Borges
Elisa Pinheiro
George Sauma
Josie Antello As Zuleide
Leandro Ramos
Raphael Ghanem
Valentina Melleu
Fábio de Luca
Cleber Salgado
Maria Júlia Guerra 

Pedro Amorim directs, with Hassum and Carol Minem. The script was written by Carol Garcia, with collaboration from other talent. The idea for the script originated from Hassum, Fabiola Alves, Gui Cintra, and Nigel Goodman. Life in the capital will not be easy.

A reckless police officer comes from the interior in the 8th District Police Station of Tijuca located in Rio de Janeiro, and must learn through for example how to work in the city. Along with being faced with more dangerous and riskier crime, the police force itself is a mess, with a range of personalities from the simple to the insane.

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