Bambaska Biri Episode 4: Cast, Release Date & Where To Watch

Bambaşka Biri Episode 2 | Cast, Release Date | And Everything You Need to Know

Someone Else Aka Bambaska Biri is a Turkish Crime TV Series (2023). Bambaşka Biri Episode 4 cast: Hande Erçel, Burak Deniz, Cem Davran. Bambaska Biri Episode 4 Release Date: October 2, 2023 (FOX Türkiye).

Someone Else Aka Bambaska Biri Episode 4 Plot:

While Irfan remains silent until the very last minute there will be some who will not be able to stay unaffected in the face some of the atrocities. Leyla investigates the date of 7 September 1995 in order to discover the truth about the murders.

Ekrem doesn’t realize he’s been spotted on the radar of Dogan. The pressure increases on him the more he’s dragged into, the more extensive his involvement.

Additionally, Turan now has bigger concerns than the prospect of his son being sent to prison. Turan will need to guard Kenan not just from the police, but from the more dangerous aspects. If Ekrem attempts to shield his children from harm does not realize the dangers that lie ahead the consequences can be severe.

The first time Kenan will experience some of the hurts he’s kept from feeling. Leyla is the person who stands at his side during these times. When they realize how obscure the truth really is, Kenan will turn to an unorthodox method of getting the answers they’re searching for.

Someone Else Aka Bambaska Biri Episode 4 Detail:

Episode Name: Episode 4
Network: FOX Türkiye
Director: Neslihan Yesilyurt
Writer: Lokman Maral, Onur Sener, Seçil Çömlekçi
Main Stars: Hande Erçel, Burak Deniz, Cem Davran
Genre: Crime
Country: Turkey
Language: Turkish
Release Date: October 2, 2023 (FOX Türkiye)
Season: 1
Total Episodes: 12 (To be Confirm)
Episode Number:
Also known As: Someone Else Episode 4, Bambaska Biri Episode 4

Someone Else Aka Bambaska Biri Episode 4 Trailer:

Someone Else Aka Bambaska Biri Episode 4 Cast:

Burak Deniz As Kenan Öztürk / Dogan
Hande Erçel As Leyla Gediz
Cem Davran As Turan Öztürk
Ferit Aktug As Murat
Muttalip Müjdeci As Ekrem Gediz
Asli Orcan As Nükhet Arslan
Gülçin Hatihan As Sahinde Gediz
Berrin Arisoy As Nevin Öztürk
Ugur Uzunel As Tahir Gediz
Begüm Akkaya As Yasemin
Polen Emre As Nuray
Bahadir Vatanoglu As Gökhan
Koray Karaca As Refik Komiser
Menderes Samancilar As Idris
Serhat Kurtay
Serdar Dinçel
Hüseyin Baylan
Burak Dumanoglu
Dilsah Demir As Pelin
Nasiman Rüstemzade
Kirkor Dinçkayikçi
Yasemin Akyüz
Simay Öztürk
Egemen Ulutas
Ozan Uçar
Selim Galip
Mustafa Basalan
Fatma Ebru Güven
Ümit Çetintas

Episodes List:

1- Episode 1
2- Episode 2
3- Episode 3
4- Episode 4
5- Episode 5
6- Episode 6
7- Episode 7
8- Episode 8

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