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Bang Bang Baby TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Bang Bang Baby TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Bang Bang Baby cast: Arianna Becheroni, Antonio Gerardi, Dora Romano. Bang Bang Baby Release Date: 28 April 2022 (Prime Video). Bang Bang Baby Episodes: 10. Bang Bang Baby is looking full of Crime. Amazon has released its official trailer for Bang Bang Baby , an Italian series set to premiere in April through Prime Video. The world premiere of the show will be held in the Canneseries festival which will see it be competing in the Long Form section.

Bang Bang Baby is an Italian Crime TV Series (2022). Arianna Becheroni, Antonio Gerardi, Dora Romano are the main cast of Bang Bang Baby TV Series (2022). L’eccezione, a song that was originally composed for Bang Bang Baby, is a brand new single that has not been released by Madame who wrote the lyrics, and whose music was composed by Luca Faraone. The song was recorded by Luca Faraone and DRD. Bang Bang Baby release on Prime Video on 28 April 2022.

Bang Bang Baby is a crime drama that takes place in Milan in 1986. Alice Giammatteo is sixteen years old and lives with her mother Gabriella in a tiny boring town of the middle class located in Northern Italy. Her dull, gray life as a teenager is away from the luminous images that are shown on TV. All of a sudden, she confronts shocking news: Alice discovers that her father, Santa Maria, whom Alice thought was dead many years ago, is alive.

Bang Bang Baby Plot:

Alice is a teen young lady who winds up associated with Milan’s criminal underside for the love of her dad. To adapt, Alice will utilize her creative mind, impacted by music, TV, and mainstream society of her time: the 80s.

Bang Bang Baby Detail:

TV Series: Bang Bang Baby (2022)
Network: Prime Video
Creator: Andrea Di Stefano
Main Stars: Arianna Becheroni, Antonio Gerardi, Dora Romano
Genre: Crime
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Release Date: 28 April 2022 (Prime Video)
Season: 1
Episodes: 10
Also Known As: Bang Bang Baby, Bang Bang Baby Season 1, Bang Bang Baby (2022)

Bang Bang Baby Cast:

Arianna Becheroni As Alice
Antonio Gerardi As Nereo
Dora Romano As Nonna Lina
Giorgia Arena As Assunta
Lucia Mascino As Gabriella Gianmatteo
Adriano Giannini As Santo Barone
Giuseppe De Domenico As Rocco
Denise Capezza As Giuseppina
Nicola Nicchi As Leonardo
Katia Greco As Zia Memena
Enea Barozzi As Rossano
Carmelo Giordano As Gambacorta Barone
Pietro Paschini As Jimbo
Christina Andrea Rosamilia As Belfiore
Ernesto Mahieux As Don Ferraù
Sara Borsarelli As Operaia 2
Emiliano Brioschi As Maresciallo Siri
Silvia Gallerano As Barbarella
Mattia Sbragia As Carmine Schioppa
Barbara Chichiarelli As Ispettore Ferrario
Giuseppe Cutrullà As ‘U Damerinu
Giuseppe Antignati As Forcetta
Nicola Rignanese As Mr. Fritz
Davide Fabbri As Ragazzo Scuola
Francesca Loupakis As Vanessa Madre Jimbo
Francesco Pio Massaro As Figlio di Zio Bastiano e Zia Memena
Salvatore La Mantia As Rino Ciccutto
Carlotta Antonelli As Cleopatra
Alessandra Gigli As Giornalista TGR
Francesco Brandi As Clivio Onorati
Massimo De Lorenzo As Mago Carmelo
Giovanni De Giorgi As Agente di Polizia
Marco Valerio Bartocci As Lorenzo padrone Lessie
Maurizio Tabani As Preside
Rebecca Pinto Rangel di Bari As Pocahontas
Ully Angela Gomes As Lola
Beatrice Schiaffino As Valletta del Mago Carmelo
Emanuele Basso As Agente di Custodia
Dodi Conti As Madre di Assunta
Eva Carieri As Luna
Francesco De Vito As Padre Agostino
Fulvio Milani As Conduttore Copioni
Davide Enea Casarin As Assistente alla regia tv
Giuseppe Lo Piccolo As Agente di Custodia Ospedale
Luca Pusceddu As Maresciallo
Gloria Cocco As Signora Anziana
Elisa Di Eusanio As Professoressa di Lettere
Giulia Di Quilio As Giornalista TG Nazionale
Nicolò Sturniolo As Boy Scout
Simone Corbisiero As zio Bastiano
Elena Gigliotti As zia Rita
Pier Luigi Misasi As ‘u Mintorcino
Nicoleta Casu As Grazia Giuffrida
Vincenzo Leto As zio Vincenzo
Claudio Corinaldesi As Il Polacco
Angelica Cacciapaglia As Giornalista TGR
Emanuela Caruso As Ragazza Femminista 2
Valentina Ruggeri As Antonella
Emiliano Masala As Avvocato Spinetti
Franco Ravera As Professore di Storia
Alexia Murray As Woman tourist
Katie McGovern As American tourist
Flaminia Fegarotti As Tourist
Douglas Dean As British tourist
Donatella Bartoli As Professoressa di Scienze
Lucio Patané As Poliziotto Anziano
Bianca Alessandra Ara As Visiting tourist
Giusy Tringale As Concetta
Piero Cardano As Poliziotto Giovane
Timothy Fritz As Man tourist
Angela Pepi As Inviata TG
Paola Buratto As Femminista
Pippo Crotti As Avvocato Nonna Lina
Giuseppe Abramo As Scagnozzo Mr. Fritz

“Bang Bang Baby” is a crime thriller that is set in 1986. Alice is 16 years old and lives in a tiny village in the northern part of Italy. Her life as a teenager changes dramatically when she finds out she has a father who she thought was dead is alive. For Alice, this is the first step in a downward spiral into hell: Born of the love she has for her father.

Alice is just sixteen living in a tiny town located in the northern part of Italy. Her life as a teenager changes dramatically when she finds out his father who believed that he had died, is still alive. For Alice, it will be the first step in a downward spiral into hell. Out of affection for her father she is enticed by the murky world of the mafia and becomes lured by the glamour that is associated with crime.

For Alice it’s the beginning of her descent into hell. Because of her love for her dad, she is able to immerse herself in the shady realm of Calabrian mafia. She allows herself to be lured by the attraction that is associated with criminality. This is the storyline that is the basis for ‘Bang Bang Baby’. The story was created by Andrea Di Stefano, the Italian screenwriter, and actor.

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