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Be with You 2018 Cast, review, release date, story, box office, Scenes


korean movie Be with You 2018 Cast, review, release date, story, box office, Scenes. Be with You also known Be with You | Jigeum Mannareo Gabmida.  Be with You is a South Korea movie. The movie story is romantic and very interesting. Two Couple fall in love with each other. This is one of the best Korean movies in 2018. if you looking a best Korean movie then you are the right place.

Name Be with You has already many movies, Series but this Be with You 2018 Korean movie is very interest in different situations. The movie is based on the famous Japanese novel Be with You, written by Takuji Ichikawa. One of the best heart touching and emotional movie you have ever seen in your life. if you interesting then you are going to cry so much while watching. This movie shows what real love. The storyline, the track is so beautiful. You will never ever regret watching this film. It overwhelmed me with emotion and took me away from my place to another realm,, thank you So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin, thank you so much for this divine work.

Be with You Story:

Be with You is based on the famous Japanese novel Be with You. This is a South Korean romance movie. So JiJi-sub and Son Ye-jin are the main characters. Woo Jin try to takes care of his son Ji Ho. His wife passed away when he decides to take care of his son with my hand. After his wife passed away. She promised her husband on the day. she would be back. Then one year later, She appears again with promise but the problem is she does not remember anything. This movie gave me a really good message. It was really heart warming-touching, emotional, full of tears, about the first love story.

Director: Jang-Hoon Lee
Writers: Takuji Ichikawa (novel), Su-jin Kang
Music by: Bang Jun-Seok
Main Stars: Ji-seob So, Ye-jin Son, Yoo-ram Bae
Genres: Romance | Fantasy | Drama
131min | Release date in South Korea: 2018/03/14
Release Date: 6 April 2018
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
IMDb review: 8/10 (Rating)
Google Rating: 96% liked this film
box office: US$19.4 million

Be with You 2018 Scenes:

be with you scenes

Be with You 2018 Cast:

Ji-seob So as Woo-jin
Ye-jin Son as Soo-ah
Yoo-ram Bae as Hong-goo
Hyeon-soo Kim as Soo-ah
Chang-Seok Ko as Hong-goo
Jun Hyeok Lee as Choi
Min-Sung Lee as Seo-Bin
Seo-Joon Park as Ji-ho

Here is the list of Be with You 2018 Cast, review, release date, story, box office, Scenes. Why not this is the best romantic movie and the best one of the Korean movie.

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