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A beautiful movie loved it. Acting, music, storyline everything was just perfect. This movie just reminded me of the movie ‘A walk to remember’ but still it held its own uniqueness. Have lost track of how many times I’ve watched this beautiful film.

Bir Nefes Yeter Story:

A handsome young man Yaman who lost father and mother in a car accident and he thought this was my fault and is unhappy and try to suicide. In the hospital, he met a beautiful girl Nefes. She is very beautiful but she has some days for the living because of his disease. Nefes decide to live this man for some days who try to suicide. Some days ago they both fall in love with each other. They married and Yaman decides to give his heart to his wife who is suffering.

Director: Yasemin Türkmenli
Writer: Pelin Karamehmetoglu
Main Stars: Seçkin Özdemir, Tuvana Türkay, Zuhal Gencer
Genres: Drama
IMDb review: 6.6/10 (Rating)
Google Rating: 97% liked this film
Country: Turkey
Release Date: 13 October 2017
Language: Turkish

Bir Nefes Yeter Cast:

Seçkin Özdemir as Yaman
Tuvana Türkay as Nefes
Zuhal Gencer
Hakki Ergök
Galip Erdal
Nilüfer Kurt

Bir Nefes Yeter Scenes:

Bir Nefes Yeter Scenes
Bir Nefes Yeter Scenes

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