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Block Party (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Block Party (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Block Party cast: Antoinette Robertson, Margaret Avery, Golden Brooks. Block Party Release Date: 16 June 2022 (BET+). Block Party Director: Dawn Wilkinson. Block Party is looking full of Comedy. In order to stop her grandmother’s block party she quits her job in the air and finds herself in love again with her home town and the people who live there.

Block Party is an American Comedy movie (2022). Antoinette Robertson, Margaret Avery, Golden Brooks are the main cast of Block Party (2022). Block Party is being billed as the first family-friendly comedy of Juneteenth and this trailer gives a sense of belonging, joy as well as “good old-fashioned family barbecue” feelings, just at the right time for the holidays. Block Party release on BETand on June 16, 2022.

“Block Party” (originally called ‘Block Party Juneteenth’) is a comedy for families that centers around a determined Harvard graduate known as Keke McQueen, who hopes to make it big in Atlanta in the far reaches of her home city. Produced by Dawn Wilkinson, the comedy film is a hilarious performance by an impressive cast that includes Antoinette Robertson Margaret Avery, Gary Anthony Williams, and Terayle Hill. If you are a fan of comedy for your family, you’ll be curious to know more about this film and the methods you can enjoy it.

Block Party Plot:

Recent Harvard graduate Keke McQueen, 23, is anxious to dump her old neighborhood of Grand Rapids, Michigan for her amazing line of work in Atlanta, yet when Keke finds that her once super-sharp Grandma Janice is giving early indications of dementia, Keke places her vocation in question to save her Grandma’s neighborhood blowout, and all the while.

Block Party Detail:

Movie: Block Party (2022)
Network: BET+
Director: Dawn Wilkinson
Writers: Matt Allen, Lisa Mathis, Krista Suh
Main Stars: Antoinette Robertson, Margaret Avery, Golden Brooks
Genre: Comedy
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 16 June 2022 (BET+)
Budget: $5,400,000 (EST)
Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes
Also known As: Block Party, Block Party Movie, Block Party (2022), Block Party Juneteenth

Block Party Cast:

Antoinette Robertson As Keke McQueen
Margaret Avery As Janice Sommers
Golden Brooks As Tasha McQueen
Birgundi Baker As Eboni
Charlyne Yi As Alice
Gary Anthony Williams As Sean
Luenell As Debra
Bill Cobbs As Uncle Jim
John Amos As Dennis
Ben Milliken As Ben
Terayle Hill As Will Rencher
Richard Hartley As Daryl
Faizon Love As Gus
Felonious Munk As DJ Dee Nutz
Merle Dandridge As Crystal Maitland
Carmella Riley As Joy
Brad William Henke As Buddy Frank
Carollette Phillips As Delores
Sarab Kamoo As Dr. Ligon
Deborah Chenault-Green As Mildred
Randall McDonald As Banner Worker
Charda Jameson As Andrea
Sidi Henderson As Uncle Terry
Ambur Marie As Block Party Attendee
M.J. Harrell As Block Party Attendee
Kevin McCasland As Bar Patron
Brandon Queshawn As Office Worker
Jill Opal Oliver As Block Party Attendee
Barrid Green Jr. As Security
Shawn Jansma As City Worker
Sharon Oliver-Merchant As Block Party Attendee
Marty Fortuna As Block Party Patron / Concert-goer
Alec Sims As Black party attendee
Milan Ariel Atkins As Block Party Goer
Ryan Bean As Background Extra
Jaylen Miller As Dunk Tank Operator
Sophia VanGessel As Maggie
Lianna Norris As Younger Janice

The story follows a 23-year-old Harvard student, Keke McQueen, who wants to escape from her home town of Grand Rapids in Michigan to get her ideal work in Atlanta. However, she’s forced to put off her plans after she discovers that her mother Janice is experiencing the beginning stages of dementia.

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