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Blood & Gold (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Blood & Gold (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Blood & Gold cast: Robert Maaser, Jördis Triebel, Alexander Scheer. Blood & Gold Release Date: 26 may 2023 (Netflix). Blood & Gold Director: Peter Thorwarth. Blood & Gold is looking full of Action, Comedy, Drama, War, Western. The film’s director is Peter Thorwarth. Stefan Barth signs the script. The film is set in the spring of 1945 the film is a story about Heinrich.

Blood & Gold is a German Comedy-War movie (2023). Robert Maaser, Jördis Triebel, Alexander Scheer are the main cast of Blood & Gold (2023). The story follows a German exile from World War II who tries to return to his home to his young daughter. When he is on the journey, he’s confronted by SS soldiers looking for a treasure that was hidden by an unnamed Jewish prisoner. Blood & Gold release on Netflix 26 May 2023.

They share one enemy: the struggle for justice, and their own families. The bloody and thrilling search for the hidden treasure trove of Jewish gold starts, and uncovers dark secrets. Robert Masser plays the title character of Heinrich. Blood & Gold marks the first Netflix project with an actor role played by Masser. Marie Hacke plays the main role of Elsa. This is an acting debut that the German actress, who before appeared in almost exclusively German TV dramas.

Blood & Gold Plot:

In the aftermath in World War II, a German soldier is seeking his daughter, while the SS troop is searching for the Jewish treasure.

Blood & Gold Detail:

Movie: Blood & Gold (2023)
Network: Netflix
Director: Peter Thorwarth
Writer: Stefan Barth
Main Stars: Robert Maaser, Jördis Triebel, Alexander Scheer
Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, War, Western
Country: Germany
Language: German
Release Date: 26 may 2023 (Netflix)
Runtime: 1 hour 40 minutes
Filming locations: Czech Republic
Also known As: Кров і золото, Blood & Gold, Blood & Gold Netflix

Blood & Gold Cast:

Robert Maaser As Heinrich

(Credit: imdb)

He is a German actor as well as a model and fitness instructor who is well-known for his roles in film and on television. Maaser started his career as an exercise model and personal trainer using his love of fitness and body. Maaser moved into acting, and made his screen debut on”Alarm For Cobra 11″ a German action-film “Alarm for Cobra 11: The Highway Police” in the year 2008. He continued to be a part of German films and TV shows where he often showcased his athletic talents and executed the stunts he himself has created.

One of the most memorable roles played by Maaser was in the action film “The Machine” (2023) with Mark Hamill. The film featured him as he portrayed the role of Alexei. Maaser has since been in several films which include “The Dare” (2019), “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” (2015) as well as “Wolf 2039 Aka Boru 2039” (2021-2022). Maaser has also appeared on popular TV shows such”Barbarians, “Barbarians” and “Blutige Anfanger.”

Jordis Triebel As Sonja

(Credit: tagesspiegel)

She is a German actress who is known for her diverse roles in television, film, and theater. Triebel moved into television and film and achieved her debut in”Emilia: Die Zweite Chance,” her debut movie “Emilia – Die zweite Chance” (2005) 2005, in which she was awarded her Best Actress prize during the Max Ophuls Festival. The film demonstrated her ability to portray emotionally complex and demanding characters.

The career of Triebel continued to blossom and she was able to gain more recognition for her performance in the role of Anna on the critically well-reviewed German Drama movie “Westen” (2013). Her subtle character of an individual who is torn between two styles of life and cultures brought her more praise and nominations for numerous awards. Her acting in films, television, and theatre has earned her the status of the most admired and skilled actress.

Alexander Scheer As von Starnfeld

(Credit: spiegel)

He is a German actor who is known for his diverse performances in TV, film, and in theater. Scheer started his career in the mid-90s with a focus on theater. He was part of numerous stage productions and worked with well-known directors and theater groups. His stage work demonstrated his versatility and ability to play complicated characters.

He received critical acclaim for his performance as Rainer Werner Fassbinder in the biographical movie “Enfant Terrible” (2020) which brought his the German Film Award for Best Actor. His performance conveyed the essence of the renowned director, showing his knack for absorbing himself into real-life characters.

He has appeared in a diverse assortment of characters, from historical characters to fictional characters. Some of his most notable films includes “Sun Alley” (1999), “Das Haus der Traume” (2022), “The Island” (2020-2021), and “Gundermann” (2018). Scheer’s performance has been recognized for their profundity and authenticity.

Other Supporting Cast of Blood & Gold:

Marie Hacke As Elsa
Roy McCrerey As Sergeant
Juri Senft As Koehler
Simson Bubbel As Schreck
David Burnell IV As American GI
Nele Kiper As Elisabeth
Jared Lorenzo As 2nd GI
Florian Schmidtke As Dörfler
Gisela Aderhold As Brigitte
Stephan Grossmann As Bürgermeister Richard
Petra Zieser As Irmgard
Andreas Bichler As Rogge
Tomas Karel As Hebler
Christian Schneeweiß As Kemper
Heiko Schaffartzik As Braun
Simon Rupp As Paule

The story revolves around an abandoned Wehrmacht soldier and an unmarried war widow fighting the rebellious SS troop, in search of an undiscovered pot of gold. Because it’s about the story of a German deserter looking for his daughter, and the troop is searching for the Jewish pan of gold. They’re looking for a gold pot within the village, that an anonymous Jew who was looking to purchase his freedom was able to tell them about.

Heinrich along with Elsa are saved in the end by Elsa who encases Heinrich on her farm. Involved in a thrilling gold hunt, which always has unexpected twists and twists. The film is one hour and forty minutes, and was directed by Peter Thorwarth. Blood & Gold promises to be a film that is emotionally charged exploring themes of courage survival, and redemption in the midst of conflict.

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