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Bosch: Legacy TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Bosch: Legacy TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Bosch: Legacy cast: Titus Welliver, Mimi Rogers, Madison Lintz. Bosch: Legacy Release Date: 6 May 2022 (Amazon Freevee). Bosch: Legacy Episodes: 10. Bosch: Legacy is looking full of Crime, Drama. In actuality the main differences between “Bosch” and Bosch: Legacy’ are minimal as the main character remains Harry Bosch, played by the same actor.

Bosch: Legacy is an American Crime-Drama TV Series (2022). Titus Welliver, Mimi Rogers, Madison Lintz are the main cast of Bosch: Legacy TV Series (2022). The show has also been a tremendous success , having a total of seven episodes on the streaming platform . It’s now back with a new chapter in “Bosch: Legacy’, a spin-off (derived) from the first series . Amazon Prime Video premieres this Friday on May 6.

Harry Bosch embarks on the next chapter in his life and ends up employed as a private detective alongside his former adversary, Honey “Money” Chandler. The show follows the journey of a cop from the police academy to the street Bosch’s daughter Maddie joins the police team. The character of Maddie was previously part of the ‘Bosch’ show as a regular.

Bosch: Legacy Plot:

Bosch sets out on the following part of his profession and ends up working with his one-time foe, Honey Chandler.

Bosch: Legacy Detail:

TV Series: Bosch: Legacy (2022)
Network: Amazon Freevee
Creators: Tom Bernardo, Michael Connelly, Eric Ellis Overmyer
Main Stars: Titus Welliver, Mimi Rogers, Madison Lintz
Genres: Crime, Drama
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 6 May 2022 (Amazon Freevee)
Season: 1
Episodes: 10
Filming locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
Also known As: Untitled ‘Bosch’ Spinoff, Bosch: Legacy, Bosch: Legacy Season 1, Bosch: Legacy (2022)

Bosch: Legacy Cast:

Titus Welliver As Harry Bosch
Mimi Rogers As Honey Chandler
Madison Lintz As Maddie Bosch
Stephen A. Chang As Maurice ‘Mo’ Bassi
Denise G. Sanchez As Reina Vasquez
David Moses As Marty
Phil Morris As John Creighton
Steven Flynn As David Sloan
Alex Loynaz As Matthew Ramirez
Michael Rose As Carl Rogers
Andrew Borba As Philip Corwin
Kate Burton As Ida Porter
Konstantin Melikhov As Alex Ivanovich
Mark Rolston As Lt. Don Thorne
Bogdan Yasinski As Lev Ivanovich
Anthony Gonzales As Officer Rico Perez
William Devane As Whitney Vance
Jason Dirden As Detective Morrison
Hugo Armstrong As Detective Gustafason
Kandiss Edmundson As Det. Althea Coleman
Danielle Larracuente As Officer Paulina Calderon
Marcus Giamatti As Simon Wakefield
Len Cordova As Dr. Estevez
Alan Rosenberg As Dr. William Golliher
Alma Martinez As Gabriela Lida
Roxana Brusso As Vibiana Veracruz
Paul Hipp As Mr. Keating
Michelle Lukiman As Preeda Saetang
Liam James Ramos As Gilberto Veracruz
Tetiana Gaidar As Assassin
Zylan Brooks As Mrs. Davis
Sam Valentine As Jasmine
Terri Hoyos As Olivia McDonald
Will Chase As Kurt Dockweiler
Scott Klace As Sgt. John Mankiewicz
Cynthia Kaye McWilliams As Detective Bennett
Don Luce As Willy Datz
Olivia Sandoval As DDA Susan Saldaño
Yvette Cason As Judge Alberta Ryan
Troy Evans As Barrel
Tom Costello As Lieutenant Cosgrove
Gregory Scott Cummins As Crate
Gabriel Tigerman As Dr. Shipman
Jeff Corbett As Judge Ronald Baker
Jim Holmes As D.A. Archer
Joe Adler As Jeffrey Herstadt
Mike Ostroski As Russ Pensak
Raff Anoushian As Leo Aslan
Jai Rodriguez As Officer Scott Templin
Ernest Waddell As Poly First Security Guard
Noah Gibson Slates As Kalon Davis
Carlos Arellano As Det. Poydras
Turhan Troy Caylak As Masked Hitman
George Tsai As U.S. Attorney Samuel Kim
Barry Livingston As Gary Potter
Dimitry Rozental As Detective Nikita Bulgakov
John Savage As Allie Lewis
Shaun Montes As Truck Driver
Jamie Hector As Det. Jerry Edgar
Reed Diamond As Vincent Franzen
Michael Cudlitz As Edge
Pasha D. Lychnikoff As Baba
Aisha Kabia As Michelle Carter
Lindsay Musil As Bella Winslow
Sean Riggs As Russell Barnes
Stephanie Erb As Attorney Amanda Scones
Cleveland Berto
Mark Adair-Rios As DDA Alex Kennedy
Annie Abbott As Abigail Turnbull
John Zderko As RHD Det. Matt Dorsey
Sasha Golberg As Security Guard
Zaria As Jen Clewell
Keith Jefferson As Mr. Davis
Moronai Kanekoa As Officer Kai Morgan
Gilbert Glenn Brown As DCA Paul Kessler
Essence Renae As Krys Davis
Kevin Kent As Special Forces Operator
Todd James Jackson As FBI Agent Powell
Eric Patrick Harper As Officer Rick Kovak
Betsy Baker As Jo Adcock
Katia Gomez As Reporter
Patrick Robert Smith As Terry O’Neill
Tyler Wolfe As FBI Agent Winters
Samantha Alvarado As Officer Jess Molina
Brett T. Friedmann As Garrett Wakefield
Tyree Marshall As Nicole Davis
Paul Guzman As Reporter
Jeremy Shouldis As Robert Rendon
Nick A Fisher As Toby Wakefield
Stefan Marks As FBI Agent Laughton

El Bosco was a starring role for Titus Welliver as the gruff and character-driven LAPD Detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch. It debuted in 2014 and was on the air for seven seasons making it the longest-running Prime Video original series. Bosch ended in June 2021. It was followed by the series’ final episode, where Bosch was fired as a police officer after becoming dissatisfied with the corruption of the department that is endemic to it.

Bosch’s next move following the cutting of his ties to Bosch’s next move after cutting ties with Los Angeles Police Department is not a secret. The Forest finale of the series concluded with him submitting an application for his private investigator’s license. In the meantime his daughter Maddie (Madison Lintz) had a career shift herself, abandoning her dream of becoming an attorney to pursue an employment in police work, much like her father . daughter. Her late mother.

This sequel follows Bosch as he starts the next chapter of his life as a private investigator , and Bosch is tasked with working alongside his old foe Honey. “His first job takes Bosch into the home of billionaire Whitney Vance, where Bosch is charged with finding Vance’s sole potential heir,” according to the official synopsis. On the way, Bosch finds himself butting heads with powerful people with a stake in the heir’s finding him.

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