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Buba (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Buba (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Buba cast: Georg Friedrich, Maren Kroymann, Bjarne Mädel. Buba Release Date: 3 August 2022 (Netflix). Buba Director: Arne Feldhusen. Buba is looking full of Comedy, Drama. One of them is Buba, a German film written and made by Arne Feldhusen, and composed specifically for Netflix by Sebastian Colley, Isaiah Michalski, and Natalie Thomas.

Buba is a German Comedy-Drama movie (2022). Georg Friedrich, Maren Kroymann, Bjarne Mädel are the main cast of Buba (2022). Netflix has a variety of great shows to watch over the next few months. Buba will be rereleased in Netflix the 3rd of August, 2022. This is direction taken by Arne Feldhusen is excellent.

In this prequel story to the film ‘How to sell Drugs on the Internet (Fast) We meet small-town criminal Buba whose true title is Jakob Otto. After the loss of his family members in a tragic crash, Jakob and his brother Dante take a conscious decision to live a life free of any good feelings or obsessions. It’s a method that works quite well until Jakob finds love.

Buba Detail:

Movie: Buba (2022)
Network: Netflix
Director: Arne Feldhusen
Writers: Sebastian Colley, Isaiah Michalski, Natalie Thomas
Main Stars: Georg Friedrich, Maren Kroymann, Bjarne Mädel
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Country: Germany
Language: German
Release Date: 3 August 2022 (Netflix)
Runtime: 1 hour 34 minutes
Also Known As: Buba, Buba Movie, Buba (2022)

Buba Plot:

The most recent film by BTF Productions follows the story of a small-time criminal called “Buba,” who made waves along with his fellow criminals in the successful series How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast).

Buba Cast:

Georg Friedrich
Maren Kroymann
Bjarne Mädel
Michael Ostrowski
Soma Pysall
Michael Schertenleib
Jasmin Shakeri
Anita Vulesica

Bjarne Madel returns as Buba. The charming German comedian and actor is bringing his iconic Buba character from the Netflix show How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) back to life. The Netflix film begins before the events of the cult series. About the plot: When Buba whose actual title is Jakob Otto, is doing very well, something awful follows shortly thereafter.

Following the death of his parents, Buba has been trying to keep his good feelings in check in his relationship with brother Dante and try to make the experience as difficult as it is. Buba was in the debut season of How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast). The cult German Netflix show is about an affectionate, small-town teenager (Maximilian Mundt) who begins an online drug company in his room.

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