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Buried in Barstow (2022) Cast, Episodes, Release Date, Trailer

Buried in Barstow (2022) Cast, Episodes, Release Date, Trailer

Buried in Barstow cast: George Paez, Angie Harmon, Bruce McGill. Buried in Barstow Release Date: 4 June 2022 (Lifetime). Buried in Barstow Director: Howard Deutch. Buried in Barstow is looking full of Drama. Lifetime is the home of cable for Harmon’s cult show Rizzoli & Isles. She has also recently narrated the crime docuseries on Lifetime. Cellmate Secrets.

Buried in Barstow is an American Drama movie (2022). George Paez, Angie Harmon, Bruce McGill are the main cast of Buried in Barstow (2022). “Buried within Barstow” airs on Saturday Thursday, June 4, from 8/7 a.m. On Lifetime. The film was produced by Howard Deutch. The script was written by Thompson Evans and Tom Evans. Buried in Barstow is produced by Lifetime through Untitled Entertainment and executive produced by Angie Harmon.

This film will be available in the English language. Angie Harmon, George Paez, Timothy Granaderos, Gabriel “G-Rod” Rodriguez, Ben Cain, Anthony Reynolds, and Nelson Bonilla will play the lead actors in the film. “Burried In” Barstow is available for purchase as an Action along with Suspense Thriller genres.

Buried in Barstow Plot:

Follows Hazel King, a not entirely settled to safeguard her little girl from the existence she once had while guarding and safeguarding the individuals who can’t safeguard themselves.

Buried in Barstow Detail:

Movie: Buried in Barstow (2022)
Network: Lifetime
Director: Howard Deutch
Writers: Thompson Evans, Tom Evans
Main Stars: George Paez, Angie Harmon, Bruce McGill
Genre: Drama
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 4 June 2022 (Lifetime)
Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes
Filming locations: North Carolina, USA
Also Known As: Buried in Barstow, Buried in Barstow Movie, Buried in Barstow (2022), Buried in Barstow Lifetime

Buried in Barstow Cast:

George Paez As Javier
Angie Harmon As Hazel King
Bruce McGill
Kristoffer Polaha As Elliot
Nelson Bonilla
Timothy Granaderos As Travis
Lauren Richards As Joy King
Gabriel ‘G-Rod’ Rodriguez As Phil
Casey Mills
Scott Hunter As Kurt
Brendan Patrick Connor As Rudy
Anthony Reynolds As Walter Chernov
Chris TC Edge As Casino High Roller
Brent Moorer Gaskins As Restaurant Local
Ben Cain As Perry Gamble
Matthew Cornwell As Willy
Exie Booker As Carl
Jessica A. Caesar As Simone
Patrick Young Jr. As Drug dealer at bonfire
Skylan Kimbrell As Kidnapped girl
Kamryn Phillips As Party Goer
Olivia Hawthorne As Faith
Gary Maniloff As BG-Working Man in Diner
Ray Fawley As Casino High Roller
Bronsonn Taylor As Perry’s Bodyguard
Justin Z. Cole As Naked Man
Lakia Mion As Casino High Roller
LaChelle Walker As Diner Patron

Lifetime’s new film “Buried in Barstow” will be released soon and appears appealing at first glance. The film follows the story of a single mom determined to safeguard her son from the lifestyle she lived while fighting and protecting those who are unable to defend themselves. If this is a reminiscence of “Kill Bill,” you’re not the only one.

Hazel was abducted from the streets of Las Vegas at the age of 15 and was trained to be a hitwoman until a sudden pregnancy causes her to abandon everything. Hazel currently is the proprietor of a BBQ restaurant situated in Barstow, CA, where her past is revealed to her after a new acquaintance Elliot (Kristoffer in Polaha from Jurassic World: Domination) is introduced and Hazel finds herself combining work and excitement as she’s pulled to return for another smash.

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  1. At the end it say to be continued after Hazel gets shot-when will it be continued, the date

  2. I was hoping to see the second part of the movies. How many movies or Epsoide that will show and whwn

  3. So how do we watch the rest of Buried in Barstow now that we’re hooked? Angie Harmon has always been a favorite of mine!!!!

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