Meet the Cast of ‘The Christmas Detective’ Film (PHOTOS)

Meet the Cast of 'The Christmas Detective' Film (PHOTOS)

The cast of The Christmas Detective: Javicia Leslie, Brad James, Arnold Pinnock, Kimberly Huie, Maia Alvina & More. The Christmas Detective release date: December 16, 2023 (OWN).

The Christmas Detective Synopsis

Following a stint in pageantry, Kate Bennett is struggling to achieve her goals as an investigator in private. However, when an art gallery in the area suffers an incident of theft right before the opening ceremony, Kate is able to work together with detective Derek “Oak” Oakley to find the culprit before Christmas, and show she’s got what it takes.

Who is The Christmas Detective cast member

1. Javicia Leslie As Kate Bennett

(Javicia Leslie)

She was born on the 30th of May, 1987 in Augsburg, Germany. Before securing the role of Batwoman she had established an impressive career in the entertainment industry through different roles on films and TV. Her notable work include appearances on TV series such as “God Friended Me,” “The Family Business,” and “Chef Julian.”

Before her breakout performance on “Batwoman,” Javicia Leslie was a regular on a variety of television movies and shows. Her most notable work includes characters in a series. She has also appeared in independent films, such as “Always a Bridesmaid.”

2. Brad James As Derek ‘Oak’ Oakley

(Brad James)

He is an American actor famous for his work on films and television. He was involved in numerous projects that span different genres. Brad James gained recognition for his character Todd as Todd in The Tyler Perry television series “For Better or Worse.” The show, which was created and directed by Tyler Perry, follows the highs and lows of relationships between a group friends.

Brad James had a supporting part in the critically acclaimed movie “Prisoners,” directed by Denis Villeneuve. The film was starring Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal and dealt with the kidnapping of two young girls. Brad James was part of the main cast of”Superstition,” the series about supernatural characters “Superstition,” which aired on the Syfy channel. The show centered around the lives of a group of morticians, who were also guardians against supernatural creatures.

Brad James has appeared in various Tyler Perry projects, given Perry’s preference to use a constant group of actors. Brad James has appeared in a variety of Tyler Perry plays and films.

3. Arnold Pinnock As Gunner Fisk

(Arnold Pinnock)

He is an actor from Canada. Canadian actor who has a varied career in television, film and the theater. He has been involved in the world of entertainment for a long time and has performed in numerous roles. Arnold Pinnock played the character George Ryder in the Canadian TV show “The Listener.” The show is about a young paramedic who has an ability to discern minds.

Pinnock was a key character on his role in the Canadian crime drama TV show “Blue Murder,” where the actor played Detective Rodriguez. Arnold Pinnock appeared in the well-known Canadian drama for teens called “Degrassi: The Next Generation” in a variety of roles. Alongside his television productions, Arnold Pinnock has appeared in numerous films, such as “The Tuxedo” (2002) featuring Jackie Chan and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

4. Yanna McIntosh

(Yanna McIntosh)

He is a Canadian actor who is known for her roles in television, film and the theater. Yanna McIntosh has an extensive history in the field of theater, and has appeared in numerous stage productions. She is a part of The Stratford Festival in Canada, one of the biggest repertory festivals of classical theatre around the globe.

McIntosh has appeared on Canadian TV shows. Yanna McIntosh has been involved in film projects. However, the specifics of her filmography could be contingent on the timing and the most recent projects.

5. Kimberly Huie As Sue Carnegie

(Kimberly Huie)

She is a Jamaican-born Canadian. She appears in a variety of films and tv series, like Rookie Blue (2010), City on Fire (2023), The Kings of Napa (2022), and The Parker Andersons/Amelia Parker (2021-Present). She started playing in her high school, and later graduated with a degree from history and political sciences from The University of Toronto before pursuing the profession of an actor.

Huie as well as her entire family moved to Jamaica to Toronto at the age of five. Because she was so young it only made sense that she initially called Canada her home “The woman next door knew my grandmother and said she saw my grandmother in my face. So from the very beginning, I’ve always felt at home.”

6. Maia Alvina As Leilani

(Maia Alvina)

She performs as an actress who lives in Toronto and focuses her efforts on improving her art of acting and work with the best talent from all over the world. Maia Alvina is known as an Actor. Some of her roles include “Secrets in the Family (2022).”

7. Monica Rodriguez Knox As Maggie Boon

(Monica Rodriguez Knox)

Monica Rodriguez Knox was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is famous for her roles in Mayor of Kingstown (2021), A Christmas Fumble (2022), and The Christmas Checklist (2022). Graduate of the George Brown’s Theatre School’s Conservatory Acting Program (2003) My training and relationships have allowed me to begin working alongside incredibly skilled actor and professional crews for production.

Prior experience in the field includes a leading role for the Brain Power Studio’s Harlequin romance ‘Baby in the Manger’ (releases November 15th 2019 on Super Channel, Heart & Home) and a leading part for lead role in Paper Frame Pictures’ short film “Taken Home” (currently in the festival circuit) and a regular guest main part for two seasons on Global Television’s ‘Train48’ (2005).

This movie Directing by Winnifred Jong and Tobin Addington is the writer in this film. The Christmas Detective features Stephanie Herrera (Megan), Ronda Louis-Jeune (Tara).

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