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Catherine Called Birdy (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Catherine Called Birdy (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Catherine Called Birdy cast: Bella Ramsey, Billie Piper, Andrew Scott. Catherine Called Birdy US and UK cinemas on September 23rd in addition to Prime Video on 7 October 2022. Catherine Called Birdy Director: Lena Dunham. Catherine Called Birdy is looking full of Adventure. Directed and written by Lena Dunham, the film is an adaptation of Karen Cushman’s book with the same title. Lena Dunham remembers exactly where Catherine, Called Birdy came into her life. She was 10 when she walked past the shelves in front in Barnes & Noble in Union Square, New York. She was immediately enthralled. A historical novel was written of Karen Cushman.

Catherine Called Birdy is an American Adventure movie (2022). Bella Ramsey, Billie Piper, Andrew Scott are the main cast of Catherine Called Birdy (2022). In an ancient English village, a young lady Catherine (Bella Ramsey) is compelled by her dad (Andrew Scott) to get married to an older man than her to safeguard her land. But, Catherine, who is not your typical teenage girl who isn’t a normal teenager, refuses to follow her father’s instructions. Catherine Called Birdy release in US and UK cinemas on September 23rd in addition to Prime Video 7 October 2022.

“It’s not a story about a young warrior,” Dunham declares. “It’s not a tale about a forbidden romance for teens. They don’t have magical powers. Doesn’t get caught in those tropics. She is a young lady who is able to do really complicated and sometimes difficult or unpleasant activities.” Bella Ramsey, whom we recognize as Lyanna Mormont in the ‘Game of Thrones TV show is the main character in the film. The other cast members are Andrew Scott, Billie Piper, Joe Alwyn, Dean-Charles Chapman, Paul Kaye, Ralph Ineson, and Isis Hainsworth.

Catherine Called Birdy Plot:

A 14-year-old girl living in medieval England lives her life in a manner that she is trying to avoid potential suitors her father is thinking of.

Catherine Called Birdy Detail:

Movie: Catherine Called Birdy (2022)
Network: Amazon Studios, Prime Video
Director: Lena Dunham
Writers: Lena Dunham, Karen Cushman
Main Stars: Bella Ramsey, Billie Piper, Andrew Scott
Genre: Adventure
Countries: United Kingdom, United States
Language: English
Release Date: US and UK cinemas on September 23rd
Release Date: 7 October 2022 (Prime Video)
Also known As: 캐서린 콜드 버디, Catherine Called Birdy, Catherine Called Birdy Movie, Catherine Called Birdy (2022)

Catherine Called Birdy Cast:

Bella Ramsey As Birdy
Billie Piper As Lady Aislinn
Andrew Scott As Lord Rollo
Lesley Sharp As Morwenna
Joe Alwyn As Uncle George
Sophie Okonedo As Ethelfritha Rose Splinter of Devon
Paul Kaye As Sir John Henry Murgaw aka Shaggy Beard
Dean-Charles Chapman As Robert
Isis Hainsworth As Aelis
Archie Renaux As Edward the Monk
Michael Woolfitt As Perkin
David Bradley As Lord Gideon Sidebottom
Mimi Ndiweni As Lady Berenice Sidebottom
Ralph Ineson As Golden Tiger
Rita Bernard-Shaw As Meg
Jake Middleton Cooke As Alf
Adam Aziz As Gerd
Saskia Chana As Cornethia
Jamie Demetriou As Etienne, Manservant to Shaggy Beard
Akemnji Ndifornyen As Finneas the Steward
Russell Brand As Suitor from Kent
Christophe Tek As John of Normandy
Angus Wright As Fulk the Elder
Jacob Avery As Fulk the Younger
Douggie McMeekin As Lord Rolf of Saxony
Lawrence Hodgson-Mullings As Godfrey of Glardenmere
Bola Latunji As Balthasar of the Low Country
Jessica Ellis As Laundress
Jordan Adene As Mitten Man
Tyler Howitt As Lord Sungerk of Dunkerk
Jeffery Kissoon As Father Huy
Moya Brady As Nan the Midwife
Ramesh Nair As Tiger Salesman
Tim Bevan As Older Monk
Bobby Bedi As Castle Worker
Antony Bunsee As Old Man
Chris Ecob As Pastry Chef
Trevor Jones As Peter
Volenté Lloyd As Villager
Colin Murtagh As Wedding Guest

The film we’re discussing can be described as Catherine, Called Birdy, the third film by Lena Dunham, who made her name famous to the public through the Girls series she developed. In preparation for stepping behind the camera in his next film 11 years after the release of Tiny Furniture, Dunham started making plans for the cast of the film. According to the information released by British reporter Baz Bamigboye, Bella Ramsey, Andrew Scott, and Billie Piper were acquiesced by Dunham to be part of the film Catherine, Called Birdy.

“Catherine Called Birdy,” written and directed by Emmy-nominated Dunham and inspired by Karen Cushman’s novel with the identical title. Dunham released her second film “Sharp Stick” at Sundance 2022. She also commemorated this year’s “Girls” 10th anniversary this year. It was named “Catherine, Called Birdy.” “The most ambitious project” is his professional career. It’s another inspiring female story of a girl who’s “imagination, defiance, and deep belief in her own right to independence put her on a collision course with her family.”

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