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Country Queen TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Country Queen TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Country Queen cast: Melissa Kiplagat, Melvin Alusa, Nini Wacera. Country Queen Release Date: 15 July 2022 (Netflix). Country Queen Episodes: 6. Country Queen is looking full of Drama. In the drama about family County Queen, Kenyans attempt to protect themselves from the people who are threatening their homes and lives, and seek to demolish their city.

Country Queen is a Drama TV Series (2022). Melissa Kiplagat, Melvin Alusa, Nini Wacera are the main cast of Country Queen TV Series (2022). Country Queen, Netflix’s first series from Kenya debuts on the 15th of July. A planner for events in Nairobi returns to his hometown 10 years later to confront his past and the mining firm that is threatening to destroy his home.

The first Kenyan show to be available on Netflix is titled Country Queen. On the 15th of July 2022, Country Queen will be available on Netflix. Kamau Ndungu will be the show’s producer and Waltraud Ehrhardt, Ravi Karmalker, Jean Alexander Ntivyihabwa, and Peter Obrist serving as executive producers. The series will run six episodes. Because it will be the very first Kenyan show on Netflix viewers are keen to see it.

Country Queen Plot:

At the point when an obtrusive mining organization undermines the presence of her town, a city young lady got between two universes should get back, conquer her difficult past to save the town and wind up simultaneously.

Country Queen Detail:

TV Series: Country Queen (2022)
Network: Netflix
Main Stars: Melissa Kiplagat, Melvin Alusa, Nini Wacera
Genre: Drama
Country: Kenya
Languages: English, Swahili
Release Date: 15 July 2022 (Netflix)
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Filming locations: Nairobi, Kenya
Also Known As: Country Queen, Country Queen Season 1, Country Queen (2022)

Country Queen Cast:

Melissa Kiplagat As Akisa
Melvin Alusa As Kyalo
Nini Wacera As Vivienne
Blessing Lungaho As Maxwel
Raymond Ofula As Mwalimu
Sheila Munyiva As Anna
Mumbi Kaigwa As Esther
Brian Kisau As Josiah
Oliver Litondo As Prof
Peter King Nzioki As Governor of Tsilanga
Charlie Karumi As JJ
Frank Kimani As Juma
Olwenya Maina As Joe Murage
Vera Atsango As Jay
Robert Agengo As Silas
Muthoni Gathecha As Salome
Nice Githinji As Grace
Terry Adhiambo As Mama Akinyi
Margaret Muthoni As Salome
Eddy Kimani As Titus
Joel Otukho As Musa
Ebby Weyime As Murage’s boss
Nyokabi Macharia As Ivy
Shix Kapyenga As Kanini
Caroline Midimo
Abu Sensei As Tony
Sybill Nyaboke As Cynthia Murage
Kael Njihia As Kingsley
Mumbi Maina As Madame
Lwanda Jawar As Mobutu
Isaya Evans As Congolese Man 1
Cindy Kahuha As Young Akisa
Chris Kamau As Eric
Lucy Wache As Nurse
Carol Midimo As Zipporah
Nancy Wanjiku Karanja As Kanini
Majid Ibrahim As Muli
Abu Majid As Tony
Lucky Lordvick As Male Reporter
Varees Lukyamuzzi As Mobutu’s Man 2
Alex Khayo As Congolese 3
Jo Kisila As Mobutu’s Man 1
Shirley James As Female Reporter
Gitura Kamau As Pastor
Barret Jublak As Young Kyalo
Dinah Githinji As Deaf Woman
Joseph Omari As Mathias
Pat Ndisi As Mute Woman
Johnson Gitau Chege As Isaac
Bellel Mohammed As A
Fanuel Mulwa As Congolese Man 2

The Kenyans and their fight to defend their homeland is the central theme of the show. The Series will convey a powerful message to the general public through the everyday challenges faced by Kenyans when they struggle to defend their country and their lifestyle from those who wish to conquer the land. I would like to see this Season 1 of Country Queen gets a lot of love and encouragement from the viewers to ensure that the team might be able to consider the possibility of filming Season 2.

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