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Cousins for Life TV Series (2018) Cast, Release Date, Episodes, Poster

Cousins for Life TV Series (2018) Cast, Release Date, Episodes, Poster

Micah Abbey, Ron G., Ishmel Sahid are the main cast of Cousins for Life TV Series (2018). Cousins for Life Release Date: 24 November 2018. Cousins for Life Episodes: 20. Cousins for Life trailer is looking like very comedy. If you want to see comedy kids TV Series then this TV Series is for you. Now I,m going to tells you all about Cousins for Life TV Series (2018) Cast, Release Date, Episodes, Poster.

Cousins for Life is an American Comedy TV Series 2018. Cousins for Life Cast: Micah Abbey, Ron G., Ishmel Sahid. This show seems to have potential and the pilot isn’t half bad. The show is about two brothers, Lewis, and Clark, who are polar opposites. Lewis and his family are very organized and they adhere to a set of rules that spans multiple books. However, Clark is more relaxed, and his family is the same.

It takes a while, but the kids are able to give homes to the animals by giving them to fans of a Harry Potter parody called “World of Wizards”. It ends the episode with the fathers willing to put aside their differences and work together to take care of the kids.

it makes for a good pilot. Oh, and there was a Fortnite dance in the episode, so subtract a few points. Still, the show has potential. Stuart’s dad and Ivy’s dad feuding is the best part of it all. Ivy’s right you don’t need a picture-perfect family to be cool.

Cousins for Life Story:

After Stuart’s mother is conveyed abroad, his carefree father, Clark, chooses to move the family to Portland. There, he lives with his concerned sibling Lewis and his family, which incorporates Stuart’s certain, socially dynamic cousin Ivy and her more youthful, excessively inquisitive sibling, Leaf. Presently living in a fresh out of the box new city, Stuart sets out on an assortment of undertakings with Ivy. In spite of the fact that the cousins don’t generally observe eye-to-eye, Ivy and Stuart learn they are better together, and when they collaborate, they are relentless.

Cousins for Life Wiki:

TV Series: Cousins for Life TV Series (2018)
Creators: Kevin Kopelow, Heath Seifert
Main Stars: Micah Abbey, Ron G., Ishmel Sahid
Genres: Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 24 November 2018
IMDb Rating: 6.7/10
Common Sense Media Rating: 4/5
Google Rating: 89% liked this TV show
Episodes: 20
Filming Locations: The Burbank Studios, Burbank, California, USA
Also Known As: Cousins for Life, Cousins for Life (2018), Cousins for Life TV Series (2018)

Cousins for Life Poster
Cousins for Life Poster

Cousins for Life Cast:

Micah Abbey As Leaf
Ron G. As Lewis
Ishmel Sahid As Clark
Scarlet Spencer As Ivy
Dallas Young As Stuart
Jolie Hoang-Rappaport As Gemma
Emma Shannon As Millie
Tait Blum As Jackson
Stephanie Lemelin As Charlotte
Tyler Chase As Del

Here is the detail of Cousins for Life TV Series (2018) Cast, Release Date, Episodes, Poster. It has a lot of interesting things in the show so far, even though there’s only one episode so far, Some people don’t really have that much of an opinion, but Some people believe they can go somewhere with this comedy of two brothers and cousins.

This show is really funny and entertaining. Some people are sweet and loves animals, Stuart is really smart and funny. And the names of the episodes not only they have something to do with the episode, but it has a pun in the name.

The show represents two different families coming together invoke house as known as Stuart and Ivy (the cousins) Leaf (Ivy’s brother) and a pig named Author. It shows how 2 polar opposite families can have their differences or more like the dads Stuart’s dad Clark.

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