Cranberry Sorbet (Kizilcik Serbeti) Episode 49 | Cast, Release Date | And Everything You Need to Know

Kizilcik Serbeti Season 2 Episode 2 | Cast, Release Date | And Everything You Need to Know

Kizilcik Serbeti is a Turkish Drama-Romance TV Series. Kizilcik Serbeti Episode 49 cast: Baris Kilic, Evrim Alasya, Sila Turkoglu. Kizilcik Serbeti Episode 49 Release Date: February 2, 2024 (Show TV).

Kizilcik Serbeti Episode 49 Plot:

Abdullah’s heart couldn’t cope with what he’d been through and he was struck by an enormous heart attack. When Omer arrives at her home to inquire about her and she is able to hold on to her life, but she’ll have to remain there for a time.

This unfortunate event prompts everyone in the family to get together. When they discover that Abdullah is sick, Alev returns to the city in his first airplane, however it won’t not be an easy task to get Abdullah.

Omer continues his efforts to learn about Gorkem more. Umut became entangled in the excitement of making lots of money and was able to become involved in more risky ventures. The invitation that was made to him by Ertugrul to the group will reveal the real feelings of a lot of people. The suspicions of Mustafa’s wife are increasing.

Because of this, he began treating her badly and this situation began to draw the attention of his entire family. When Nilay’s decision in this direction is met with a far more drastic shift, everyone feels an emotional shock in their life.

Kizilcik Serbeti Episode 49 Detail:

Episode Name: Episode 49
Network: Show TV
Director: Ketche
Writers: Ezgi Ayaz, Melis Civelek, Zeynep Gür
Main Stars: Baris Kilic, Evrim Alasya, Sila Turkoglu
Genres: Drama, Romance
Country: Turkey
Language: Turkish
Release Date: February 2, 2024 (Show TV)
Season: 1
Total Episodes: (To be Confirm)
Episode Number: 49
Also known As: Kizilcik Serbeti Season 2 Episode 19, Kizilcik Serbeti 49 Bölüm, Kizilcik Serbeti 2 Sezon

Kizilcik Serbeti Episode 49 Trailer:

Kizilcik Serbeti Episode 49 Cast:

Baris Kilic As Ömer Ünal
Evrim Alasya As Kivilcim Arslan
Sila Turkoglu As Doga Korkmaz
Sibel Tasçioglu As Pembe Ünal
Müjde Uzman As Alev Arslan
Dogukan Güngör As Fatih
Ceren Yalazoglu As Nursema
Feray Darici As Fatma
Feyza Civelek As Nilay
Emrah Altintoprak As Mustafa
Selin Türkmen As Çimen
Rahimcan Kapkap As Metehan Ünal
Serkan Tinmaz As Umut
Soydan Soydas As Kayhan
Sevim Erdogan As Leman
Özlem Çakar Yalçinkaya As Sevilay
Murat Tavli As Ihsan
Aliye Uzunatagan As Sönmez
Settar Tanriögen
As Abdullah Ünal
Tuana Gizem Uzunlar
As Yeliz
Öznur Akbulut
Ilkay Akdagli
Berkay Akdemir
Serap Altun
Berk Atadil
Beytullah Baba
Gulay Gur
Nurhayat Karaca
Asli Obekci

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