Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 cast: Joel McHale, Curtis Stone, Yolanda Gampp. Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 Release Date: 5 June 2023 (FOX). Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 Episodes: 9. Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 is looking full of Special Interest. The host on the FOX food and cooking program Crime Scene Kitchen . He will play the role of “Jeff Winger” in Community’s movie due out in the near future, inspired by the popular comedy show with the identical name.

Crime Scene Kitchen is a Reality-Competition TV Show. Joel McHale, Curtis Stone, Yolanda Gampp are the main cast of Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2. It is FOX Entertainment’s first owned by the company live-action comedy, the single camera series will follow a team that includes residents of the area. Animal Control workers whose lives are complicated due to the simple fact that animals aren’t complicated. Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 will premiere on FOX on 5 June 2023.

Crime Scene Kitchen was smoking when they thought of this baking contest, but we believe that it was a good idea. The basic idea is that bakers have to recreate a dish based on the evidence that they find in the kitchen of the show leftovers after the dish was cooked. The judges on the show will be Yolanda Gampp, and Curtis Stone. Paul Starkman is the director of the show.

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 Plot:

Crime Scene Kitchen, an new baking competition series, is a game of guessing the flavor of a dish where bakers are charged to figure out what kind of dessert was cooked, after which all that’s left is flour trails, crumbs and a few obscure clues.

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 Detail:

TV Series: Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2
Network: FOX
Main Stars: Joel McHale, Curtis Stone, Yolanda Gampp
Genre: Special Interest
Country: United State
Language: English
Release Date: 5 June 2023 (FOX)
Season: 2
Episodes: 9 (To be Confirm)
IMDb Rating: 7.4/10
Google Rating: 83% liked this TV show
Also Known As: Crime Scene Kitchen, Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2, Crime Scene Kitchen (2023)

Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 Cast:

Joel McHale As Self – Host

(Credit: Menshealth)

The actor is an American comedian, actor, and host on television, well-known for his varied career in television and film. He was a household name due to his hosting role for the hilarious satirical comedic program “The Soup” from 2004 until 2015 when he delivered a humorous commentary on the most famous television shows and videos. McHale has appeared in numerous films which include “Spy Kids: All the Time in the World” (2011), “Ted” (2012)”Ted” (2012) as well as “Deliver Us from Evil” (2014). He also lends his voice in animated movies, such as “Blended” (2014) and “The Happytime Murders” (2018).

Following “The Soup,” McHale continued to host his show. McHale hosted “The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale” on Netflix in 2018. The show featured sketches, interviews with celebrities, and pop culture analysis. He also was the host of “Card Sharks,” a revived version of the popular game show, which debuted in the year 2019. He is currently working on “Crime Scene Kitchen” as a host.

Curtis Stone As Self – Judge

(Credit: People)

Curtis Stone is an Australian famous chef, TV host, and writer who has had success in his country of origin and internationally. He began his career as a chef in the early years of his life and has since grown into an internationally recognized person in the field of food.

Stone first gained recognition in Australia in Australia, where he began working at renowned eateries like Cafe Royal, and the Savoy Hotel as well as Cafe Royal. In 2003, Stone moved into his home in the United States and began making appearances on cooking shows, such as “Take Home Chef,” which was broadcast on TLC. On the show, Stone would go to shoppers in supermarkets and ask them to prepare a meal with the items they bought. Stone has also appeared as an expert judge on cooking shows such as “MasterChef Australia” and “Top Chef Masters.” He also hosts his own cooking shows like “Surfing the Menu,” which was a hit in Australia, and “Take Home Chef,” which was adapted into a television series on America. United States.

Yolanda Gampp As Self – Judge

(Credit: hearstapps)

Yolanda Gampp is Yolanda Gampp is a Canadian baker, cake decorator, and YouTube celebrity recognized for her amazing cake creations as well as tutorials. She became famous for her YouTube channel “How To Cake It,” where she shows off her cake-decorating talents and gives step-by-step guidance on making elaborate and stunning cakes.

Gampp started her journey in the bakery business in the bakery of her family located in Toronto, Canada. She developed her craft throughout her career, specializing in sculpted cakes and distinctive designs. She began her YouTube channel “How To Cake It,” which quickly grew a loyal following.

Yolanda Gampp’s professional life has been characterized by her love for baking, her creative approach to designing cakes, and her capacity to share her knowledge with a large public. On her Youtube channel, she has inspired thousands of hopeful bakers and cake lovers and established herself as an important person in the field of cake design.


Trained Bakers:

BOB DELUCA & VIKKI DELUCA From Freehold, New Jersey
LAISSA FORLINI & CAMILLE MARION From Jersey City, New Jersey & New York, New York
SHERRY MACH & SALLY MACH From Fullerton, California & Anaheim, California
CHRISTINA MATHIS & JENAE CARTWRIGHT From Bothell, Washington & Auburn, Washington

Self-Taught Baker:

STEPH HSU & SIN YI CHERRY LAU From Baltimore, Maryland
KRISTY GARDNER & TARSHA JOYNER From Richmond, Virginia & Lynchburg, Virginia
T LAWRENCE-SIMON & FADI ODEH From Sommerville, Massachusetts & Austin, Texas

The concept is that teams will be assessed based on whether they were able to guess the dish correctly and how well they had to do. Crime Scene Kitchen is a baking competition in which two teams of six each enter the kitchen. Using clues provided, teams are given two hours to recreate what was cooked in the kitchen as closely as they can.

The show is a culinary guessing game in which bakers have to figure out what kind of dessert to prepare, even though only crumbs, flour remnants and a few obscure clues. The bakers are split into two groups: classically trained and self-taught and the competition is intense! Crime Scene Kitchen is a FOX Alternative Entertainment (FAE) and Fly on the Wall Entertainment production.

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