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Cuarentones Aka 40 Years Young (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Cuarentones Aka 40 Years Young (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

40 Years Young cast: Erick Elias, Gaby Espino, Adal Ramones. 40 Years Young Release Date: 4 May 2022 (Netflix). 40 Years Young Director: Pietro Loprieno. 40 Years Young is looking full of Comedy. With a stellar ensemble, “Cuarentones” took over the Mexican box office, bringing in an average of 78,000 viewers and more than five million dollars in gross.

Cuarentones Aka 40 Years Young is a Mexican Comedy movie (2022). Erick Elias, Gaby Espino, Adal Ramones are the main cast of Cuarentones Aka 40 Years Young (2022). With Erick Elias and Adal Ramones and Erick Elias. This romantic comedy produced by Roberto Fiesco and Iliana Reyes ( The game of the keys )will take participants part in an exciting journey through the gorgeous beaches of Cancun and where a culinary contest will alter the lives of all the participants. Cuarentones Aka 40 Years Young will be released on Netflix 4 May 2022.

The latest film made by Prieto Loprieno precedes “Batman”, “Uncharted: Off the map”, “Black Light” and “What an utter mess!” by Mauricio Ochmann. by Mauricio Ochmann. Mexican feature film focuses on its story of the crisis of identity in the 40s from various perspectives and with a hint of comedy that’s caused laughter from several people.

40 Years Young Plot:

In the wake of turning 40, César is welcome to a culinary challenge in Cancún, however a harsh disclosure takes steps to obliterate his family as well as his opportunities to win the opposition.

40 Years Young Detail:

Movie: Cuarentones Aka 40 Years Young (2022)
Network: Netflix
Director: Pietro Loprieno
Writer: Pietro Loprieno
Main Stars: Erick Elias, Gaby Espino, Adal Ramones
Genre: Comedy
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish
Release Date: 4 May 2022 (Netflix)
Gross worldwide: $392,895
Runtime: 1 hour 21 minutes
Also known As: 40 Years Young, Cuarentones, Cuarentones Netflix, 40 Years Young (2022)

40 Years Young Cast:

Erick Elias As César
Gaby Espino As Naomi
Adal Ramones As Paolo
Antonio Fortier As Horacio
Ximena Gonzalez-Rubio As Amelia
Sonia Couoh As Selina
Miguel Pizarro As Casas
Ricardo Zertuche As Enrique
Mauro González As Méndez
Anabel Ferreira As Mamá de Amelia
Martha Ofelia Galindo As Abuela de Amelia
Silvia Mariscal As Yolanda
Juan Carlos Colombo As Cura
José Carlos Rodríguez As Gerente del hotel
Giovanna Zacarías As Mujer del jurado popular
Juan Pablo Zavala As Joven mesero
Julio César Luna As Hugo
Helena Haro As Médico
Luna Balvanera As Empleada del hotel
Paola Salinas As Doctora joven
Edgar Landa As Marinero
Angélica Aguilar As Jurado de expertos
Ernesto Alarcón As Jurado de expertos
Rachel Biazzo As Greta Rossi
Viviano Marco Clemente As Padre en el lobby
Edgar Motte Contreras As Transeúnte
Ezequiel Lucas Damián As Jurado de expertos
Alejandro Ruiz de Azua As Transeúnte
Sofía Ivanna Díaz As Lily
Fabiola Herrera As Madre en el lobby
Martha Edith Herrera As Lily
Ivo Mijoevich As Jurado de expertos
Verónica López Osornio As Jurado de expertos
Cesareo Peña As Jurado de expertos
José Emiliano Quintero As Hijo en el lobby
Daniela Soto Santos As Jurado de expertos
Germán Donald Valverde As Jurado de expertos
Christian Vargas As Jurado de expertos

“Cuarentones” is an Mexican film that stars Adal Ramones, Erick Elias and Gaby Espino. It focuses on the everyday life of a chef close to reaching”the “fourth floor” when his life is thrown into a jumble when he learns that his wife has kept secrets that will alter his life. It’s a romantic comedy with dramatic undertones, which was filmed predominantly within Cancun as well as Isla Mujeres.

Alongside his pal Paolo ( Adal Ramones ) Both fight for their goals, but each of them has a different approach to life: Cesar is much more focused and objective, while Paolo enjoys a sense of fun and irreverence. From one day to the next, Cesar’s world is destroyed after discovering that his wife had hidden things from him over 10 years; in the midst of fears, Paolo convinces him to go to Cancun to participate in a contest that could lead to success for his business, but without assuming that the event will change the way he views life.

“Cuarentones” is a story of Cesar, a well-known chef, and proprietor of an Italian Mexican restaurant that was founded by his friend Paolo who is a friendly and optimistic person. Cesar has a wife, Amelia who has a 10-year-old son called Enrique and is set to reach the age of 40. Cesar realizes that his wife has been hiding something significant from him for some time.

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