Dance Brothers TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Dance Brothers TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Dance Brothers cast: Jeanine Muyima, Cristal Snow, Lauri Lohi. Dance Brothers Release Date: 10 May 2023 (Netflix). Dance Brothers Episodes: 10. Dance Brothers is looking full of Drama. Taito Kawata is in the chair of director for the pilot season, which is comprised of 10 episodes. The Finns are once more proud of their TV productions.

Dance Brothers is a Finnish Drama TV Series (2023). Jeanine Muyima, Cristal Snow, Lauri Lohi are the main cast of Dance Brothers TV Series (2023). The Finnish drama “Dance Brothers”, shot in Helsinki and focuses on the two brothers Roni (Kabanga) and Sakari (Kujala) trying to earn an income in the professional world of dance. Dance Brothers release on Netflix 10 May 2023.

Reeta Ruotsalainen plays Malka in the screenplay for the show developed by Max Malka. Taito Kawata takes the chair of the director for the initial season. Nordic series has had great success globally because of Netflix. Now is the time to launch this streaming company’s initial foray into Finnish. It’s a blend of high-quality dramatics, exciting dancing, and a wide range of talent.

Dance Brothers Plot:

Two brothers who want to become dancers set up their own club, however their creative drive soon clashes with the business, and threatens their relationship.

Dance Brothers Detail:

TV Series: Dance Brothers (2023)
Network: Netflix
Creator: Mahsa Malka
Main Stars: Jeanine Muyima, Cristal Snow, Lauri Lohi
Genre: Drama
Country: Finland
Language: Finnish
Release Date: 10 May 2023 (Netflix)
Season: 1
Episodes: 10
Runtime: 20 minutes
Filming locations: Helsinki, Finland
Also Known As: Dance Brothers, Dance Brothers Season 1, Dance Brothers (2023)

Dance Brothers Cast:

Jeanine Muyima As Karo Claude
Cristal Snow As Angelo
Lauri Lohi As Viima
Samuel Kujala As Sakari
Roderick Kabanga As Roni
Fanni Noroila As Doris
Oksana Lommi As Inge
Josefiina Kotajärvi As Laura
Andrew Taua’i As Random
Pietari Kauppinen As Johannes
Eeva Eloranta As Aida Bosch-Azizi
Sara Paavolainen As Ingvil Ranta
Mohammedreza Daryaei As Firuz
Yasmin Janatuinen As Angelos dancer
Latisha Allen As Angelos dancer
Meri Nenonen As Tiina Luoto
Sami Saikkonen As Aulis Arvola
Sonja Arffman As Pirjo the bartender
Heikki Häkkä As Ile, Angelo’s Manager
Sara Paasikoski As Linnea Kokko
Vanessa Vanamo As Pilvi, Doris’child
Anniina Raitinen As Minzu, Angelo’s dancer
Philip Vanamo As Pouta, Doris’ child
Eduard Galper As Francesco Apolinar
Jussi Kostamo As Taxi driver
Jarkko Pajunen As MC at NYC weeks
Minttu Forsell As Tiina Luoto’s body double
Reeta Ruotsalainen As Theatre casting assistant
Salla Kozma As Theatre production director
Tytti Junna As TV-show host
Hannaleena Bensky As Reporter
Katrin Monikainen As HIDF photographer
Jeesi Kalombo As Karo’s dad
Santra Juoperi As Music video stylist
Renée Böök As Kiddo bathroom customer
Alisa Röyttä As Fan at supermarket
Pedro Kantalainen As Panelist
Jemima Owusu As Cashier at the market
Janita Juvonen As Angelo’s assistant
Harri Moisio As Repairman, Miracle workers
Helmi Lundén As Waitress, Chinese resteurant
Celestine Vita-Buba As Karo’s grandma
NikoLa NikoLa As Drag artist
Mikko Vainio As Mrketing person
Ida Karimaa As Interviewing reporter
Teemu Kalliala As Construction inspector
Nonglak Yingsuksantisuk As Karo’s neighbour
Aili Vasarainen As Panelist
Pirjo Suojanen As Sushing neighbour
Malla Ylijurva As Bride at hen party
Miriam Afriyie As Young Karo
Nori Kin As DJ Eldritch
Theo Ihonen As DJ Kuti-Kuti

Apart from making money, they also can also live in a comfortable environment and train. The fame is quickly coming due to the club’s distinctive style and stunning dance routines. However, his artistic ambitions and personal relationships start to clash with demands from businesses that are driven by passion and business. The love and loyalty the brother’s claim is at risk by the one factor that always binds the two of them: dancing.

The values of entertainment must be reflected as the conflict between characters is driven by the constant need to showcase, dance brothers according to director Taito Kawata in a press release. The series revolves around twin brothers Ron Sakar and Ron Sakar both of whom are professionals in dance. As the salaries of dancers are not that significant, they decided to create a nightclub, where they sometimes perform.

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