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Dark Harvest (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Dark Harvest (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Dark Harvest cast: Casey Likes, Emyri Crutchfield, Dustin Ceithamer. Dark Harvest Release Date: 9 September 2022 (USA). Dark Harvest Director: David Slade. Dark Harvest is looking full of Horror. Variety said that Amazon purchased MGM just a few days ago which makes it to be a sure bet that “Dark Harvest” will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

Dark Harvest is an American Horror movie (2022). Casey Likes, Emyri Crutchfield, Dustin Ceithamer are the main cast of Dark Harvest (2022). “Dark Harvest” was originally planned for release in the autumn, however, due to the COVID-19 virus the release date has been delayed to September 9th, 2022. The release date of October could be more appropriate for the group. ‘Halloween.

Dark Harvest is an adaptation of Norman Partridge’s 2007 award-winning novel with the same title. The novel takes place in a town located in the Midwest where a ghost dubbed “Sawtooth Jack” rises from the corn every year at Halloween. “Jack” makes his way to the church in the town and there, the town’s residents hold the annual harvest celebration, and the children of the town battle otherworldly creatures to try their luck at winning the prize.

Dark Harvest Plot:

The legendary monster October Boy terrorizes residents in the small Midwestern town each year when he emerges from the fields every year using a butcher’s knife and walks toward those brave enough to take on him.

Dark Harvest Detail:

Movie: Dark Harvest (2022)
Director: David Slade
Writers: Michael Gilio, Norman Partridge
Main Stars: Casey Likes, Emyri Crutchfield, Dustin Ceithamer
Genre: Horror
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 9 September 2022 (USA)
Also Known As: Dark Harvest, Dark Harvest Movie, Dark Harvest (2022)

Dark Harvest Cast:

Casey Likes As Richie Shepard
Emyri Crutchfield As Kelly Haines
Dustin Ceithamer As Sawtooth Jack / October Boy
Alejandro Akara As Bud
Ezra Buzzington As The Farmer
Jeremy Davies As Dan Shepard
Elizabeth Reaser As Donna Shepard
Luke Kirby As Officer Jerry Ricks
Austin Autry As Riley Blaike
Megan Best As Annie Crenshaw
Jake Brennan As Dillon
Britain Dalton As Jim Shephard
Steven McCarthy As Coach Nelson
Maclean Fish As Charlie Gunther
Nazariy Demkowicz As Norman
West Mulholland As Mitch Crenshaw
Carter Heintz As Marty
Logan Tomanek As Larry Stooge
Dylan McEwan As Curly Stooge
Sharon Bajer As Dispatcher Edith
Adam Brooks As Pastor
Cory Wojcik As Portly Man
William Whyte As Townsfolk
Ryder Dueck As Frankenstein Mask Boy
Frederick Allen As Teacher
Conan Hodgkinson As Another Kid in Shelter
Jim Kirby As Farmer

The story will center around the story of a young boy named Richie Shepard, who wants to prove himself and get away from the shadow of his brother, who was awarded the prize last year and was able to escape their town of death. Richie teamed up with Kelly Haines, who will go to any lengths and join with his brother. The two fight impossible odds while they hunt the maize-rising creature to take on this year’s ritual and secure their freedom.

But, the long COVID delays for “Halloween Kills” and “Halloween Ends” has forced Universal Pictures to remove the film from its schedule of release and possibly reserve it for the next year. That’s the reason we’ve not seen any promotional images for the film. However, it is completed as the MPAA has recently assigned the film the “R” rating (accompanied minors) for the violence in its images. 1963, Halloween. The teenage inhabitants of a tiny North American town decide to be alert to “October Boy”, a murderer who makes use of the meat cleaver as his weapon.

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