Deadloch TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Deadloch TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Deadloch cast: Holly Austin, Kate Box, Tom Ballard. Deadloch Release Date: 1 June 2023 (Prime Video). Deadloch Episodes: 8. Deadloch is looking full of Comedy. Together, they are super-serious police officer in junior Abby. The town is preparing to launch the annual food, arts and cultural festival, Winter Fest.

Deadloch is an Australian Comedy TV Series (2023). Holly Austin, Kate Box, Tom Ballardv are the main cast of Deadloch TV Series (2023). The reality is that the Australian feminist crime-comedy is now available globally on Prime Video with 200 million Prime members to view is awe-inspiring. Written by Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan. Deadloch will be released on Prime Video on 1 June 2023.

The creative brains of comedian duo Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan The comedy series will shoot exclusively in the southern part of Tasmania and will feature Kate Box, Madeleine Sami, Alicia Gardiner, and Nina Oyama. The eight-part Tasmanian crime-comedy will be shot from February through May 2022, with the well-known Australian director Ben Chessell.

Deadloch Plot:

A female Noir comedy that is set in a tranquil scene with a growing body count.

Deadloch Detail:

TV Series: Deadloch (2023)
Netowrk: Prime Video
Creators: Kate McCartney, Kate McLennan
Main Stars: Holly Austin, Kate Box, Tom Ballard
Genre: Comedy
Country: Australia
Language: English
Release Date: 1 June 2023 (Prime Video)
Season: 1
Episodes: 8
Also known As: Deadloch, Deadloch Australia, Deadloch Prime Video, Deadloch Season 1

Deadloch Cast:

Holly Austin As Skye O’Dwyer

(Credit: wonderground)

She is an Australian comedian and actress well-known for her role in the sketch comedy series “Open Slather.” “Open Slather” is an Australian television show which aired from the year 2015 until 2016. The show featured an impressive group of comedians who participated in a variety of skits sketches, and parodies.

The show was renowned for its witty humor and satirical approach to pop culture, politics and even celebrities. The show provided a platform to Holly Austin and the rest of the cast to showcase their comedy talents and create memorable characters. Although details regarding her professional life outside of “Open Slather” are limited however her involvement as a character on “Open Slather” has led to her recognition within her place in the Australian comedian scene.

Kate Box As Senior Sgt Dulcie Collins

(Credit: salife)

She is an Australian actress well-known for her roles in television, film, and theater. She has enjoyed a varied career that has shown her talents and versatility in a variety of roles. Kate was recognized due to her character Lou Kelly in the critically popular Australian TV series “Rake” (2010-2018). Kate’s portrayal as the tough, straightforward solicitor has earned her acclaim from critics and audiences alike.

She was in the film “The Little Death” (2014). Kate Box has a strong history of theater. She has been in numerous performances on stage, including plays by playwrights who are renowned, such as David Mamet and William Shakespeare. Kate has been a part of famous theater companies, such as Belvoir St Theatre, the Sydney Theatre Company, and Belvoir St Theatre, and has been praised by critics for her stage performance.

Tom Ballard As Sven Alderman

(Credit: theguardian)

He is an Australian comedian, TV and radio presenter, as well as writer. He has had a wide-ranging career that spans a variety of media. He was a presenter on the radio hosting his own show and assisting with various shows. The morning program he hosted was “Tom Ballard” on Triple J the national Australian radio station from 2012 until 2016.

Tom Ballard’s professional career is defined by his brilliant wit, political satire, and ability to attract viewers with his humor. It’s whether it’s through stand-up comedy, hosting TV shows, or writing his own material, he has established himself as a leading actor in the Australian comedy scene and the media.

Other Supporting Cast of Deadloch:

Alicia Gardiner As Cath York
Duncan Fellows As Ray McLintock
Mick Davies As Mike Nugent
Lisa Gormley As Michelle
Shaun Martindale As Phil McGangus
Stephanie Jack As Megan Lang
Kartanya Maynard As Miranda Hoskins
Kris McQuade As Victoria O’Dwyer
Sinsa Jo Mansell As Fay Hampson
Mia Morrissey As Nadiyah Zammit
Nina Oyama As Abby Matsuda
Naarah As Sharelle Muir
Madeleine Sami As Eddie Redcliffe
Pamela Rabe As Margaret Carruthers
Katie Robertson As Vanessa Latham
Harry Prior As Callum Robertson
Nick Simpson-Deeks As James King
Harry Radbone As Tom O’Dwyer
Astrid Wells As Claire Connelly
Hayden Spencer As Commissioner Shane Hastings
Leonie Whyman As Tammy Hampson
Bryce Tollard-Williams As Dolph Latham
Susie Youssef As Aleyna Rahme
Ned Ward As Hunter Patterson
Harvey Zielinski As Gez Rahme
Christopher Bunworth As Greg
Matt Burton As Jimmy Cook
Thomas J. Jacobs As Ronny Ronnaldson
Anthony Morgan As Ken McTavish
Carla Di Domenico As Adele
Nathan Maynard As Ted
Andrew Casey As Steve
Alexandra Keddie As Charlotte
Ben Morton As Steve
Helen Murnane As Ruth
Barry Wheeler As Trent Latham
Scott Farrow As Steve
Darius Williams As Jeremy
Conor Canning As Vince the Driver
Connor Carthy As General Cop
Jacob Golding As Nick
Yvie Jones As Air Tasker
Brad Kannegiesser As General Cop
Zindzi Okenyo As Kate
Jackson Tozer As Gavin Latham
Grace Naoum As Daniela Kehlmann
Cory Beeston As Police diver
Wendy Birch Barnes As Wendy Taylor
Rob Braslin As Man
Maria Casimaty As Joan Lamont
Sara Cooper As Rachel Haddick
Simone Dobber As Ronny’s mum
Joe Holder As Jasper
Melissa King As Elaine
Andrew Jenner As Fisherman
Anna Kidd As Jules Sutter
Liam Kendell As Steve
Philippa Kennedy As Trudy
Grace Lethbridge-Grewe As Indi
Matt Newell As Goat Waiter
Roger Oakley As Father Terrance
Patrick Williams As Book Interviewer
Wes Snelling As Radio Announcer
Penny Carey-Wells As Helena Papatonis
Fiona Stewart As Mona
Guy Hooper As Father
Matt Young As Mario

Two female detectives work together to solve the mystery and annoy police chief Dulcie Collins (Kate Box) and a heart-breaking Darwin principal investigator Eddie Redcliffe along with his enthusiastic young agent Abby. The town is preparing to kick off its every year “Winter Festival” of art food and culture the trio must overcome their differences and join forces to locate the culprit.

Eddie however, on his own, is somewhat difficult to work with. Due to their divergent views regarding murder, they do not quite seem to get along. Although Collins believes that this investigation is more than just an individual death and that it could be related to an incident that occurred five years ago, Eddie disputes his claims. Deadloch is ruled by Kate Box and Madeleine Sami as senior investigators who attempt to solve the investigation from a variety of perspectives.

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