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Don’t Make Me Go (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Don't Make Me Go (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Don’t Make Me Go cast: John Cho, Mia Isaac, Kaya Scodelario. Don’t Make Me Go Release Date: 15 July 2022 (USA). Don’t Make Me Go Director: Hannah Marks. Don’t Make Me Go is looking full of Drama. An entirely original and emotional adventure, Don’t Make Me Go explores with humor and heart the irresistible and unbreakable bond that exists between two parents.

Don’t Make Me Go is an American Drama movie (2022). John Cho, Mia Isaac, Kaya Scodelario are the main cast of Don’t Make Me Go (2022). Dad who is single Max (John Cho) and his teenage daughter Wally (lovely newcomer Mia Isaac) take a cross-country road journey to the west coast in “Don’t Make Me Go,” which will be available on Amazon Prime Video Friday, July 15.

Prime Video today revealed the launch date and trailer of Don’t Make Me Go. The original film will air only on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories around the globe on July 15 after its debut at Tribeca Film Festival. Tribeca Film Festival. “Don’t Make Me Go is a film written and directed by Hannah Marks (‘After Everything’).

Don’t Make Me Go Plot:

At the point when a single parent to a high school little girl discovers that he has a deadly cerebrum growth, he goes on her on a street outing to find the mother who deserted her prior years and to attempt to show her beginning and end she could require over the remainder of her life.

Don’t Make Me Go Detail:

Movie: Don’t Make Me Go (2022)
Network: Amazon Studios
Director: Hannah Marks
Writer: Vera Herbert
Main Stars: John Cho, Mia Isaac, Kaya Scodelario
Genre: Drama
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 15 July 2022 (USA)
Runtime: 1 hour 49 minutes
Filming locations: Moire Park, Moire Park 23 Granville Drive, Massey, Auckland 0614, New Zealand
Also known As: 돈트 메이크 미 고, Don’t Make Me Go, Don’t Make Me Go (2022), Don’t Make Me Go Movie

Don’t Make Me Go Cast:

John Cho As Max Park
Mia Isaac As Wally Park
Kaya Scodelario As Annie
Josh Thomson As Guy Connelly
Otis Dhanji As Glenn
Stefania LaVie Owen As Sandra
Mitchell Hope As Rusty
Jen Van Epps As Nicole
Jemaine Clement As Dale Angelo
Quentin Warren As Samuel
Elizabeth Hawthorne As Dr. Felicia Wood
Graham Vincent As Richard
Jordan Mooney As Ian
Timothy MacDonald As Hunter
Madeleine McCarthy As Jen
Tane Williams-Accra As Q
Jade Harlow As Tami
Simon Mead As Colton
Brooklyn Nathan As Zac
Kate Olivares As Lena
Arlo Gibson As Karaoke MC
Catherine Zulver As Roulette Dealer
Ava Diakhaby As Hotel Employee
Tim Wright As Surgeon
Claire Chitham As Jacqueline
Morgana O’Reilly As Krystal
Sarah As Maurice the Lizard
Ethan Ivey As Damian
Hannah Marks As Tessa
Hannah Dunstan As Nurse
Nicholas Glasson As California Pedestrian

An emotional journey created by Vera Herbert, that explores with humor and love the eternal and unbreakable relationship between a father-daughter on the road. “Don’t Make Me Go’ is made by Donald De Line, Leah Holzer, and Peter Saraf. The most significant independent film festival, whose award-winning films often jump into the official circuit nearly continuously.

The promise is eagerly-awaited lessons in driving, he persuades Wally to accompany him on a journey between California towards New Orleans for a college reunion. He is hoping to bring her back with her mother who had left them years ago. An entirely original and emotional adventure, Don’t MakeMe Go explores passion and humor in the unbreakable and unbreakable bond that exists between a father and daughter on the road.

The synopsis tells the tale of Max who is which is played by John Cho, a “single father” who learns that he is suffering from an incurable illness and sets out get back the years of support and love that he’ll be missing with his daughter Wally (Mia Isaac) within the timeframe. The promise is of much-anticipated driving classes, Max is able to convince Wally to join him on a journey across California towards New Orleans for his 20th reunion at college.

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