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El Presidente Season 2 | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

El Presidente Season 2 | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

El Presidente Season 2 cast: Andrés Parra, Karla Souza, Paulina Gaitan. El Presidente Season 2 Release Date: 4 November 2022 (Prime Video). El Presidente Season 2 Episodes: 8. El Presidente Season 2 is looking full of Comedy, Drama, Sport. The film was shot at Brazil in Brazil and Uruguay as well as with budget that is higher than the original streamers production that are based in Latin America, the second season of El Presidente will tell the story that is centered around Brazil.

El Presidente is a Spanish Language Drama-Sport TV Series. Andrés Parra, Karla Souza, Paulina Gaitan are the main cast of El Presidente Season 2. El Presidente, hit of Amazon Prime, which already featured as its narrator that of Julio Grondona promoted to a charming Vito Corleone. The show will reprise the persona of Joao Havelange himself, the one thousand year old Brazilian leader with corrupt morals who transformed football into the most pornographic organization of cash in the history of sports. El Presidente Season 2 release on Prime Video 4 November 2022.

The very first year of El Presidente makes us feel guilty about the chancuco who abducted soccer for all time. As passive accomplices, we are accomplices in the end. That’s fine since, in a sense, we’re. Julio Grondona, second in the command of FIFA and the head of South American football for more than 40 years, rubs our faces by arguing with us with compelling arguments.


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El Presidente Season 2 Plot:

The leader of a small Chilean football club is an important player within the 2015 FIFA corruption scandal.

El Presidente Season 2 Detail:

TV Series: El Presidente Season 2
Network: Prime Video
Main Stars: Andrés Parra, Karla Souza, Paulina Gaitan
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Sport
Countries: Chile, Argentina, United States
Language: Spanish
Release Date: 4 November 2022 (Prime Video)
Season: 2
Episodes: 8
IMDb Rating: 7.2/10
Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 100%
Google Rating: 62% liked this TV show
Also known As: Президент, El Presidente Season 2, El Presidente

El Presidente Season 2 Cast:

Andrés Parra As Sergio Jadue
Karla Souza As Rosario
Paulina Gaitan As Nené
Alberto Ajaka As Jashir
Luis Gnecco As Bedoya
Millaray Lobos As Cecilia
Sergio Hernández As Eugenio Figueredo
Víctor Rojas As Luis Chiriboga
Anita Reeves As Fátima
Luis Margani As Julio Grondona
Agustín Moya As Juan Ángel Napout
Gonzalo Robles As Rafael Esquivel
Albano Jerónimo As João Havelange
Polliana Aleixo As Vitoria Havelange
Leandro Firmino As Sivoca
Juan Alari As Paco Lopez Gil
Carlos Kaspar As Herman Leman
Isadora Ferrite As Dorinha
Guilherme Prates As Ricardo Teixeira
Federico Salles As Horst Dassler
Agustina Giovio As Barbara Kaser
Luis Musetti As Doble Havelange
Fabio Alberti As Augusto Raúl Juarez
Gustaf As Enrico Giglio
Nelson Freitas As Ernesto Geisel
Veruska Souza As Irene
Wilson Rabelo As Padre Pascual
Alejandro Busch As Suarez
Gustavo Suarez As Aldo Porrua
Andres Pastorini As Seguridad Zurich
Lourinelson Vladmir As Saldanha
Sylvio Zilber As Jorge
Enzo Vorgincic As Football Player
Denis Derkian As Faustine Havelange
Caroline Abras As Lena Dassler
Victoria Rodriguez As Sheila Nesimsky
Stefania Tortorella As Brenda Thomas
Florencia Salvetto As Reina de Inglaterra
Bruno Pereyra As Carlos Alberto Torres
Rodrigo Camarote As DT 2
Sebastían Báez As Hooligan
Martin Quintela As Hombre Autógrafo
Marcos Goulart As DT 1
Maite Bigi As Enfermera (mexicana)
Gabriel Nieto As Mark Maja
Leonel Pessina As Zagallo
Rafael Valeire As DT 3
Matheus Brum As Periodista Aeroporto
Karen Halty As Secretaria Nazi
Emilio Gallardo As Picolé
Rafael Rocha As Periodista 1
Rodolfo Da Costa As Delegado Mexicano
Yamandú Barrios As Piloto
Fernanda Jimena As Rita
Patricia Fryer As Prostituta Castor 2
Alex Davidovich As Jules adolescente
Maite Fojo As Prostituta Castor 1
Juan Lindmayer As Árbitro Alemán
Teny Macknight As Juliette Havelange

The show is comprised of eight one-hour episodes The new season tells the tale of El Presidente to Brazil and Europe and traces the story of FIFA’s ascendance to prominence as a business as well as a political power. The central figure in the narrative is former FIFA president Joao Havelange, as well as numerous famous people and stars from the world of soccer. The second season, which is longer than eight hours is expected to feature Armando Bo ( Birdman ) from About Entertainment as showrunner as well as executive producer.

A corruption scandal that erupted in 2015 was a scandal of corruption. In various cities across Latin America, the United States and Europe the show tackled the scandal in sports that shocked the globe, by telling the tale of Sergio Jadue, the president of a tiny Chilean soccer team, who was once an unknown player to a leading participant in a $150 million bribery scheme.

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