En helt vanlig familj Aka A Nearly Normal Family (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Episode, Trailer

En helt vanlig familj Aka A Nearly Normal Family TV Series (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Episode, Trailer

A Nearly Normal Family cast: Christian Fandango Sundgren, Björn Bengtsson, Melisa Ferhatovic. A Nearly Normal Family Release Date: November 24, 2023 (Netflix). A Nearly Normal Family Episodes: 6. In three different chapters, we follow the mother, father and daughter. Bit by bit, the truth of what actually happened is exposed.

En helt vanlig familj Aka A Nearly Normal Family is a Swedish Crime-Drama TV Series (2023). Christian Fandango Sundgren, Björn Bengtsson, Melisa Ferhatovic are the main cast of A Nearly Normal Family (2023). Where are the devastated parents who don’t know the circumstances or what they can do?

The Sandell family is a normal family that includes the priest Adam and attorney Ulrika along with their teenage daughter Stella. They appear to have a perfect life in a pristine living area in a suburb just outside Lund. A day later, everything is changed when Stella is arrested and is charged with murder.

A Nearly Normal Family Plot:

The illusion of a perfect family breaks after a shocking crime exposes their willingness to take drastic measures to protect each other.

A Nearly Normal Family Detail:

TV Series: En helt vanlig familj Aka A Nearly Normal Family (2023)
Network: Netflix
Main Stars: Christian Fandango Sundgren, Björn Bengtsson, Melisa Ferhatovic
Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish
Release Date: November 24, 2023 (Netflix)
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Also known As: En helt vanlig familj, A Nearly Normal Family, A Nearly Normal Family Season 1, A Nearly Normal Family Netflix

A Nearly Normal Family Cast:

Christian Fandango Sundgren As Christoffer ‘Chris Olsen
Björn Bengtsson As Adam Sandell
Melisa Ferhatovic As Amina Besic
Lo Kauppi As Ulrika Sandell
Alexandra Karlsson Tyrefors As Stella Sandell
Håkan Bengtsson As Mikael Blomberg
Cedomir Glisovic As Nalle
Rasmus Troedsson As John Alverland
Vera Olin As Louise
Sara Chaanhing Kennedy As Alexandra Besic
Pablo Leiva Wenger As Dino
Christoffer Willén As Robin
Robert Bengtsson As Anders Thelin
Carl-Axel Karlsson As Thord
Sanna Persson Halapi As Shirin
Moa Gammel As Åklagare Jenny Jansdotter
Emilia Roosmann As Linda Levander
Lotten Roos As Siri
Ingar Sigvardsdotter As Civilpolis
Stella Fadel As Beatrice
Alisha Höglund Despailles As Jonna
Karin Bertling As Signe
Anders Mossling As Valter
Lina Perned As Vårdbiträde
Figge Norling As Lennart
Karin Lithman As Ordförande Hanna Lejon
Erik Sund As Bartender
Eva Westerling As Kerstin
Emma Hansson Löfgren As Adams kollega
Danilo Novovic As Paolo
Michel Torneus As Student
Karin Bergqvist As Veronica
Ramear Gilani As Jonna
Mira Dükler As Student
Parwin Hoseinia As Gynekolog
Ingrid Almén As Sjuksköterska
Johan Hald As Kriminaltekniker
Libertad Mancini As Journalist
Thomas Balestan As Dragqueen
Patrik Fridh As Adams kollega
Alicia Chantre As Student

The script is extremely solid, it is also Per Hanefjord is a fantastic director who is genuinely interested in the story. It is important for me that the series was shot in Lund which is the city where the novel takes place. The director is Per Hanefjord and the series is based on the best-selling book with the same title.

They’re all ready to do whatever it takes to help Stella but the primary concern is whether they truly are aware of their daughter. En helt vanlig familj Aka A Nearly Normal Family premieres in Netflix November 24 2023.

A Nearly Normal Family Trailer:

Stella is taken into custody, and her parents are devastated. Naturally, they want to assist their daughter at all cost. But do they actually have a connection with Stella? Perhaps even one another? Its author Mattias Edvardsson, whose hit novel has sold more than 550,000 copies around the world and is involved as an executive producer for the TV drama series starring Anna Platt.

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