Everyone Else Burns TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Everyone Else Burns TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Everyone Else Burns cast: Simon Bird, Kate O’Flynn, Amy James-Kelly. Everyone Else Burns Release Date: October 26, 2023 (The CW). Everyone Else Burns Episodes: 6. The Series is the CW’s initial Channel 4 acquisition since Taskmaster However, that format was changed to CWSeed after only one episode due in part to low ratings.

Everyone Else Burns is a United Kingdom Comedy TV Series (2023). Simon Bird, Kate O’Flynn, Amy James-Kelly are the main cast of Everyone Else Burns (2023) The brand new television series (“Every one is burned” comedy, with literally translated, “Every one burns, or, everyone burns! “)* launching within the United Kingdom (Channel 4) appears to be a very close representation of the day-to-day life of a family-focused evangelical.

Four members from Lewis family, the Lewis family, including the couple as well as the two kids, must balance their own aspirations and their obligations as part of a group that is a tyrant of its actions, not allowing any deviation, but always looking at every situation through the lens of humor and contrast. of bizarre of situations. Everyone Else Burns release on The CW on October 26, 2023.

Everyone Else Burns Plot:

A religious community that is extremely fervent. They may ask: how can a family with a unique lifestyle the modern world today protect themselves from eternal hellfire?

Everyone Else Burns Detail:

TV Series: Everyone Else Burns (2023)
Network: The CW
Main Stars: Simon Bird, Kate O’Flynn, Amy James-Kelly
Genre: Comedy
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Release Date: October 26, 2023 (The CW)
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Runtime: 35 minutes
Also known As: I väntan på slutet, Everyone Else Burns Season 1, Everyone Else Burns (2023)

Everyone Else Burns Cast:

Simon Bird As David
Kate O’Flynn As Fiona
Amy James-Kelly As Rachel
Harry Connor As Aaron
Ali Khan As Joshua
Morgana Robinson As Melissa
Lolly Adefope As Miss Simmonds
Arsher Ali As Elder Samson
Kadiff Kirwan As Andrew
Soph Galustian As Julia Angelie
Al Roberts As Elder Abijah
Liam Williams As Joel
Kath Hughes As Sid
Beth Vyse As Sister Levi
Lekhani Chirwa As Waiter
Emma Edmondson As Sister Green
Karl Cam As Adrian
Seb Cardinal As Elder Dunstan
Lloyd Griffith As Elder Simeon
Mekhi Nangai As Gary
Thomas Edwards-Williams As Rob

Written by a new generation of writers Dillon Mapletoft and Oliver Taylor, Everyone Else Burns stars Bird as David, the misguided patriarch of the small church in Manchester. David believes that it is inevitable that all of humanity will die with the apocalypse, has lost control over his family.

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