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Faithfully Yours (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Faithfully Yours (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Faithfully Yours cast: Bracha van Doesburgh, Nasrdin Dchar, Gijs Naber. Faithfully Yours Release Date: 17 May 2023 (Netflix). Faithfully Yours Director: André van Duren. Faithfully Yours is looking full of Thriller. A film that highlights how much we want strong female roles. The actress explains the reasons in the most recent issue of Marie Claire.

Faithfully Yours is a Dutch Thriller movie (2023). Bracha van Doesburgh, Nasrdin Dchar, Gijs Naber are the main cast of Faithfully Yours (2023). The direction was the responsibility of Andre van Duren, who had not directed a cinema film. It was always well-received and their husbands were never found out, until suddenly Isabel disappears. Everything seems to point to an occurrence of crime. Faithfully Yours release on Netflix 17 May 2023.

Faithfully Yours revolves around girlfriends Bodil (Van Doesburgh) and Isabel (Schaap) that often spend time together on the Belgian coast and then use each other as an alibi to evade detection. But when Isabel goes missing, Bodil sinks further and further into a web of secrets and intrigue, particularly when the police are investigating an incident and the wives of the women also go to Belgium.

Faithfully Yours Plot:

Friends for life Bodil and Isabel seem to be happily married, go off for secret affairs using each other as an alibi. But then Isabel is murdered while they’re supposed to have been in love. Bodil is entangled within her web of deceit.

Faithfully Yours Detail:

Movie: Faithfully Yours (2023)
Network: Netflix
Director: André van Duren
Writers: Elisabeth Lodeizen, Paul Jan Nelissen, André van Duren
Main Stars: Bracha van Doesburgh, Nasrdin Dchar, Gijs Naber
Genre: Thriller
Country: Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Release Date: 17 May 2023 (Netflix)
Runtime: 1 hour 35 minutes
Also Known As: Faithfully Yours, Faithfully Yours Movie, Faithfully Yours (2023)

Faithfully Yours Cast:

Bracha van Doesburgh As Bodil Backer
Nasrdin Dchar As Milan Saber
Gijs Naber As Luuk Luijten
Elise Schaap As Isabel Luijten
Matteo Simoni As Michael Samuels
Hannah Hoekstra As Yara Backer
Sofie Decleir As Ann van Passel
Anna De Ceulaer As Sophie Verschueren
Soufiane Chilah As Beau Alami
Damiano Incani As Ben Saber
Soumaya Ahouaoui As Griffier
Juda Goslinga As Meneer Houtveen
Hans Dagelet
Laura De Geest
Margje Wittermans
Daan Weterings
Guillermo Lansman
Benito Cummingsborg
Bram Gerrits
Arian Foppen

During these outings they are the other’s excuse for cheating. They carefully work out all the details to ensure they don’t let their husbands uncover the truth. After one of them disappears, their husbands appear right around the corner and everyone is caught in an elaborate network of deceit. The police are launching an investigation and their husbands return from Belgium, Bodil becomes increasingly involved in the web of lies that has been carefully crafted by her and Isabel.

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