Found Season 1 Episode 8: Cast, Release Date & Where To Watch

Found TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Found is an American Drama TV Series (2023). Found Season 1 Episode 7 cast: Shanola Hampton, Kelli Williams, Brett Dalton. Found Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date: November 21, 2023 (NBC). Found Episodes: 12.

Found Season 1 Episode 8 Plot:

Dhan is the leader in the hunt for a missing homeless man who’s been an integral part of an camp. When Detective Trent divulges troubling information concerning Sir Gabi will go to extreme efforts to guard her secrets.

What is the NBC’s Found Show All about:

In this thrilling brand-new show, Gabi Mosely (Shanola Hampton) will go to any lengths to locate the lost and forgotten, but in order to obtain results, she keeps an unsettling secret.

In the fall, a brand new drama will take on the challenge and hopefully attract viewers. NBC has a small Carroll in the drama about crime. Found.

Gabi Mosley, a public relations expert, who at the time was one of the people who were forgotten and her team who are devoted to handling any kind or crisis is accountable for making sure there’s always someone searching for those who are missing.

Found Season 1 Episode 8 Detail:

Episode Name: Missing While Homeless
Network: NBC
Director: Chad Lowe
Writers: Nkechi Okoro Carroll, Jennifer King, Sonay Hoffman
Main Stars: Shanola Hampton, Azaria Carter, Bill Kelly
Genre: Drama
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: November 21, 2023 (NBC)
Season: 1
Total Episodes: 12
Episode Number: 8
Also Known As: Found Ep 1, Found Season 1 Ep 8

Where to watch Found Season 1:


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Found Season 1 Episode 8 Trailer:


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Found Season 1 Episode 8 Cast:

Shanola Hampton As Gabi Mosely
Azaria Carter As Teen Gabi
Seth Loven As Detective
Alicia Cuthbertson As Detective
Janna Koffman As Ashley Lin
Brett Dalton As Mark Trent
Sterling Jones As Patrick
Michelle Civile As Martha
Chloé Flowers As Camilla
Arlen Escarpeta As Zeke Wallace
Alba Katiuska Mera As Native American Woman
Shiah Luna As Ada Wagon
Rena Maliszewski As Paula Chapman
Emily Alabi As Denae Wagon
Briza Covarrubias As May
Ethan McDowell As Senator Holden
Anisa Nyell Johnson As Detective Shaker
Mark-Paul Gosselaar As Sir
Bill Kelly As Tony Mallory
Tyler Merritt As Larry Evans
Deadra Moore As Ilene Desmond
Art Newkirk As Detective Castillo
Trayce Malachi As Deron
Kim Rosen As Bus Station
Karan Oberoi As Dhan Rana
Wes Jetton As Jesse Winfield
Gabrielle Walsh As Lacey Quinn
Charlotte Ann Tucker As Sarah Holden
John Kinsey As Nurse Sam
Arielle Prepetit As Mira
Mack Williams As Teen David
Brandon Stanley As David Hall
Keisha Tillis As Emily
Jasmine Washington As Bella
Kristen Wharton As Claire Holden
Kelli Williams As Margaret Reed
Melody Williams As Grace
Nathan W. Collins As SWAT Team
Shanita Wilburn As Journalist
Danielle Vera As Police Officer
Celines Estevez As Alaia Flores
Kevin Howell As Police Officer
Christopher Bencomo As Manny Hernandez
Eitan Friedman As Kindergarten student
Yanelisa As Satcha Moncado
Matan Friedman As Kindergarten student
Sebastian Serra As Carlos Moncado
Tangela Large As ER Doctor
Elijah Everett As Wendell
Zachary Santana As Cameraman
Zander Grable As Tony Edwards
Blake Cameron James As Matthew Webb
Callie McClincy As Taylor Reed
Cruz Abelita As Charlie
Sandra Lee-Oian Thomas As Ms. Lily
Valerie Burgos As Eileen
Yosef Friedman As Sampsons son
Mo Gallini As Samson
Cindy Hogan As Mack
Dana Gourrier As Andrea Robinson
Scott Andersen As Pedestrian
Lauren Marie Gordon As Police Officer
Monroe Pfiefer As Police Officer

Episodes List:

1. Pilot – (Tue Oct 03, 2023)
2. Missing While Sinning – (Tue Oct 10, 2023)
3. Missing While Widowed – (Tue Oct 17, 2023)
4. Missing While a Pawn – (Tue Oct 24, 2023)
5. Missing While Undocumented – (Tue Oct 31, 2023)
6. Missing While Addicted – (Tue Nov 07, 2023)
7. Missing While Indigenous – (Tue Nov 14, 2023)
8. Missing While Homeless – (Tue Nov 21, 2023)
9. TBA – (Tue Nov 28, 2023)
10. Missing While Indoctrinated – (Tue Dec 05, 2023)
11. TBA – (Tue Dec 12, 2023)
12. TBA – (Tue Dec 19, 2023)
13. TBA – (Tue Dec 26, 2023)

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