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Episode 5 of foundation is here and this one was a relatively intimate one in the sense that we got to take a look inside of the memoriam and a peek at some memories but realistically we only got two-thirds of the main characters as the arc with hoba mellow brother Constance.

Polly was put on hold with there being a massive Revelation that ties the group of people at the end of the episode to what Gaal saw in her vision let’s recap break down and explain all that there was to take away from this episode so let’s get into it here is foundation season 2 episode 5 ending explained.

Foundation Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Hari Seldon, Salvor & Gaal

The end of last week’s episode we saw that Harry Selden now had a physical form and was very much alive the work that kalei carried out essentially allowed his Consciousness to have a new present physical form something which we’re currently unsure of How It’s possible but knowing Carly.

The fact that she had a tangible physical form in the present day as well and the fact that she wasn’t just some kind of holographic projection like we originally thought she was going to be that same technique has probably been applied to Seldon this entire episode started with him and US seeing him speaking with raish on the night that he was killed.

We finally saw the murder taking place and the last words that were spoken between them we heard Harry refer to him as his son before he was killed and then when he awoke and believed he was back in the physical world we saw rash be presented there too where he said to Harry that he was his son.

He let him die this was something that came to be of great importance right at the end of the episode as we saw that the metallics entered the picture and revealed themselves to be present on Ignus the planet that Harry salvor and Gaal Crush landed on it was said that there was no life on the planet following the Empire walking away.

That wasn’t the case at all so Reish wasn’t actually present it was just a mentalic using their abilities to plant a projection from inside of selden’s memory so this planet was inhabited with metallics people that share telepathic abilities and are able to look inside of people’s minds hence where the title of this episode came from the sighted.

The scene they all fled there from their home planets in the hopes of avoiding being killed by the inhabitants on their original planets due to them being against their abilities and then once on Ignus.

They all United as one under what looks like the leadership of para the seventh incarnation of the Empress of light at least that’s what she was calling herself when Salvo went out to explore the planet we were little believe that she saw Hugo but it wasn’t the case at all one of the metallics essentially made themselves take the form of Hugo in order to win over her trust with the intention of taking over the ship there powers and abilities look to be extremely strong.

We saw that they could take the form of an individual based on the memory inside of their victim they could look inside of people’s minds and they could also shut down people’s minds and essentially send them to sleep showing that they do have great strength that lies within them right at the end when we thought that they were welcoming Selden Gaal and salvor.

We were lit to believe that they were on their side but as the episode closed we saw that they were digging inside of their minds and Drew out the prime radiant and the line was uttered where it was mentioned that they were going to make sure that the second Foundation was something that wouldn’t be created with Selden hiding the prime radiant it does make me wonder if he had any kind of inclination that something like this was going to be happening.

Foundation Season 2 Episode 5 Ending Explained

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see girl’s Vision that she had in episode 2 where she saw the mule the darkness destruction and salvor being dead is something that shaping her judgment on the way that she moves forward we heard them you’ll say where are your metallics where is your second foundation so we were to believe that they were girls Warriors.

With what we had at the end of this episode what if Gaal Harry and Salafor are going to be unsuccessful in creating this second foundation and getting the metallics on their side before the meal makes its appearance as I feel that line could probably be interpreted in that way too the show is definitely leading us in a different direction.

It’s one that I’m definitely open to exploring the metallics may not be as they seem but I feel that could just be because of their current leadership only time will tell which direction.

Trantor & The Empire

The story has become one that’s very much focused around paranoia on all fronts Queen sarith brother day and also Dusk and Dawn whether it be the assassination attempt from the blind angels on day.

The investigative work being done by Sarah to find out if day was involved in the killing of her family or Dusk and Dawn worrying about their memories being tampered with brother day is very much set on losing the clionic Reign and going for a more traditional approach when it comes to ruling an Empire this is something.

If their memories had been tampered with the way that they planned on doing it was by comparing it to the other iterations of clones that were on the database with all of the clones other than the first having around 80 in their system but Cleon first having about 200 it raised suspicions.

They had removed memories from all of them other than the first which I imagine has most probably happened they probably kept the firsts in the database in order to seek inspiration and to see how he could base his core Memories the idea of having one’s memory Zone by another is something that renders them extremely vulnerable so maybe some kind of Civil War amongst the brothers could be on the cards in the future with there being a feature on emperor Algren in this episode.

It is revealed that he was a traitor this could well be foreshadowing the direction that brother day is going to be going in it feels as though Queen Sarah’s true colors are coming through too it never really felt like the marriage to brother day was something that was heartfelt and had passion behind it.

Now her motives and intentions are starting to come out she wants to truly know if there was any involvement with her family’s murder and it doesn’t seem as though she’s going to stop until she finds out what happened Dharma’s all said today that there was no chance that it would be able to be tied back to him.

I feel there’s going to be something that get slipped up and revealed Sarathi’s treading A Thin Line in accessing the memories in order to find out more about brother day with them finding out that Dermasil was a robot Sarath is most likely going to have to put on some kind of mask to hide what it was that she saw and to not raise suspicions.

Foundation Season 2 Episode 5 Review

One Moment In this episode that was pretty funny was that we saw that brother day is not the smoothest in the bedroom whatsoever him trying to woo sarath was pure comedy gold when this episode was unfolding overall review I thought this episode was pretty good it was on the shorter side for the show but it’s understandable considering that there was nothing of hoba mellow or Terminus I’m definitely more invested in the story that’s unfolding with Selden Gale and salvor it very much feels like their life is on the line every time.

They take a step forward even now they’ve landed on the planet where met with a thread then it seemed to be neutralized but actually they could be scheming going on behind their back the story on Trantor is definitely more of a political one.

It’s a slow burner but it’s definitely getting there brother day is an interesting character and his mind works an extremely mysterious ways in terms of the behavior that he exhibits so I can’t wait to see more of it and how the dynamic is going to change between them all with it being halfway through the season.

There’s still so much room for the show to go in and with five more episodes to go there’s plenty of stories to get our teeth into so there you have it Foundation season 2 episode 5 ending explained if you want to see more videos such as endings explained theories and predictions and character breakdowns.

Episodes List:

1- In Seldon’s Shadow
2- A Glimpse of Darkness
3- King and Commoner
4- Where the Stars Are Scattered Thinly
5- The Sighted and the Seen
6- Why the Gods Made Wine
7- A Necessary Death
8- The Last Empress
9- Long Ago, Not Far Away
10- Creation Myths

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