Gangs of Galicia (Clanes) TV Series (2024) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Gangs of Galicia (Clanes) TV Series (2024) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Gangs of Galicia (Clanes) cast: Clara Lago, Tamar Novas, Nuno Gallego. Gangs of Galicia (Clanes) Release Date: June 21, 2024 (Netflix). Gangs of Galicia (Clanes) Episodes: 8. A tale of forbidden love and revenge in the Galician coast, with an era of trafficking drugs to set the scene.

Gangs of Galicia (Clanes) is a Spanish Crime-Drama TV Series (2024). Clara Lago, Tamar Novas, Nuno Gallego are the main cast of Gangs of Galicia (Clanes) (2024). The new show, created by Vaca Films, inspired by an authentic story, and featuring Clara Lago and Tamar Novas the show will air in June on the platform streaming.

She can be described as Ana ( Clara Lago ) and her presence will not remain unnoticed by any and includes Daniel ( Tamar Novas ) who is the son of a prominent drug trafficker and the leader of the “Padin clan” while his father is still in prison. Ana has extensive experiences in one of the top legal firms of Madrid and is deciding to start all over in Cambados with the aim of settling her debts with her prior.

Gangs of Galicia (Clanes) Plot:

A new lawyer is brought in and settles in the tiny village of Cambados. She is named Ana And her appearance not go unnoticed including Daniel one of the children of a prominent drug dealer.

Gangs of Galicia (Clanes) Detail:

TV Series: Gangs of Galicia (Clanes) (2024)
Network: Netflix
Main Stars: Clara Lago, Tamar Novas, Nuno Gallego
Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Release Date: June 21, 2024 (Netflix)
Season: 1
Episodes: 8
Filming locations: Senegal
Also known As: Clanes, Gangs of Galicia Netflix

Gangs of Galicia (Clanes) Cast:

Clara Lago As Ana
Tamar Novas As Daniel
Nuno Gallego
Francesc Garrido
Chechu Salgado
María Pujalte
Cris Iglesias
Diego Anido
Tomás del Estal
Xosé A. Touriñán
Melania Cruz
Miguel de Lira
Monti Castiñeiras As Silva
Xerardo Salgado As Moncho
Julius Cotter As Sandro
David Saraiva

Jorge Guerricaechevarria, known for his screenwriting work for a variety of series and films as the creator and author of Clanes. Guerricaechevarria is a major driver behind many of the successes of Spanish film, and has contributed to his ability to create rich narratives and characters.

Roger Gual, a director with a distinguished career and is responsible for managing the series. Gual has shown on several instances his capacity to manage comedy and drama with great ease, providing precise direction as well as a unique ability to ensure that the story that is told in “Clanes” is presented with the most emotional and visually appealing impact.

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