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Gaslit TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Gaslit TV Series (2022) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

Gaslit cast: Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Dan Stevens. Gaslit Release Date: 24 April 2022 (Starz). Gaslit Episodes: 8. Gaslit is looking full of Biography, Drama, and History. The Watergate scandal turned into a TV show! “Gaslit,” starring Julia Roberts and Sean Penn, takes a contemporary look at the stories that are not told and goes behind the scenes of the devastation of the 1970s.

Gaslit is an American  Biography-Drama TV Series (2022). Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Dan Stevens are the main cast of Gaslit TV Series (2022). Gaslit the show, which tells the story, has been made available. Based on the initial season of the podcast show Slow Burn, the 8-episode mini-series is scheduled to air on the 24th of April. It will focus the story around Martha Mitchell, played by Julia Roberts, the previously not told tales from The Watergate Scandal.

“Gaslit” offers a detailed insight into the lives of criminals and journalists of the past, while providing a glimpse into the hidden heroes. The actors in “Gaslit” include Julia Roberts and Sean Penn, as well as Dan Stevens, Betty Gilpin, Shea Whigham, Darby Camp, and Aleksandar Filimonovic. Mat Ross sits in the director’s seat in the series that is directed by Sam Esmail. Julia Roberts and Sean Penn are Martha as well as John Mitchell.

Gaslit Plot:

A cutting-edge take on the 1970s political Watergate outrage fixating on untold stories and neglected characters of the time.

Gaslit Detail:

TV Series: Gaslit (2022)
Network: Starz
Creator: Robbie Pickering
Main Stars: Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Dan Stevens
Genres: Biography, Drama, History
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 24 April 2022 (Starz)
Season: 1
Episodes: 8
Filming locations: Los Angeles, California, USA
Also known As: Газлит, Gaslit, Gaslit Season 1, Gaslit (2022)

Gaslit Cast:

Julia Roberts As Martha Mitchell
Sean Penn As John Mitchell
Dan Stevens As John Dean
Shea Whigham As G. Gordon Liddy
Darby Camp As Marty Mitchell
Nat Faxon As Bob Haldeman
Patrick R. Walker As Frank Wills
Carlos Valdes As Paul Magallanes
Chris Conner As John Ehrlichman
Brian Geraghty As Peter
Patton Oswalt As Chuck Colson
Nelson Franklin As Dick Moore
Reed Diamond As Mark Felt
Adam Ray As Ron Ziegler
Raphael Sbarge As Charles N. Shaffer
Erinn Hayes As Peggy Ebbitt
Billy Smith As Ken Ebbitt
Betty Gilpin As Maureen Kane Dean
Allison Tolman As Winnie McLendon
J.C. MacKenzie As Howard Hunt
Aleksandar Filimonovic As Zolton
Anne Dudek As Diana Oweiss
Oscar Torre As Virgilio Gonzalez
Scott Michael Morgan As Bernard Barker
Don DiPetta As Frank Sturgis
Jordi Caballero As Eugenio Martinez
Chris Bauer As James McCord
Asha Kamali As Dean’s Secretary
Stephen Todt As Bob Woodward
Johnny Berchtold As Jay Jennings
Ericka Kreutz As Frances Liddy
Danny Winn As Richard Milhous Nixon
Jeff Doucette As Senator Sam Ervin
Rachelle Henry As Howard Hunt’s Kid
Hugh B. Holub As Martha’s Lawyer
Josh Covitt As Bennie McLendon
David Eisen As Driver
Korbin Marum As Raymond Liddy
Mo Allen As Maxine
Hamish Linklater As Jeb Magruder
Jenny Tran As Anna Chennault
Amy Landecker As Lurleen Landry
Chris Messina As Angelo Lano
Kat Foster As Barbara Walters
Nate Corddry As Michael Deaver
Beth Hall As Helen Thomas
Sarah Elizabeth Jensen As Candy
Jake Satow As Howard Hunt’s Kid
Beth Malone As Maria
Lisa Carswell As Haldeman’s Secretary
Thomas R. Baker As Police Officer
Matt Kaminsky As Lawyer 1
Donald Li As Biopsy Doctor
Chris Jai Alex As James
Stephanie Nash As Pine Bluff Woman
Shannon Dee As Sherry
Philip Orazio As Antonio
Andrew Patrick Ralston As Chennault
Alan Heitz As Crew Cut
Ivan Martin As Al Baldwin
Ellen Karsten As Katerina
Frankie Corzo As Young Woman
Ianthe Marini As Protester
Claudia Zie As Teresa
Jerry Hernandez As Alberto
Emma Jessop As Teen Martha
Nika Burnett As Mary DeOreo
Kayden Brenna Tokarski As 13-year old Martha Mitchell
Aaron Anastasi As Lyle
Cinda Adams As Mo’s Mom
Charley Rossman As Sheriff
River Drosche As James Liddy
Stefan Marks As Bespectacled Anchor
G. Larry Butler As Elderly Doctor
Christopher Mychael Watson As Chubby Checker
Doug Hurley As Field Officer
Pat Asanti As Grumpy Gus
Cecilia Diamond As Howard Hunts Kid
Megan Liu As Marty’s Classmate
Allan Wayne Anderson As White House Host
Aisha Lomax As Waitress
Cronin Cullen As Senate Aide
Michael McCartney As Panel Member
Benjamin Mackey As Tom Liddy
Oscar Jordan As Office Drone
Dominic Daniel As Bernard
Leena Kurishingal As Reporter
Todd Aaron Brotze As Producer
Yana Sheuko As Ray Coniff Singer
Ross Mackenzie As Head Lawyer
Harley Jay As John Barrett
Ian Gary As Reporter
Mike Aviles As Reporter

Additionally, the pay-TV channel announced in its presentation Wednesday during an event for journalists organized by the Virtual Television Critics Association, that the date for the premiere of the series was announced. Starz had scheduled for Sunday, April 24 in the afternoon at 21:00, and has been confirmed. The show is produced by Sam Esmail, “Gaslit” is a contemporary approach to Watergate and will concentrate on the untold tales of scandalous characters and those who are forgotten including the incompetent and uninvolved members of the underworld from Nixon to the twisted bigots who aided and aided his criminal acts.

Gaslit explores the untold tales that took place during the 1970s Watergate scandal and its time. The show focuses on the stories that are not told and the characters of Watergate scandal. They range from implacable and reckless subordinates of Nixon and the insane bigots who aided and abette crimes, and the journalists who eventually brought down the entire corrupt enterprise.

It was revealed that the ever-growing cast of actors included Allison Tolman. In the show, Julia Roberts plays Martha Mitchell who established herself on the political scene of the day with her open and candid remarks regarding politics in the Watergate Scandal; Sean Penn is set to play John N. Mitchell, Martha Mitchell’s wife, who served as an attorney general in the Nixon period.

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