Heartland Season 17 Episode 7: Cast, Release Date & Where To Watch

Heartland Season 17 Episode 1: Cast, Release Date & Where To Watch

Heartland is a Candian Drama-Family TV Series (2007-Present). Heartland Season 17 Episode 7 cast: Amber Marshall, Shaun Johnston, Michelle Morgan. Heartland Season 17 Episode 7 Release Date: November 12, 2023 (CBC).

Heartland Season 17 Episode 7 Plot:

Lou is forced to confront the cause of her insomnia. Amy is working with a new client, who has a surprising relationship with Katie. Jack beats a hard-headed guest at the dude ranch.

Heartland Season 17 Episode 7 Detail:

Episode Name: Unknown Caller
Network: CBC Gem
Director: Kristin Lehman
Writer: Caitlin D. Fryers
Main Stars: Amber Marshall, Shaun Johnston, Michelle Morgan
Genres: Drama, Family
Country: Canada
Language: English
Release Date: November 12, 2023 (CBC Gem)
Season: 17
Total Episodes: 10
Episode Number: 7
Filming locations: Longview, Alberta, Canada
Also known as: Heartland, Heartland Season 17 Ep 7, Heartland (2023)

Where to watch Heartland Season 17:

Episode 7 of Heartland Season 17 is premiering November 12, 2023 at 5:30 am on CBC.

Heartland Season 17 Episode 7 Trailer:

What is the Heartland Season 17:

This television series is the most flawlessly awesome, the family appears to be so genuine it truly helps to remember how it is at home just Lou and Amy don’t battle.

This show truly makes need a farm of mine, it truly made my sister settle on a groundbreaking choice on how she needs to help a living and she has advised various occasions she needs to be by and large like Amy (Amber Marshall) and that she needs to prepare ponies and help the upset ones.

The pony work is genuine, Amy is a jewel, and the landscape when they ride in the Foothills (with the Rockies behind the scenes) makes this show simple to watch. The entwined relational elements are fun and convincing – we also keep marathon-watching to get up to speed. A large portion of the characters is not difficult to cherish.

Heartland Season 17 Episode 7 Cast:

Amber Marshall As Amy Fleming
Shaun Johnston As Jack Bartlett
Adena Warren As Gail Wexford
Graham Wardle As Ty Borden
Kerry James As Caleb Odell
Kasra Wong As Brandon
Spencer Lord As Nathan Pryce Jr.
Chris Potter As Tim Fleming
Michelle Morgan As Samantha Louise ‘Lou’ Fleming
Mara Stevens As Loraine
Christine Resler As Woman in Restaurant
Drew Davis As Logan
Kevin Doree As Cook – Maggie’s
Massimos Kastrinos As Carson
Alisha Newton As Georgie
René Escobar Jr. As Edwin Silvera
Kim Faires As Paramedic
Emmanuella Spencer As Lyndy Borden
Jake Church As Jake Anderson
Shawn Roberts As Sam Langston
Gabriel Hogan As Peter Morris
Ava Tran As Parker
Aidan Moreno As Rick Adderly
Jessica Steen As Lisa Stillman
Baye McPherson As Katie Fleming-Morris
Jessica Amlee As Mallory Wells
Ruby Spencer As Lyndy Borden
Michelle Nolden As Jessica Cook
Sam Duke As Shane

Episodes List:

1. The Path Less Traveled – (Sun Oct 01, 2023)
2. Taking the Reins – (Sun Oct 08, 2023)
3. The Heart Wants – (Sun Oct 15, 2023)
4. A Piece Apart – (Sun Oct 22, 2023)
5. How to Say Goodbye – (Sun Oct 29, 2023)
6. Heat of the Moment – (Sun Nov 05, 2023)
7. Unknown Caller – (Sun Nov 12, 2023)
8. Harmony – (Sun Nov 19, 2023)
9. Fear is a Liar – (Sun Nov 26, 2023)

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