Hullraisers Season 2 Episode 3: Cast, Release Date & Where To Watch

Hullraisers Season 2 Episode 1: Cast, Release Date & Where To Watch

Hullraisers is a UK Comedy TV Series (2023). Hullraisers Season 2 Episode 3 cast: Leah Brotherhead, Sinead Matthews, Taj Atwal. Hullraisers Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date: November 9, 2023 (IFC). Hullraisers Total Episodes: 6.

Hullraisers Season 2 Episode 3 Plot:

Toni decides to work out her flirting muscles in order to instruct Craig an important lesson. Rana wants to prove to Hull, a grumpy policeman, that she’s not a boring.

What is the Hullraisers About:

Hullraisers explores the daily experiences of different residents of the town of its title, including Rana of Atwal as one of them. She is a dependable police officer, but she lives in an unstable relationship. She is also best friends with the main character Toni whom Leah Brotherhood plays. If you are looking for a new generation of British sitcoms, Hullraisers might be a great choice.

The show chronicles the life of 3 working-class women from Hull, Yorkshire: a self-identified actress and a chaotic mother Toni. The season of six episodes script was created by Lucy Beaumont.

Based on Little Mom, an Israeli comedy Little Mom, the series began airing shortly following the season 3 debut of Derry Girls and follows self-proclaimed actress Toni as well as her sister Paula and her best friend Rani.

Hullraisers Season 2 Episode 3 Detail:

Episode Name: Flirt Master
Network: Channel 4
Director: Ian Fitzgibbon
Writers: Caroline Moran, Lucy Beaumont
Main Stars: Leah Brotherhead, Sinead Matthews, Taj Atwal
Genre: Comedy
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Release Date: November 16, 2023 (Channel 4)
Season: 1
Total Episodes: 6
Episode Number: 3
Filming locations: Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England, UK
Also Known As: Hullraisers Season 2 (2023), Hullraisers Season 2 Ep 3

Where to watch Hullraisers Season 2:

Episode 3 of Hullraisers Season 2 will begin at 10 PM Thursday, 16th November on Channel 4.

Hullraisers Season 2 Episode 3 Trailer:

Hullraisers Season 2 Episode 3 Cast:

Leah Brotherhead As Toni
Sinead Matthews As Paula (as Sinéad Matthews)
Taj Atwal As Rana
Shobna Gulati As Nima
Felicity Montagu As Gloria
Perry Fitzpatrick As Craig
Yanick Ghanty As Dane
Tom Bennett As John
Sam Swainsbury As Jason Pickles
Matilda Firth As Grace
Pippa Fulton As Leanne
Matthew Stathers As Rod
Adei Bundy As Kirstie
Amy Gledhill As Shar
Aurora Harris As Missy
Edmund C. Short As Sam
Eleanor Grace As Amber
Elliot Benn As Phil
Jennifer Daley As Jill
Julie Root As Betty
Matthew McCloud As Frank
Maya van Meurs As Layla
Nick Figgis As Mr Jarvis
Paul Jibson As Bob

Episodes list:

1. East Riding Romeo – (Thu Nov 09, 2023)
2. The Paulster – (Thu Nov 09, 2023)
3. Flirt Master – (Thu Nov 16, 2023)
4. The Godmother – (Thu Nov 16, 2023)
5. Event of the Season – (Thu Nov 23, 2023)
6. Toni and Craig Forever – (Thu Nov 23, 2023)

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