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I Love America (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

I Love America (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

I Love America cast: Sophie Marceau, Djanis Bouzyani, Colin Woodell. I Love America Release Date: 29 April 2022 (Prime Video). I Love America Director: Lisa Azuelos. I Love America is looking full of Comedy. Lisa decides to make a change in her life and leave Paris to Los Angeles. The kids have left the nest of their parents along with her successful mother who has been absent all of her life, recently passed away: Lisa therefore needs a new beginning.

I Love America is a French Comedy movie (2022). Sophie Marceau, Djanis Bouzyani, Colin Woodell are the main cast of I Love America (2022). He meets his best friend Luka who has made it in his profession as a drag queen in his native United States setting up a famous drag queen bar however his love life is just as complicated as it is abounding. I Love America release on Prime Video 29 April 2022.

The romantic comedy examines the complicated relationship between the film’s director as well as the actress who passed away in 2019. Before her disappearance that the mother-daughter pair finally found a way to heal the wounds of their past. Luka has a quest to assist Lisa to bring back her romance which was sunk for a long time, by making a profile for her on a dating website.

I Love America Plot:

A solitary lady who chooses to take a risk on adoration again by catapulting her life from Paris to Los Angeles. From off-kilter dates to contacting shock experiences, she comprehends the excursion to adore is an excursion towards herself.

I Love America Detail:

Movie: I Love America (2022)
Network: Prime Video
Director: Lisa Azuelos
Writer: Lisa Azuelos
Main Stars: Sophie Marceau, Djanis Bouzyani, Colin Woodell
Genre: Comedy
Country: France
Languages: French, English
Runtime: 1 hour 42 minutes
Also Known As: I Love America, I Love America (2022), I Love America Movie

I Love America Cast:

Sophie Marceau As Lisa
Djanis Bouzyani As Luka
Colin Woodell As John
Carlease Burke As Aurora
Alice Riu de Labarrière As Lisa 4 ans
Selena Andrié As Lisa 8 ans
Saul Benchetrit As Lisa 12 ans
Sophie Verbeeck As Mère Lisa
Syrus Shahidi As Jules
Florence Viala As Charlotte
Hubert Benhamdine As Julien
Nine d’Urso As Carmen
Thaïs Alessandrin As Thaïs
Catherine Davenier As La dame du pensionnat
Pierre Diot As Le producteur
Yana Popova As Mannequin suédois
Olivier Krasker-Rosen As Ami Jules
David Owe As Bjørn
Kader Kada As Jules âgé
Martine Pascal As Mère Lisa âgée
Eric de Montalier As Mari de Charlotte
Alan Cariddi Jr. As Le douanier
Keller Wortham As Le voiturier
Santino Jimenez As Officier immigration
David Banks As Officier immigration
David Theune As Dave
Elizabeth Trieu As Docteur
Chantalle Williams As Hôtesse
Jaime Navarro As Femme transgenre
Brick Jackson As Chauffeur Uber
Vincent Vallejo As Patient
Lily Delamere As Olivia
Ricky Lavezzi As Barista
Michael Fariss As Barman
Jackson Hill As Garçon randonné
Jorge Ortiz As Ken
J.M. Longoria As Chris
Monika Casey As Mère randonnée
Jake Cohen As Fils du magasin
John Shartzer As Garçon Uber Eats
Aloysia Gavre As Lucy
Parker Harris As Danseur
Stefan Raulston As Danseur
Marie Laforêt As Self
Jackson Lee Hill As Hiking Boy
Selina Hui As Nightclub Patron
Frank Lui Geo As Disco Clubber
Shanice Lynn As Flight Attendant

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The desire to change, love friendship, and the quest for oneself: in am in love with America you will find all ingredients that make a beautiful and captivating story that also allows plenty of space for laughter and lightheartedness. In times of uncertainty and turmoil like the ones that are defining the present moment in history and the present, a movie that is this kind of film can be the ideal choice to enjoy an hour of relaxation. The film was produced by Lisa Azuelos.

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