I Woke Up a Vampire TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

I Woke Up a Vampire TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

I Woke Up a Vampire cast: Niko Ceci, Zebastin Borjeau, Ana Araujo. I Woke Up a Vampire Release Date: October 17, 2023 (Netflix). I Woke Up a Vampire Episodes: 16. The series addresses the problem of hiding who you really are and wanting to be noticed. In the show, Niko plays Kev, an intelligent and serious comic book enthusiast who is Carmie’s best friend.

I Woke Up a Vampire is a Canadian Comedy TV Series (2023). Niko Ceci, Zebastin Borjeau, Ana Araujo are the main cast of I Woke Up a Vampire (2023). The new live-action series makes a great addition to the already impressive slate of animated and live-action content available on the WildBrain channels to allow Canadian families to explore and enjoy. I Woke Up a Vampire premieres on Netflix on October 17, 2023.

Written and written by Lynch The dark story unravels in dark shadows and hidden mysteries. Beware, there is a blurring of the distinction between dead and the living blurs in this macabre fusion of humor and terror. In the midst of darkness, you’ll have to face the terrifying reality that, sometimes, nightmares are real. “I I woke up a Vampire” where horror meets teenage comedy in an enthralling thriller that is blood-curdling.

I Woke Up a Vampire Plot:

At the age of 13, Carmie discovers that she’s really half human and half vampire, and that magical powers make middle school far more complicated.

I Woke Up a Vampire Detail:

TV Series: I Woke Up a Vampire (2023)
Network: Netflix
Creator: Tommy Lynch
Main Stars: Niko Ceci, Zebastin Borjeau, Ana Araujo
Genres: Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Horror
Country: Canada
Language: English
Release Date: October 17, 2023 (Netflix)
Season: 1
Episodes: 16
Runtime: 22 minutes
Filming locations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Also known As: Я прокинулась вампіркою, I Woke Up a Vampire Season 1, I Woke Up a Vampire Netflix

I Woke Up a Vampire Cast:

Niko Ceci As Kev Gardner
Zebastin Borjeau As Dylan Helsing
Ana Araujo As Leanna Timmons
Kaileen Angelic Chang As Carmie Henley
Kris Siddiqi As The Collector
Aaliyah Cinello As Madison Spencer
Delia Lisette Chambers As Jayden Henley
Jayd Deroché As Aiden Henley
Ipsita Paul As Aasha Henley
Rainbow Sun Francks As Bill Henley
Charlotte Legault As Shapeshifter
Will Coombs As Tristan
Kaia Esnard As Dancer
Isaiah A. Blackwood As Dancer
Nathaniel Benjamin Chua As Dancer
Alyssa Phillips As Dancer
Emma-Krysta Silipo As Dancer
Daniel Tamburro As Dancer
Jillian Welsh As Jordan Chase
Pat Thornton As Coach C
Patrick McKenna As Rainey Dog
Colin Heath As Goblin
Alyssa Hidalgo As Jewel
Akin Mponjika As Hugar
Liyou Abere As Jade
Jenni Burke As Elaina Johnson
Bracken Burns As Substitute
Arielle Halili As Regina
Paula Goldie As Banshee
Marissa Bondi As Mer-Teen
Matthew Magwood As Spectra
Andrew Cheung As Kid
Dan Abramovici As Naeem
Sam Malkin As Old Man
Krista Jang As Monroe
Craig Henderson As Wexler
Kyle Kass As Crystal Guy
Jen Pogue As Clown
Rick Astley As Self
Josette Halpert As Clerk
Alexandra Floras-Matic As Punk Girl
Jan Caruana As Ms. Denure
Eric Andrews As Fry guy
Sloane Boyko As Ominous Child
Susie Bianco As Morphy
Armando Alera As Delivery Man
Brooke Morton As Stacey Arden
Beau Han Bridge As Con-Fan
Katherine Cappellacci As Spa Technician
Kenzie Delo As Bouncer
Evelyn McCrindle As Steampunk
Isabel Dela Cruz As Goth Girl
Bryce Wynter As Cool High Shool Senior
Warren Bain As Angry Customer
Berkley Silverman As Singerunknown episodes
Christina Notto As Madison

Although this is only a short outline of the plot, the plot will reveal what the teenager must do to cope with the changes she undergoes from one day to the next as she develops into “Vampling” A minor who, at the age of thirteen, gains powers.

Although it initially makes her feel excited to experience incredible speed with increased strength, flashes of energy, and speed but she’ll soon discover that it’s not as enjoyable as it looks, given that she is surrounded by enemies, and it is best to be careful not to use her powers as much as she can; otherwise her executioners will catch her.

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