I’m a Virgo TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

I'm a Virgo TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know

I’m a Virgo cast: Jharrel Jerome, Olivia Washington, Brett Gray. I’m a Virgo Release Date: 23 June 2023 (Prime Video). I’m a Virgo Episodes: 7. I’m a Virgo is looking full of Comedy, Drama, Fantasy. Riley’s fantastic 2018 comedy that is surrealist Sorry to Bother You examined the big-money puppeteers who pull the strings of the culture, and transform people into corporate animals.

I’m a Virgo is an American Drama-Fantasy movie (2023). Jharrel Jerome, Olivia Washington, Brett Gray are the main cast of I’m a Virgo TV Series (2023). A 13-foot-tall young man in Oakland, CA. He is sheltered in the cramped areas of his parents’ house and spends his time in a way similar to Mr. Glass in Unbreakable. He is influenced by his inspiration for romanticism, culture, and the language from comics, dictionaries, and the television he watches. I’m a Virgo release on Prime Video on 23 June 2023.

The surreal dark comedy revolves around the story of a black-owned telemarketer who is on rising in his career after adopting the white voice but he begins to distance himself from his supporters and discover the dark side of the business. With acclaim from all over the world and a strong box-office haul The film Sorry to bother Du quickly made Riley on the stage in the television and film world.

I’m a Virgo Plot:

A fun-filled journey through the ages of Cootie 13-foot tall man who is able to escape the beauty and complexities of life in the real world. He makes new friends, meets affection, is in awkward situations, and finally meets his idol, The Hero.

I’m a Virgo Detail:

TV Series: I’m a Virgo (2023)
Network: Prime Video
Creator: Boots Riley
Main Stars: Jharrel Jerome, Olivia Washington, Brett Gray
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 23 June 2023 (Prime Video)
Season: 1
Episodes: 7
Runtime: 1 hour 55 minutes
Also known As: 我是處女座, I’m a Virgo, I’m a Virgo Season 1, I’m a Virgo (2023)

I’m a Virgo Cast:

Jharrel Jerome Cootie

(Credit: mrdustbin)

He has a reputation as an American actor who is known for his outstanding performance in both TV and film. He was praised by critics for his performance as a character in the show “When We See You” and continues to display his talent on different projects. Jharrel Jerome’s most memorable performance came in 2019 when he played Korey Wise, a real person Korey Wise on The Netflix series “When they See Us.” The show, which was created by Ava DuVernay, tells the story of the wrongfully imprisoned Central Park Five.

Jerome’s portrayal of Korey Wise who was one of five teens was praised by the public in a wide range of ways. He received praise from critics and also won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Feature Series or Movie and became the very first Afro-Latino actor to be awarded in this category. Critics and audiences alike are anticipating his upcoming projects as he strives to make his mark within the business.

Olivia Washington As Flora

(Credit: hallmark)

She has a reputation as a famous American actor who’s steadily built her name in the entertainment field. Although she’s not as well-known as other actors she has had prominent appearances in television and film. Olivia Washington has also been involved in theatre productions. She has been in off-Broadway productions, displaying her skills in live shows.

Although Olivia Washington’s work may not have earned the same recognition as her peers, she is continuing to work hard and work on new projects. It is important to note that there could be advancements in her career beyond my comprehension and she could be involved in other projects in the years since.

Brett Gray As Felix

(Credit: fandom)

He is an American actor and singer who has been creating a name for himself in the world of entertainment. He has appeared in films and TV shows which showcase his talent and versatility. Brett Gray gained recognition for his performance as Jamal Turner in the Netflix original series “On My Block” (2018-present). The comedic drama is about a group of friends as they navigate their college experience in a slum. Gray’s portrayal of the quirky and charming Jamal has earned him praise from critics and a loyal fan base.

The charisma and talent of Brett Gray have contributed to his growing popularity in the entertainment business. He continues to look for possibilities to expand his professional horizons, both in music and acting. It is important to note that there could have been changes in his professional career beyond my understanding and he could be involved in other projects after that.

Other Supporting Cast of I’m a Virgo:

Kara Young As Jones
Allius Barnes As Scat
Carmen Ejogo As LaFrancine
Walton Goggins As Hero
Mike Epps As Martisse
Craig Tate As Bear
Juliette Lewis As Justin
Robert Longstreet As Cult Leader
Britni Camacho As Maya
Lindsey G. Smith As Vanetta Brooks
Rhonda Johnson Dents As Mother Battle
Ari Frenkel As Sam Spiegel
Marissa Chanel Hampton As Reporter at Strike
Najah Bradley As Keena
Alexander Biglane As Asphalt Royalty Representative
Jerry McDaniel Jr. As Bing Bang Burger Manager
Maxwell Orgell As Father
Cardell Patterson As Raymond Caldwell
Godfrey As A.I. Voice
Sallay Shameka Gray As Phyllis Caldwell
Sarah Jones As ET Host
Willie Mellina As Power Station Employee
Diana Lovell As Black Female Detective
Emonie Ellison As Female Party Goer
Rolexis Delaney As Female Party Goer
Elijah Wood As Studious Guy
Kendrick Sampson As Edwin Garrison
Marla Acevedo As Female Party Goer
Morgan Fairchild As Cressley Whittle
Joyce Glenn As Flora’s Mother
Gino Montesinos As Lalo
Chris Micro As Graffiti Artist
Gillian Zinser As Sasha
Jason Turner As Flora’s Dad
Sam Skolnik As Fan In Hero Shirt
Kemetrick Thomas II As 10-year-old Cootie
Ty Ellis As Naked Lower Bottoms Guy
Omar Benson Miller As Damian Wallace
Mason Beauchamp As Guy with Flora
Aeron Macintyre As Cop
Brianna Matthews As Female Reality Show Member
Earl Lee White As Naked Lower Bottoms Guy
Kai Thompson As 5-year-old Flora
Joel Edgerton As IBS Driver
Kandiss Edmundson As News Announcer
Allie Pratt As Voice in Crowd
Jacob Miller As Power Station Employee
Nahla Sarea Peoples As 10 year-old Flora
Moshe Kasher As Liberal Commentator
C.C. Ice As Masked Assassin
Kelvin Hodge As Marco
Andrew Farrier As Singing Show Contestant
Debra Glenn As Flora’s Mother
Jon Gries As Conservative Commentator
Sarah Durn As Rebecca
Michael A. Newcomer As SPEN Announcer
Victor Turner As Flora’s Dad
Howard Squires As Middle-Aged Man
Ned Yousef As Cashier
Xavier Patterson As Young Teen
Cruz Baltazar As Teenager on Sidewalk
Danny Glover As Weatherman
Alex Parkinson As Marvin
Sean Boyd As San Quentin Official

It’s not clear how many episodes Riley composed for the show, which includes similar aspects like Sorry to Bother You set within the creator’s hometown located in Oakland, California, albeit with a unique realist twist. I’m A Virgo is co-produced by Amazon Studios and Media Res Studio. The show has original music and a score composed by the art-pop duo Tune-Yards.

The cast includes Brett Gray, Tony-nominated and Obie-winning actress Kara Young, Allius Barnes, Olivia Washington, Mike Epps along with Carmen Ejogo. The show features original music and soundtracks from the art pop duo Tune-Yards. The show is a fictional study of the events that take place when the oppressed are finally able to rise up, and ask why we’re being asked to be oppressors of our stories instead of the real heroes we’re usually portrayed as.

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