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Kim Kardashian Feeling Not Good By Kanye West

Kim Kardashian Feeling Not Good By Kanye West

It sounds like there is major trouble in paradise with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as new reports States Kim is feeling neglected. The two are allegedly sleeping in separate beds. This is definitely not good but stays right here to keep up. It’s no secret that quarantine has started to take a toll on all of us.

It sounds like it’s taking even more of a toll on Kim and Kanye’s marriage in a new report from In Touch Weekly. A source shared that Kim is quote feeling neglected as her Tanya are struggling to adjust to the new way of life The Insider went on to say that Kim is reportedly having panic attacks that are getting worse.

“I should try to navigate taking care of the kids and her busy schedule and it doesn’t sound like Kanye is helping as he’s now the one who needs space”, The source continued to say that all the tension is starting to get really bad as they said quote things between them are turning uglier than ever but things getting worse between the two The Insider shared.

Kanye has been escaping to the studio and the spike Kim feeling neglected he has little sympathy as a source said quote the way Kanye sees it Kim’s a hypocrite because she spent most of her entire marriage putting work before anything else and with Kim upping her workload of law school kaya has apparently quote accused her of having double standards and allowing her selfishness to get in the way of pursuing her dreams things have now gotten so bad.

That they’ve gotten to the point that the two are sleeping in separate beds. At Least as this is according to the source Kim was reportedly tired of being woken up when Kanye would come to bed late after recording in the studio well. I hope Kim and Kanye can eventually work things out once life returns to normal the source said.

“Right now quote they can’t seem to agree on anything that arguing has turned into a vicious cycle the more Kim nags at Kanye for not being around the more. She pushes in the way. I don’t like this one bit but now I’m ready to hear what you think what is your reaction to this report that Kim and Kanye are not doing well in quarantine.

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