Kiss Kiss Fall in Portal: My Adventures With Superman Episode 7 Review

My Adventures With Superman TV Series (2023) | Cast, Episodes | And Everything You Need to Know
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My Adventures With Superman is an American Adventure-Fantasy TV Series (2023). My Adventures With Superman Episode 7 cast: Jeannie Tirado, Jack Quaid, Kiana Madeira. My Adventures With Superman Episode 7 Release Date: 11 August 2023 (Adult Swim). My Adventures With Superman Total Episodes: 10.

Kiss Kiss Fall in Portal: My Adventures With Superman Episode 7 Review

This was a wild one a crazy one fun Clark just wants to you know take his girl out on a date and Lois just wants to go on a date with her man and Jimmy’s in support of both that is so cool but obviously we knew at the beginning of this episode.

It wasn’t going to play out that would be way too easy for this. I guess we can call them you know a couple getting close to you know being boyfriend and girlfriend almost to that point but they’re in the dating phase you know still learning more about each other.

It’s cool to see this relationship you know Blossom and continue you to grow like it’s been growing through all the ups and downs that this season has offered for not only this friend group but for this very young relationship between Lois and Clark but yeah we have a villain here and this episode deals with the Multiverse.

We are in the age of superhero shows and movies diving into the Multiverse. It’s the same here in my adventures with Superman now the villain in this episode is crazy.

This is my first time ever seeing a villain like this or seeing a villain like this you know in DC. I am new to this villain but I’m pretty sure this villain comes from the comics. I’m pretty sure but yeah this is my first time experiencing a villain like this but his powers totally cool but I knew something was up with him from the very first start.

It just could not be it could not be Clark did not catch on until later and it was a little bit too late but also with Lois she found out she can’t trust the people that she’s with just like Clark could not trust the villain that he was with he thought that guy was a good guy until he found out yeah this guy’s you know looking for something trying to rob something.

The one thing that he wanted was a hat a hat that helped him unlock his third eye in which he was able to you know spam and make multiple portals reappear at thin air in which he was just using it to his best ability and it was a cool fight scene to see Superman go up against him like that and not only that to see the team work together than to find out that at the end of the day this man is all about tricks but by the end he gets tricked by Lois Superman and Jimmy and to see them all work together Lois taking his hat therefore de-powering him and then Jimmy going through the portal to tackle him oh it was cool.

Kiss Kiss Fall in Portal

It was cool but it was cool to see the league of Lois’s. I think that’s funny we got you know the League of Shadows and you know so many leagues in the superhero movies and TV shows but here we get the um a league of Lois.

The next episode Watching The promos so yeah I saw no promo going to this episode so I had no idea we were going to get this many Lois’s and an alternate version of Jimmy which I thought was cool and she was a flame bird fan but the cool part about this episode were the many Easter eggs in which we saw the mini Supermans the bad Supermans by the end of this not only that the variations of the Supermans that we grew up on that I grew up on I saw on this episode plus the mini loises.

I enjoyed this episode matter of fact I I’m willing to say this is my favorite episode um of this season so far but I want to hear your guys thoughts what do you guys think about episode seven is this your favorite episode of this season if not what is your favorite episode of this season so far but this is episode seven only three episodes left and I’m pretty sure episode 8 in episode 9 are a part one in part two with the 10th episode being the finale.

Until we get a season two in which I will be reeling in but yeah I enjoyed another week another good episode of my adventures with Superman. You can watch My Adventures With Superman Episode 7 on Adult Swim. Here is the Ending scene, Review and everything you need to know.

Episodes List:

1- Adventures of a Normal Man (1)
2- Adventures of a Normal Man (2)
3- My Interview With Superman
4- Let’s Go to Ivo Tower, You Say
5- You Will Believe a Man Can Lie
6- My Adventures With Mad Science
7- Kiss Kiss Fall in Portal
8- Zero Day (1)
9- Zero Day (2)
10- Hearts of the Fathers

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