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Kiss the Cook (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Kiss the Cook (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Kiss the Cook cast: Erica Deutschman, Andrew Bushell, Katy Breier. Kiss the Cook Release Date: 24 April 2022 (UPtv). Kiss the Cook Director: Michelle Ouellet. Kiss the Cook is looking full of Romance. Then there’s Gavin Bloom (Bushell), who is a chef. Gavin Bloom is the one who takes Kacey on a trip to her farm with her friends. Kacey discovers how crucial the correct ingredients are.

Kiss the Cook is a Canadian Romance movie (2022). Erica Deutschman, Andrew Bushell, Katy Breier are the main cast of Kiss the Cook (2022). Film directors are crucial in all projects and this is because the work they perform is among the most difficult and most difficult aspects of the process. In this instance, this is Michelle Ouellet who suffered while having fun with this experience. Kiss the Cook release on UPtv 24 April 2022.

A script serves as the central thread that takes the audience through the film and through the primary message that needs to be delivered is brought to life. The script was written by Katy Breier, and Erica Deutschman. Production companies place bets on stories they later transform into movies. Without possibility, CME Spring Productions, and Reel One Entertainment has had great success in this particular project.

Kiss the Cook Plot:

Whenever Kacey, a food blogger with an amazing following, is drawn nearer with the chance to think of her own cookbook. Just issue is, she is definitely not an excellent cook. With assistance from cook, Gavin, they may simply have the formula for progress.

Kiss the Cook Detail:

Movie: Kiss the Cook (2022)
Network: UPtv
Director: Michelle Ouellet
Writers: Katy Breier, Erica Deutschman
Main Stars: Erica Deutschman, Andrew Bushell, Katy Breier
Genre: Romance
Country: Canada
Language: English
Release Date: 24 April 2022 (UPtv)
Filming locations: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Also known As: Kiss the Cook, Kiss the Cook Movie, Kiss the Cook (2022), UPtv movies

Kiss the Cook Cast:

Erica Deutschman As Kacey Cooke
Andrew Bushell As Gavin Bloom
Katy Breier As Vee Sullivan
Rothaford Gray As Leonard Bloom
Massey Ahmar As Thomas
Jesse Camacho As Kinsley
Ben Sanders As Francois
Ashley Comeau As Tammy
Kristin Fairlie As Dianne
Alison Mackay As Alexandra

With a successful professional track record, we can find Cameron Catalano who, together with a talented team is responsible for the music on the film. UPtv is set to incorporate a variety of sexy food into the romantic film Kiss the Cook. Based on the UPtv synopsis, Kacey Cook (German) is a popular food blogger. Publishers are actively trying to find new cookbook talents and Kacey’s food is stunning.

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