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Kryptonim: Polska Aka Operation: Nation (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Kryptonim: Polska Aka Operation: Nation (2023) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Operation: Nation cast: Borys Szyc, Maciej Musialowski, Magdalena Mascianica. Operation: Nation Release Date: 12 April 2023 (Netflix). Operation: Nation Director: Piotr Kumik. Operation: Nation is looking full of Comedy, Drama. Robert Bakiewicz is a nationalist President of the Independence March Association. It was the script written by Lukasz Sychowicz and Jakub Ruzylo.

Kryptonim: Polska Aka Operation: Nation is a Polish Comedy-Drama movie (2023). Borys Szyc, Maciej Musialowski, Magdalena Mascianica are the main cast of Kryptonim: Polska Aka Operation: Nation (2023). In line with the directives from the charismatic head Roman (Borys Szyc), Staszek and the other friends participate in patriotic actions and activities which are designed to ensure that the organization receives proper publicity. Kryptonim: Polska Aka Operation: Nation will be released on Netflix 12 April 2023.

“Kryptonym Poland” is a satire on two opposing and mutually exclusive perspectives of Poland. The film was released in September of this year. The story that started the Arrow of cupid will conclude with an avalanche of funny incidents involving the public, politicians, one adorable priest (not) an uninvolved Italian citizen, and lots of people from completely different churches.

Operation: Nation Plot:

Staszek is a resident of Bialystok and is an active part of Bialystok’s Radical Youth Association, abbreviated as ZMR. He’s not radical by nature however, being a nationalist can give him confidence and direction.

Operation: Nation Detail:

Movie: Kryptonim: Polska Aka Operation: Nation (2023)
Network: Netflix
Director: Piotr Kumik
Writers: Jakub Ruzyllo, Lukasz Sychowicz
Main Stars: Borys Szyc, Maciej Musialowski, Magdalena Mascianica
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Country: Poland
Language: Polish
Release Date: 12 April 2023 (Netflix)
Runtime: 1 hour 37 minutes
Filming locations: Bialystok, Podlaskie, Poland
Also known As: Operation[/mks_highlight]: Nation, Kryptonim[/mks_highlight]: Polska, Kryptonim[/mks_highlight]: Operation: Nation, Kryptonim: Polska, Kryptonim: Polska Netflix, Operation: Nation (2023)

Operation: Nation Cast:

Borys Szyc As Roman
Maciej Musialowski As Staszek Sulkowski
Magdalena Mascianica As Pola Ratajczyk
Antoni Królikowski As Kajetan
Cezary Pazura As Chief
Piotr Cyrwus As Priest
Karol Kadlubiec As Mieszko
Mateusz Król As Brajan
Karol Bernacki As Mariusz
Aleksandra Justa As Mother of Staszek
Adam Cywka As Father of Staszek
Dominika Walo As Friend of Pola
Andrzej Bychowski As Pensioner
Zoja Zbaska As Marlena Sulkowska
Kamila Janik As Larysa
Jerzy Klonowski As Judge
Pawel Audykowski As Judge
Lukasz Goslawski As Journalist
Piotr Szekowski As Journalist
Miroslawa Maludzinska As Old lady
Robert Czerwinski As Maro
Oskar Thomas As Black boy
Oskar Lesiak As Black boy
Weronika Malik As Girl
Ernestyna Tatarska As Girl
Paula Stepczynska As Platform announcer
Magdalena Gorzelanczyk As Platform announcer
Adam Turczyk As Man
Wojciech Sikora As Italian Man
Lukasz Czubak As Turkish Man
Nicolas Przygoda As Hooligan
Kacper Olszewski As Hooligan
Michal Burdan As Hooligan
Filip Bucki As Hooligan
Marta Stalmierska As Activist
Magdalena Wieczorek As Activist
Karol Czajkowski As Young Nationalist
Jan Szugajew As Activist Kacper
Lukasz Pawlowski As Activist Michal
Aleksander Kaleta As Activist Tomek
Michal Wolny As Activist Kamil
Robert Czebotar As Activist
Ida Trzcinska As Karina
Rafal Iwaniuk As ‘Karpiu’
Michal Karmowski As ‘Bestia’
Marcin Plodziszewski As ‘Gangus’
Robert Wabich As Vice Minister
Michal Kasprzak-Komarczewski As Boy
Wioletta Kopanska As Receptionist
Radoslaw Rozniecki As Policeman
Kamil Sonta As Radio Announcer

They are Borys Szyc, and Maciej Musialowski, who play the incredibly clumsy and unlucky nationalists, and Piotr Cyrwus Cezary Pazura, and Magdalena Mascianica are making their debuts in the cinema. ensure good times and a certain amount of humor. “Get prepared for a full-on fun, laughter rapid-paced action, and an absence of censorship” states the director of the movie.

Two distinct and mutually different views of Poland and Different ideas about life, and all of it a fervent emotion that is created between people from diverse backgrounds. If it weren’t for the chance the two people would probably never have met. Also, there wouldn’t be any occasions that are discussed by the entire nation. “Codename Poland” is likely to bring some smiles however, in the end, it doesn’t provide any reason to be happy.

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