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La jefa Aka Under Her Control (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

La jefa Aka Under Her Control (2022) Cast, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Under Her Control cast: Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Cumelen Sanz, Younes Bachir. Under Her Control Release Date: 31 August 2022 (Netflix). Under Her Control Director: Fran Torres. Under Her Control is looking full of Drama. With the help of Netflix We created La Jefa. We take the first step into filmmaking with feature films. It has inspired us to become excited and has left us wanting more.

La jefa Aka Under Her Control is a Spanish Drama movie (2022). Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Cumelen Sanz, Younes Bachir are the main cast of La jefa Aka Under Her Control (2022). At Republicana we are aware that the audiovisual industry constantly evolving, with new technology as well as new ways of viewing and platforms that allow us to tell and discover the stories and concepts that make us think. So, we make an opportunity to connect with different kinds of viewers. La jefa Aka Under Her Control will be released at Netflix 30 August 2022.

We all know that it is a challenge to locate the information one needs due to internet access Internet being so vast We are here to make it a breeze for you. Without further delay here we tell you about the option of buying it, where and how to rent it, as well as where you can watch the film La jefa Aka Under Her Control. The most recent version was kept from being burned by the La hija (Manuel Martin Cuenca 2021) An excellent film, though perhaps overly tutorial, which makes it too self-centered, egocentric and self-absorbed. La jefa has several things to share in its purely narrative.

Under Her Control Plot:

At the point when a design representative figures she should end her promising vocation subsequent to getting pregnant, her manager offers to take on the youngster.

Under Her Control Detail:

Movie: La jefa Aka Under Her Control (2022)
Network: Netflix
Director: Fran Torres
Writer: Laura Sarmiento Pallarés
Main Stars: Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Cumelen Sanz, Younes Bachir
Genre: Drama
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Release Date: 31 August 2022 (Netflix)
Runtime: 1 hour 49 minutes
Filming locations: Spain
Also known As: The Boss, La jefa, Under Her Control, Under Her Control Season 1

Under Her Control Cast:

Aitana Sánchez-Gijón As Beatriz
Cumelen Sanz As Sofía
Younes Bachir As Hamid
Pedro Casablanc As Julio
María Fernández Prat As Belén
Mariela Martinez Campos As Encargada Tienda
Alex Pastrana As Nacho
Vanesa Rasero As Cristina
Adán Redondo As Ayudante
Mehdi Regragui As Jonathan
Rocío Setjo As Tati

The film made by the hitherto short-film maker Fran Torres, based upon the script written by Laura Sarmiento, plays in an entirely different genre and demonstrates what the socio-political joke is, that moral or sociopolitical problem that leads to brawls, as well as memes, is the ideal material for a kind of cinema that doesn’t shy away from its general affiliation.

Gorgeous, successful Jessica Slade (Jamie Luner) is experienced in obtaining the things she desires, no matter if it’s through her intellect, charm, or even her body to achieve it. Therefore, when Jessica is employed to work for Mickelson Pharmaceuticals to fast-track the development of a medication which will help keep the business in business, she hopes that she is able to persuade the FDA to approve it. What she’s not aware of however is there is a researcher, Don (Gary Hudson) has realized that the drug has been inflicting death on people.

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